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watafak bhai, ami akhono minor but amar shob friends ra fucking huge. Kibhabe lomba hobo? Amar bap h...
Just discovered I am 5"5' (166.4 cm)
Do you find this attractive /b/?
love this little nigga like you wouldnt know it.webm
Tell me /g/, what sort of sim card do you use? I use Banglalink, Teletalk and Airtel; Teletalk is by...
Best SIM card in banguland?
So my friend has this i3 3rd gen laptop. He codes, faps and pretends to be an e-girl on this broke...
সেই সেই
রাত ১২ টার পর - যখন তোমার স্বামী - 'তোমার ব্রাউন কালারের ব্রা'র ফিতা খুলে, - শ্যামলা মা...
Accha ei feelings ta ki real
Where to buy old thinkpads/elitebook for a cheap rate in online? I live outside of Dhaka. So if anyo...
Where to buy old thinkpads/elitebook for a cheap rate in onl...
This is hindu fetish general for all my fellow cultured anons who have been waiting for this very oc...
images (5) (12).jpeg
Got selected for IBA DU communication test, failed communication test. Now mentally fucked. Gonna pu...
BBA Admission
You disappoint me banguchan
Shahajjo kor amare, toder moto bolod der banmed bs ami bujhi na, kemne buet e chance pamu?
Bros, engmedfag ra buet e chance pabe kibhabe?
ekhane MEC e EEE ba CSE ashbe next merit list er por Is it worth it? Cause Baki gulay amr engine...
3090 shostay kinte chaile koi jamu? ar koto porbe? 2nd hand shomossha na
3090 shostay kinte chaile koi jamu? ar koto porbe? 2nd hand ...
mainchan e frogposting eto hated keno?
mainchan e frogposting eto hated keno?
No half measures. Always go balls deep full measure. And learn to live with your choices and consequ...
in junction to https://bdchan.com/b/res/11471.html#11471
How do I confess my feelings for a girl?
I want a Bangladeshi yum yum yaaro
Bhai ami bujhi na. Tora ki bideshi jabi? Ato taka pabi koi? Tora ki scholarship paisos? Aar jodi bid...
Engmed fags, tora a levels er por ki korbi?
Kar desher bari kothay shobai bole jao? Ar sathe bole jao ei desher kon jela shobcheye nikrishto? An...
Desher bari
What job opptunities do I have if I want to work with computation or robotics electronics? I guess i...
Periods hoise? Are you in pain? How are you holding up?
Femanons, how's your vagina doing?
https://open.spotify.com/track/1dwdZUoQnobt8Jv7ySCOxf?si=caec1462b5a1477c https://youtu.be/AzMimnWC...
songs like these
Anyone else really good with getting along with women but love manipulating them? Not in the sense o...
Anyone else like this?
tf bro?? cracc kemne shave koro??
Do you shave your ass
I hate women. Do you agree?


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