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Anon !!hsOjwQIgwc #2278 · 2 weeks ago
amr porichoy ki asholei gopon?
File: 3837.jpg ( 130.94 KB , 1200x1200 )
BDChan !!DguxARl70g #2389 · 8 hours ago
>>2387 ISPs can't see what one posts here, they can see that if one is browsing this site or not. But they can't see what you are posting here. The connections to the site is encrypted via SSL, so any data you transfer is being encrypted. Thus they can't bound you to what you post here or any site that uses valid SSL encryption. Unless there is a man in the middle attack or the end user's system is compromised, for example: trojan or keyloggers.
Anon !!hsOjwQIgwc #2276 · 2 weeks ago
পারিব না এ কথাটি বলিও না আর কেন পারিবে না তাহা ভাব এক বার, পাঁচ জনে পারে যাহা, তুমিও পারিবে তাহা, পার কি না পার কর যতন আবার এক বারে না পারিলে দেখ শত বার৷ পারিব না বলে মুখ করিও না ভার, ও কথাটি মুখে যেন না শুনি তোমার, অলস অবোধ যারা কিছুই পারে না তারা, তোমায় তো দেখি না ক তাদের আকার তবে কেন পারিব না বল বার বার? জলে না নামিলে কেহ শিখে না সাঁতার হাঁটিতে শিখে না কেহ না খেয়ে আছাড়, সাঁতার শিখিতে হলে আগে তবে নাম জলে, আছাড়ে করিয়া হেলা, হাঁট বার বার পারিব বলিয়া সুখে হও আগুসার৷
File: 1615523831130.png ( 104.81 KB , 490x586 )
Anon !!n/GSn.7RCE #2388 · 12 hours ago
>>2276 (OP) >পারিব না এ কথাটি বলিও না আর কেন পারিবে না তাহা ভাব এক বার Genetics
drawing request thread Anon !!CkJoZPREPU #2366 · 4 days ago
OI shun, beshi shomoy nai amar. Bol ki drawing chas tora, chesta korum shesh korte. Onno poster ra drawing request gula nijer daitto mone koiris ami na thakle.
File: oi-shun.jpg ( 35.54 KB , 612x406 )
Anon !!I67zCHtCKc #2386 · 3 days ago
draw yourself
He was there for the breast দুগ্ধ Anon !!UoaaVT15xQ #2363 · 4 days ago
What is your opinion for him guys?
File: FB-IMG-1618456788939.jpg ( 24.47 KB , 720x676 )
Anon !!eqgB.c50Kc #2382 · 3 days ago
>>2373 Army ee burir shona chatteh chatteh ee kahil,ami aar apni asi faashir chintay
Anon !!J7LZGfxR4M #2360 · 1 week ago
>Male >5'6" How do I make exit bag in bd?
File: wojak.jpg ( 9.17 KB , 300x168 )
Anon !!A9LhoZKeCI #2376 · 4 days ago
>>2360 (OP) kpopmaxxing
BANGLADESHI BROTHELS Anon !!kV8FqEufkc #2225 · 3 weeks ago
Does anyone here has any experience with brothels? Would you like to share them?
Anon !!J2ioz8fhQI #2375 · 4 days ago
>>2308 issss reported
Hindu girl fetish Anon !!ibtlkLsWlk #1275 · 11 months ago
Saw a lot of comments on an older thread, anyone else with a similar kink? what factors make it a turn-on? Share any personal/friends experiences
File: eaf38016b91d1b59a5f5.jpg ( 182.90 KB , 1024x1280 )
Anon !!vT6y5ZgVMg #2354 · 1 week ago
>>2352 Kik,Reddi
Hindus = Jews Anon !!O5VcDgMcek #1539 · 7 months ago
Hindus are the Jews of Bangladesh. Think about it.* Both have a hereditary priestly caste. * Both are purported to be smarter than the majority populations. * Both are loyal (allegedly, in case of Hindus) to another state.
File: clown-pepe-kali.jpg ( 226.48 KB , 736x1024 )
Anon !!6S97xhONmA #2348 · 1 week ago
>>1549 Being a hindu, I approve of this. Our women deserve the best after all.>>1550 100% agreed.
File: 55.png ( 894.51 KB , 1079x1216 )
This is the nice thread Anon !!QsqNezJEgA #2162 · 1 month ago
Say something nice about them anon
File: FB-IMG-1615020834921.jpg ( 51.20 KB , 960x960 )
Anon !!Holmhgo8eo #2333 · 1 week ago
>>2162 (OP) I have like a pinch of respect for intersex people.But trans people can kill themselves and it wouldn't bother me
Why no anime manga board tho? Anon !!KuToAQz0is #2314 · 1 week ago
Why no anime manga board here yet ?
File: 01manual-6qn5bpvt83t0-list.jpg ( 33.31 KB , 599x337 )
Anon !!BkahxxxNL2 #2326 · 1 week ago
>>2315 Thakurmaar Jhuli FTW
Anon !!DfTgy1Esyw #2195 · 3 weeks ago
ei website use kibhabe kore
File: 1606275828978.png ( 407.11 KB , 627x667 )
Anon !!NoQHh3K8TU #2295 · 1 week ago
ami to chalaite pari na 🥺👉👈
Anon !!xeHqxBfgww #2230 · 3 weeks ago
>BDchan is Bangladesh's first and only anonymous discussion (image)board where anyone can create new post or add new reply without revealing their identity. BDchan doesn't require user registration and will never ask for your personal information.
File: cover16.jpg ( 276.42 KB , 1600x900 )
Anon !!A9LhoZKeCI #2271 · 2 weeks ago
>>2230 (OP) >>BDchan is Bangladesh's first and only anonymous discussion (image)board where anyone can create new post or add new reply without revealing their identity. BDchan doesn't require user registration and will never ask for your personal information.
File: numale4channer.gif ( 192.73 KB , 800x371 )
COME TO INDIACHAN BD ANONS Anon !!jR1VhNaxP. #2223 · 3 weeks ago
Come to indiachan.com anons. We are in dire need of people in our imageboard.
Anon !!J2ioz8fhQI #2264 · 2 weeks ago
>>2223 (OP) Iss, amra keno toder hindu kafer marka board use korbo re? bhag ekhan theke
হিন্দু মেয়ে-বৌদিদের প্রতি আকর্ষণ আছে কার কার? Anon !!i9.449EfGY #2135 · 2 months ago
ভাই গতকাল সরস্বতী পূজা গেলো। বাসার পাশে হিন্দু দিদি-বৌদিদের দেখে হট হয়ে আছি। হিন্দু লেডিস আর ঠু হট ব্রো। অনেকদিনের ইচ্ছা একটার লগে সেক্স করুম। প্লিজ,টক মোর এবাউট মালু মাইয়া এন্ড বৌদি। আর কে কে আছো আমার মতো?
File: f6d595081f1129f3cc3e.jpg ( 93.61 KB , 750x938 )
Anon !!aYyuuqnxeQ #2246 · 2 weeks ago
>>2141 ভাই শাঁখা-সিঁদূর পরা ওই লাল পেড়ে সাদা শাড়ি লাল ব্লাউজের সাজে থাকা এক বড় দুধ ওয়ালা হিন্দু বৌদিকে পেট ভরে গরুর মাংস খেয়ে চুদতে চাই। হিন্দু নারীর দুধ বড়, মুসলমানের ধোন বড়। কাটা ধোনে মজা পায় ওরা অনেক।
Anon !!dNMuZTWgL. #2187 · 1 month ago
What's up with you
Anon !!Q33FDGgS9I #2191 · 1 month ago
shut up jew
Post memes Anon !!Tnzs4cG096 #2097 · 2 months ago
Jannie moneh hoy ekjon,tai halare bully korlamna until the site gets bigger
File: Untitled.jpg ( 448.64 KB , 1142x595 )
Anon !!TauYKLtvhE #2188 · 1 month ago
File: FB-IMG-1616044228837.jpg ( 61.36 KB , 1080x608 )
Help Anon !!vE0.5GKBgw #2173 · 1 month ago
I forgot how to interact with a human like a human. Can’t even look at people in the eye. Thinking about how should I interact makes me remember the weirdest moments I had with others and kms.It’s really pathetic to use an imageboard as therapy but at this point anything is better than this crippling loneliness.
File: 0D9A9537-72B8-4352-B333-799B4C508DBD.jpeg ( 89.97 KB , 1002x993 )
Anon !!rfhRLlIXgg #2181 · 1 month ago
Cuked by minority Anon !!PrRIvjXVf2 #2059 · 3 months ago
Cucked by Chakma bitch
File: IMG-20210118-200524.jpg ( 97.22 KB , 670x452 )
Anon !!J7LZGfxR4M #2177 · 1 month ago
>>2059 (OP) i have huge crush on chakma magis
Was the site down for a couple of day? Anon !!dQbbDa8tDU #2153 · 1 month ago
Jannie bhai?
File: tenor.png ( 245.63 KB , 634x640 )
BDChan !!Bki1fSIq4I #2154 · 1 month ago
>>2153 (OP) Nope, couple of hours at max, due to migration.
Bangladeshi Newspapers are fuucked up Anon !!jPWG1sxMNM #2101 · 2 months ago
Bullying Shits!
File: f97044203bfea992ba15.jpg ( 648.20 KB , 1080x1920 )
Anon !!Bki1fSIq4I #2138 · 2 months ago
OP after posting this
File: doge-accident.jpg ( 356.34 KB , 1280x960 )
Hello goyims Anon !!J13Y3I.RNQ #2038 · 3 months ago
Vaccine nibana?
File: 1609171215834.jpg ( 175.04 KB , 879x603 )
Anon !!o9SkRM1cNY #2092 · 2 months ago
>>2070 I saw the infamous hacker called 4chan at Karwan Bazar. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything. He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?” I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to the shutki arot I saw him trying to walk away from a stall with like fifteen bars of loitta in his arms without paying. The aunty at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter. When she took one of the fish and started weighing it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to weigh them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she weighed each fish and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.
Anon !!PrRIvjXVf2 #2058 · 3 months ago
Faggot died
File: IMG0188A.jpg ( 10.67 KB , 240x320 )
Anon !!Gurw2sH9Wc #2089 · 2 months ago
>>2088 thats not what your dad said about you tho
Nothing pisses me off more than not being able to bully fat people. It's a choice and therefore they deserve it Anon !!tgioKDWY9A #1547 · 7 months ago
Being fat is a choice and the number of overweight people I know that complain about being overweight and eat like a fucking retard day in and day out and refuse to acknowledge that as the problem really astounds me. Seriously all you have to do to lose weight is eat less, and when I say that they try and argue like I'm wrong. It doesn't matter what fucking problem you have, your body does not disobey the laws of physics. In Japan, they fucking send you to a doctor and bully you into becoming skinny, and they have almost no fat people. Really makes you think.
Anon !!q4QdwmWo5E #2078 · 2 months ago
>>1655 >>1655 >>1657 >>2049 You all are pathetic and deserve rape. Fat=bad, I dont need to waste any brain cells I may have to call someone out for trying to defend being negligient of your body to the point of unironic self harming. Your parents should have taught the fat person better, but since they failed, the fat person in question now deserves a lot more bullying than they receive at the moment
Do bdchan log ip? Anon !!2v.6x2CaMI #2047 · 3 months ago
or do you want me to use vpn?
BDChan !!.7/ceUP5B6 #2051 · 3 months ago
>>2047 (OP) >or do you want me to use vpn? yes it does for banning purpose only. You don't need to worry unless you have a real dedicated IP. In that case you should use VPN. There's no reason to trust us. But yeah, the IPs are removed from all the posts after 90 hours of posting them. Or you can always delete the post and it will be gone for good.More details here: https://bdchan.com/disclaimer.html#privacy
Anon !!ojwmtne1w6 #2020 · 3 months ago
Bhenge mor ghorer tala kore jala ke amare? O bondhu amar....
File: imag3.jpg ( 57.92 KB , 626x417 )
Anon !!TZXIC/vlZk #2026 · 3 months ago
>>2020 (OP) Kys nigger
Is this board dead? Anon !!QCncJqeEgc #1730 · 5 months ago
Is it the lack of porn?
File: pepe-the-frog-dead-in-a-casket.jpg ( 174.37 KB , 1200x800 )
Anon !!ojwmtne1w6 #2019 · 3 months ago
>>1730 (OP) tor maere jiga
Heres some shit Anon !!slMWvwizq6 #1989 · 3 months ago
Advance or Benson?
File: Untitled.jpg ( 44.04 KB , 800x600 )
Anon !!5SG1Ejcnhw #2017 · 3 months ago
>>1996 (OP) ধূমপান স্বাস্থ্যের জন্য ক্ষতিকর
File: IMG-20210102-015140.jpg ( 457.22 KB , 1079x1181 )
Anon !!3He8wMwBTQ #1960 · 4 months ago
Serious post. We really need to plant misandry in Bangladeshi women. They love men a bit too much. The country is flooded with pick-mes and male validation seekers.
Anon !!u8k1p4unaw #1968 · 4 months ago
>>1966 (OP) isss fuck off with your cultural marxist bs if theres a problem with assertiveness among our women we can deal with that without having to resort to some kind of extreme ideology, we dont need this garbage thats only going to turn women into oppressors and propagate the cycle of hate
Board revitalizing Anon !!0D/GBzuvBA #1860 · 4 months ago
Ekta porn board banano dorkar.Jannies pls
File: gigachad.jpg ( 30.15 KB , 800x450 )
BDChan !!Bki1fSIq4I #1953 · 4 months ago
>>1950 Ok Local faggot
Are you being a good NPC, anon? Anon !!p4f/LUXxgo #1936 · 4 months ago
And cucking your face with a Jew cloth? If not then do it asap like a good goy you are
Anon !!273MWER7yE #1951 · 4 months ago
>>1949 Ok, colonial cuck.
File: fb2.jpg ( 190.20 KB , 1314x836 )
Fuck Jannies and Fuck Mirpur er lokjon Anon !!0D/GBzuvBA #1871 · 4 months ago
Bhalo board banaer khobor nai.Abar chinta kore site dead ken. Jannies get fugged
File: download.jpg ( 8.26 KB , 300x168 )
Anon !!p4f/LUXxgo #1895 · 4 months ago
Janny madarchod.. active e korlo na site ta.. Quarantine er moto peak time ar kokhono pabe na
Whyyyyyy Anon !!vAkihMrC2I #1852 · 4 months ago
Planned to commit sudoku. Instead just masturbated and went to sleep. Couldn't even succeed at ending myself.
Anon !!p4f/LUXxgo #1864 · 4 months ago
>>1852 (OP) Clean your room anon
Apnader ki hudai hudai putki jole? Anon !!t6zTDlvSWc #1851 · 4 months ago
Jolle ei number e call diben 01788833867
File: IMG-20201125-143318-478.jpg ( 38.95 KB , 640x584 )
OP Anon !!t6zTDlvSWc #1857 · 4 months ago
sex toy vendor, just wanted to leave the number on this board to see how far you niggers go with this one
Anon !!vjyFa6pelo #1799 · 5 months ago
নামাযের জন্য বাসা থেকে চাপ দিতেসে,কিন্তু আমিতো নাস্তিক :(
File: unnamed.png ( 43.57 KB , 394x374 )
Anon !!u8k1p4unaw #1843 · 4 months ago
bhai amio nastik, ja korte bole just kore felen...kichu hobe na, shabdhaner mar nai
Life in Bhangidesh Anon !!0C3ABEYEEw #1806 · 5 months ago
What is daily life in your shithole country like ?
File: 105680234-mediaitem105680233.jpg ( 212.04 KB , 976x549 )
Anon !!fpcr44cWZQ #1832 · 4 months ago
>>1806 (OP) > uses a random pic > meanwhile structured GDP data doesn't mean shitgo back to call center you classic cuck rendian lol
Femboy posting Anon !!NOYD46aHIk #1722 · 5 months ago
Are you into femboys?
File: 1604475487178.jpg ( 383.08 KB , 1080x1063 )
Anon !!87nD7Ln.4. #1825 · 4 months ago
>>1722 (OP)
File: Capturelll.png ( 573.73 KB , 960x535 )
THIS IS Anon !!CAWQTD4K.2 #1816 · 5 months ago
File: Koala.jpg ( 762.53 KB , 1024x768 )
Anon !!wrelmFOBR. #1823 · 5 months ago
Ok whatever
File: test.png ( 88.25 KB , 837x818 )
Anon !!/bOCZe7WBU #1790 · 5 months ago
আমি কি বলিব আর বিচ্ছেদের অনলে পুড়ে কলিজা আঙার
Anon !!WqCmvugRfM #1812 · 5 months ago
>>1790 (OP) if you cry for a hole then you are a massive fucking faggot
Anon !!A2khrQ74Xc #1653 · 6 months ago
why are average bangladeshi women so much prettier than average kolkata women? Aren't we supposed to be from the same roots?
Anon !!/bOCZe7WBU #1789 · 5 months ago
Im genuinely surprised there's an imageboard for this garbage can country Anon !!Holmhgo8eo #1716 · 5 months ago
I just wish there were more people lmao Also fuck niggers
File: yoooooo.jpg ( 281.45 KB , 485x577 )
Anon !!NOYD46aHIk #1721 · 5 months ago
>>1716 (OP) Wanna be cool,go back to fb
Anon !!nXiN7J6X0U #1563 · 7 months ago
How Many Bharotio Mayas Have You Seduced Mama?
File: 222.png ( 897.09 KB , 1090x646 )
Anon !!WpoUFVnpPk #1715 · 5 months ago
>>1568 Ufff.. gotem
Anon !!1kETicnTVE #1573 · 7 months ago
>be me >started playing multiplayer fps games with friends recently >playing with friends >fun >pc almost 10 years old >games like csgo and valorant run at 40-50 fps with lowest possible video settings >shit gameplay >too embarrassed to play with friends >friends start avoiding >no friends no fun >feelsbadman
File: 1322796122001.jpg ( 15.94 KB , 500x500 )
Anon !!WpoUFVnpPk #1714 · 5 months ago
That's why i play only retro games
Anon !!XAfF0xLyKE #1495 · 9 months ago
>be me >bangladeshi >lietrally the ugliest people on the planet >pic related be me
File: bangladeshis-1533207854.jpg ( 107.10 KB , 600x450 )
Anon !!WpoUFVnpPk #1713 · 5 months ago
>>1501 Based and Browned ;)
Conspiracy theories Anon !!1kETicnTVE #1603 · 6 months ago
ITT: Name interesting conspiracy theories like the Cicada 3301If you're not familiar with it here's the link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2O7blSSzpI
File: 1-0ovVJd4GFMphHnq6DqZNMA.jpg ( 107.63 KB , 1280x720 )
Anon !!WpoUFVnpPk #1712 · 5 months ago
>>1605 TempleOS creator had mental illness, that's all
Banging Slampigs Anon !!kNPaSj8S96 #1695 · 5 months ago
Ever have the desire to just rip a few body shots to a slam pig like this? I struggle to resist the urge everyday, trick her into coming to your place and then corner her and just go to pound town
Anon !!p5dK/aDRPo #1703 · 5 months ago
>>1695 (OP) Who are you talking about?
Question from an Indian Anon !!N/dJgAFqPw #1666 · 5 months ago
Is English-medium education common in Bangladesh? Do universities and colleges generally teach in English medium or Bengali medium?
Anon !!bT9CrwEsjc #1694 · 5 months ago
Bengali medium is the mainstream language education. However, English medium (edexcel) is very common in regional cities, especially among the affluent class. There's also the National Curriculum offered in English which is gaining popularity nowadays.In universities, English is the preferred method of teaching.
Help me to give up masturbating . Anon !!C2EP0eNVMk #1678 · 5 months ago
Guys I fap a lot. I dint know why but I thing is always hard🙂 Give me some suggestion so that I can stop fapping.
OP Anon !!C2EP0eNVMk #1679 · 5 months ago
misspelled: i supposed say my thing
Anon !!IZHI7mRYZQ #1672 · 5 months ago
I've been repeatedly saying there's a hungry audience out there, but you retards don't bother listening. Promote. The. Damn. Site
File: Screenshot-2020-10-21-204914.png ( 19.06 KB , 474x133 )
Anon !!KBi8JiXOQk #1676 · 5 months ago
>>1672 (OP) and go to jail? no thanks
Anon !!QvxEQ4yzL. #1519 · 8 months ago
What are you doing to spread the word of bdchan anon? I think this site has immense potential
Anon !!K6sxuS.35. #1670 · 5 months ago
Anon !!lxm2oFoy62 #1648 · 6 months ago
I always kill Muslims in my dreams. Muslims are disgusting. They should be castrated.
Anon !!rTfwnU.QrE #1663 · 6 months ago