Board Rules

If you don't follow these basic rules, your IP could get banned for a certain time or even permanently. We know you don't give a shit, but hey, neither do we.

Global Rules

The key global rules to remember are:

  1. Nothing illegal under Bangladeshi law.
  2. No suggestive audio-visual content of underage children.
  3. No spamming; no flooding that compromises normal operation of the site.
  4. No "doxxing" or "raids".

Content Policy

These contents are specifically NOT allowed to be posted on the boards.

  • No Pornography, no nudity.  Banned under the Pornography Control Act Bangladesh 2012.
  • Anti-national agenda, religious attack, defamation.
  • Drugs Usage, Drugs Trading, Weapons, Weapons Trading, Illegal trading of anything forbidden by Bangladeshi Law.
  • Extreme Violence, Blood or accident "rekt" pictures / videos or "ghores".
  • Absolutely no furry artwork

Apart from these rules, each board could have their own set of rules. However, the global rules should be always prioritized. Make sure to follow them as well.