Terms of Service

BDChan owns right to delete any contents (posts, texts, images, videos) or block any users or IP address or IP-Address range that violates BDChan's rules or terms of service with or without proper notice. BDChan owns right to add, remove or modify the rules and privacy policy at any time with or without prior notice. All users of BDChan are encouraged to constantly check the BDChan's Rules and Terms page from here: BDchan Rules . BDChan will try its best to notify all the users about the changes in terms of service, site rules or privacy policy. By continue use of BDChan, you agree that you've read BDChan's terms of service, Board Rules and Privacy Policy and happily agree with them. If you don't agree with them, please LEAVE BDChan NOW.

Privacy Policy

BDChan is built for privacy. BDChan respects privacy of every users with utmost priority and will NEVER leak your personal information to anyone if its legal. BDChan will never ask for your personal information and limits itself from what we can gather.

For security purpose and "future proof", BDChan logs your IP address on every post you make. This data is easily delete-able. If you delete your thread/reply, all information regarding it; including the image/video you uploaded, text you posted, your IP address; all gets deleted permanently off the server. When a thread is archived every IP address of that post is removed.

Same case applies if your thread(s) get deleted by our system or moderator/admin.

Addition: All IPs from a thread will be automatically removed after 90 hours it has been posted.

Important: If a user is banned from BDChan; The IP address of user is logged in our server (for a specific time for temporary ban and forever for permanent ban) so that we can block access to that person from abusing BDChan's services or to recognize repeated offense. This information cannot be deleted by user nor moderators. Don't worry, this information will not contain what that specific user posted or any of that user's browsing history on BDChan. It will just have "IP address", "Ban Start", "Ban Ends on", "Ban Type", "Ban Reason" only.

Cookie Policy

BDChan stores the changes in preferences (user settings) you've made. This data is not stored in server. You can delete them as well but you will lose your configuration like theme, appearance, filters.


BDChan is privacy oriented, free-speech promoting website that hides your identity to rest of the world while posting literally anything (as long as as you follow the rules) and will never leak your IP address to anyone (Hint: we can't).

While excising your rights to "privacy" and "freedom-of-speech" rights, make sure you respect others right as well. It is a two-way-wheel.