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amar next year ssc and i still dont have a girlfriend so.. bdchan e joto meye aso pls reply ami...
gf chai
This is a satire thread Don't kill me please
time to get politically incorrect
About 6 months use Kori nai Ki choltese? Kono e celeb ki kisu korse? Is animu still on trend?
ki ki hoitese FB te?
Ok bangus kar nunu koto boro? Mine is 6 inch
It was a mediocre and rushed ending The final episode went by like a whip I need another anime lik...
amar cheekbones strong o na weak o na normal. but skinny howar karone cheek fat nai, nijere dekhte b...
Badur Bale.png
Itor lage maximum rei, charaler moto behave kore, hall er polapain onekei to moha itor & bastard pur...
Itor lage maximum rei, charaler moto behave kore, hall er po...
5 STEPS TO BANGLADESH (>inb4 hurr durr booring interesting jinish mathay ashchilo but wanna av...
Hello viewers, ajke amra chole eshechi BDChan e weed niye alochona korte. BDChan hocche bangladesh e...
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>claims to see the truth >becomes a nihilist Bruh
Everything Everywhere All At Once .jpg
Sorry guys feminism is in maintenance right now. We will be back as soon as the war ends.
Ami science group er. Porashona to kori e nai inter e. Jar dorun BUET ba ক unit e porikkha deyar jog...
D Unit Prep.
>open Facebook during 2020 >follows trends >joins MGTOW >thinks mysogyni is cool &g...
bdchan is dead
admit it
Check out this thread https://boards.4channel.org/diy/thread/2387926
4chan DIY board is fuckin hilarious
That's all Be back next month
goin offline
Amar 1 week por A2 exam ar ami ekhono jani na unis e ki niye porbo
I know it's not a funny thing to talk about But there's no geopolitical memes in bd Why ...
geopolitical memes
Why do bangus cuck for turks? What did they ever do for us? If ottoman empire survived, average manl...
So anons, describe to me your Eidness before and after getting the Sumi x Jalali project of Coke Stu...
Joy Jalali
Jei bhabe shob kichur daam bartese khaia na khaia rickshaw na nia haita jibon japon kortasi. Majhe m...
Basically enter stuff that you think should not be searched Or just local urban legends
do not Search tier list (bd )
Is it really scary?
iron lung review
So anon how do you get pure helium in bd? Im pretty sure helium they put on air balloon is not compl...
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