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Accept it Anon #16672 · 1 day ago
bdchan is dead
Coomers of BD Anon #15762 · 1 week ago
Safe For Work pics you've fapped to. Simple as, we all have hit that low once in our life.Rules: 1. No nudes, absolutely no nudes. 2. No doxxing, no sharing socials. 3. Amateur aka girl next door only 4. Keep it civil ill start. picrel is some chick idk but fapped to imagining shes giving me bj with those plump lips.
File: chan1-Copy.jpg ( 115.48 KB , 820x821 )
Anon #16729 · 11 hours ago
dhanmondi er koyekta couple zone ala restaurant er naam bolben bhai?? :D
COME ON FUCKERS ANSWER ME Anon #16619 · 2 days ago
y'all didn't answer me on my last thread please tell me now do you know anyone who is from IU (not IUT) ?? I fucking wanna give up on my studies I can't imagine living there can I realistically even get a sustainable job just with my HSC certificate?? fuck
File: materialistic-suffering.jpeg ( 32.51 KB , 745x411 )
Help pls Anon #16599 · 2 days ago
Khechte jaya phone er charger port e maal falaya disi. Ekhon joto jorei charger handai charge hoy na. Battery is dying. Pls help anons.
Anon #16408 · 4 days ago
নারীকে ছুঁতে পারা সাধনার বিষয়। শরীর ছুঁয়েই যে-পুরুষ বলে নারীকে ছুঁয়েছি, সে নির্বোধ; নারীর হৃদয় ছুঁয়েই তবে দেহ ছুঁতে হয়... শরীর তো ধর্ষ/কও ছোঁয়।পুরুষের ভালোবাসা পাওয়াও সাধনার বিষয়। দেহদানের পরেই যে-নারী ব'লে পুরুষের ভালোবাসা পেয়েছি, সে নির্বোধ; পুরুষের বিশ্বাস ছুঁয়েই দেহ ছুঁতে হয়... শরীর তো পতিতাতে ও দেয়।
Feels bar Anon #16701 · 1 day ago
life's in a limbo for me, getting bored of bdchan, the alpha identifies me as a spammer, i don't expect many replies in this one due to the low activity of this site, but stillbolo anon, tomar jibon kemon jacche bhalo? mondo? motamoti? any Ls? any Ws? come on now, open up, we're all in this together.Previous threads: >>8383 >>8947 >>13381
File: kemon-aso-tumi-bondhu.jpg ( 81.20 KB , 700x549 )
Help Anon #16485 · 3 days ago
can u tell me the easiest way to commit suicide anons?
Anon #9283 · 1 month ago
This is SFRO's soon to be wife. What do you think lads? Wish the couple very best for their future and say something nice about her while you are at it.
File: adiisshaa-1638550867197.jpg ( 317.29 KB , 1080x1349 )
Oooh Anon #7927 · 2 months ago
what happening
File: jct46wm83x071.mp4 ( 218.20 KB )
Anon #12846 · 1 month ago
bdchan is a hate-mongering website Anon #16530 · 3 days ago
yall have a bmi higher than the american average and a iq lower than indian remote village and the ego of adisha islam from instagram. All of you are disgrace to humanity and should be sent to prison of USA because why not. When I see you fags, I feel I shouldn't have called SFRO a fag that night. Hope you get cucked like your father did.
হিন্দু মেয়ে-বৌদিদের প্রতি আকর্ষণ আছে কার কার? Anon #2135 · 11 months ago
ভাই গতকাল সরস্বতী পূজা গেলো। বাসার পাশে হিন্দু দিদি-বৌদিদের দেখে হট হয়ে আছি। হিন্দু লেডিস আর ঠু হট ব্রো। অনেকদিনের ইচ্ছা একটার লগে সেক্স করুম। প্লিজ,টক মোর এবাউট মালু মাইয়া এন্ড বৌদি। আর কে কে আছো আমার মতো?
File: f6d595081f1129f3cc3e.jpg ( 93.61 KB , 750x938 )
NEED ADVICE Anon #16281 · 5 days ago
anyone here knows about Islamic University?? how's the quality of it and would it be better than Comilla University??also please tell me Management is a good enough subject cause I wanna migrate from Finance (I don't think Accounting & Finance maths is worth the 4 year struggle)
File: 1623528456904.jpg ( 19.59 KB , 440x247 )
Anon #16414 · 4 days ago
Sarr where?
Texts , Links, Images Videos Copy-Paste Anon #13335 · 1 month ago
Drop your Favourites
File: randomised-random-28065165-1024-819.jpg ( 207.18 KB , 1024x819 )
UMAMA Anon #16550 · 3 days ago
File: received-662681871433509.jpeg ( 152.99 KB , 1080x1078 )
THIS IS A TEST Anon #7163 · 2 months ago
File: thisisatest.png ( 151.18 KB , 238x466 )
Anon #16434 · 4 days ago
Compulsory books to read to survive in this pathetic modern times of pure falsehood: 1. Propaganda in islam: “Confessions of a British spy” by Hempher2. Propaganda in statistics: “Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics” by Micheal Wheeler 3. Propaganda in education system: “Dumbing Us Down” by John Taylor Gatto4. Propaganda in Science: “The Science Delusion” by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake 5. Propaganda in Health Industry:[not to be disclosed to public, only for worthy few] 6. Propaganda in Global politics:[not to be disclosed to public, only for worthy few] 7. Propaganda in general: “Propaganda” By Edward Bernays8. Self explanatory: “Tragedy and Hope 101: The Illusion of Justice, Freedom, and Democracy” by Joseph Plummer——————————————————————— Note: The writers aren’t some “Deepak Chopra Quantum Healing” type of quack in their fields. Such as Dr. Rupert Sheldrake is a scientist from Cambridge University. Everything is backed up by reasoning and scientific evidence.Future books to be added: propaganda on- Architecture, pharmaceuticals, advertisement, physics, psychology and psychiatry, food industry, technology, journalism, media, consumerism, feminism, cartoon show and many more (if my account isn’t deleted by “them”)
New Year Resolution 2022 Anon #14814 · 2 weeks ago
Mine is having less sex and less partners. I have fixated on having sex 15 times per week and not more than 4 sexual partners so that I will have more times on my daily schedule to study Spinoza and John Locke. What about you bros?
SUST e chance paisi Anon #16285 · 5 days ago
SUST e chance peyechi onek valo lagche
Jordan B Peterson Anon #9205 · 1 month ago
Hey so I know it's cool to hate this guy and maybe post-popularity his work has become relatively more predictable surrounding the cringeworthy politics that occupies the national conversation in the US and Canada, but please, I urge you to check out his earlier works on psychology, mythology, and existentialism. I recommend three videos>Tragedy vs Evil>45 minutes on a single paragraph of Nietzsche's Beyond Good & Evil>Biblical Series V: Cain and Abel: The Hostile Brothers
File: the040419-p16-peterson.jpg ( 22.49 KB , 620x413 )
BDCHAN'S FAVORITE E-GIRLS: Masuda Khan aka Masu Ake Edition Anon #8615 · 1 month ago
Threads on Masuda Khan >>3779 >>7261 >>6501 >>5877 >>5865 >>7403 Age 24 (1997 born) Height: 5'7 Weight: 49kg (Instagram sourced) Known affiliations: Miss Universe Bangladesh, Cartoon People >Born in Italy, sent to a boarding school in Darjeeling after her parents split >Mother had a second divorce and now lives in Italy >Has 3 half siblings, failed A levels once >Came to notice through her series "Aajke Masu Aakbe" starting with a video of her drawing an egg in 2018 >Miss Universe Bangladesh top 10 >Regional winner of Global Undergraduate Award 2021 for Linguistics >Attracts both wholesome and creepy attention >Studies at Brac University According to AI is a 8.94/10
File: MasudaKhanAttractiveness.png ( 119.93 KB , 478x503 )
Book recommendation Anon #16178 · 6 days ago
Entry level/any good sci-fi please?
File: images.jpeg ( 27.71 KB , 602x509 )
Anon #1960 · 1 year ago
Serious post. We really need to plant misandry in Bangladeshi women. They love men a bit too much. The country is flooded with pick-mes and male validation seekers.
The ABDULKUDDUSMONDAL Anon #16326 · 5 days ago
Anyone here encountered this menace? Who is he and wtf is his purpose? I’ve encountered this asshole more than 3 times in my life and I wanna bash his head right in.
File: 463E8288-AD5C-4C07-8C7B-D9444294CD40.jpeg ( 88.71 KB , 828x373 )
Hope that faghole burns to the ground Anon #11859 · 1 month ago
>be student >no gf, boring life >have nothing to do >take a bus to Mohammadpur >listen to music >arrive at the last stop >get down to take return bus >no phoneFuck Mohammadpur
File: received-205878141738079.jpeg ( 56.36 KB , 945x864 )
Anon #16196 · 6 days ago
Please make it stop
File: y.jpg ( 794.25 KB , 1080x1922 )
i discovered a gem Anon #9611 · 1 month ago
dude adom dhormo is lyk rly interesting..... tmra kew convert hoita chao??
গবেষণায় বেরিয়ে এসেছে যে... Anon #16060 · 6 days ago
সাধারণত বিডিচ্যান নামক ওয়েবসাইটে প্রবেশকারীদের মস্তিষ্ক অনুন্নত হয়ে থাকে। ব্যক্তিগত জীবনে তারা অসুখী হয়ে থাকে। তারা গণিতের সমস্যার সমাধান গাইড দেখে করে থাকে। মেয়েরা তাদের ব্যাগ এদের দিয়ে উঠিয়ে থাকে। তাদের সারা জীবনে পড়া বইয়ের সংখ্যা তাদের পুরুষাঙ্গের চেয়েও ছোটো হয়ে থাকে। তাদের জন্ম হয়েছে শাহবাগের গণজাগরণ মঞ্চে, লাকি আক্তার ও অজ্ঞাত ৫০০ জনের মিলনের ফলে। তাদের মা কালো হয়, বাবা হয় ব্রাত্য রাইসু। প্যারেন্টস মিটিং এ কেউ না আসায় তারা মতিঝিল মডেল স্কুলের ক্লাস ৮ এর ছেলেদের কাছে বেধরক পিটুনি খায়। হা হা হা। কেমন বোধ করছো অ্যানোন, এতো নীচ জাতির মানুষ হতে পেরে?
>tfw no goth gf Anon #15117 · 2 weeks ago
It hurts bros
question for umama simps Anon #8999 · 1 month ago
210709792-602645764458452-4094678687083315706-n (2).jpg
I understand the masu ake simping to a degree but why is this site obsessed with a chick that looks like a kaajer beti that messed around with the madam's makeup while she was out at a wedding?
হিন্দু মাইয়াগুলা এত্ত হট কেন? Anon #5708 · 3 months ago
বাসার সামনে পূজামন্ডপ- হিন্দুগো পূজামন্ডপের আশেপাশে গেলে মনে হয় ভুল কইরা ডেইরী ফার্মে আইসা পড়ছি খালি দুধ আর দুধ 😅😅
File: FB-IMG-1633975410074.jpg ( 30.32 KB , 540x540 )
Your boy did it guys Anon #16063 · 6 days ago
>be me >23 >regular poster @reddit >a girl messages me, asking where I'm from >doubt intensifies whether she is really a girl or not >we exchange discord, talk for days >she sends her picture >pretty.exe but biggest turnoff she's an Indian. >anyways, we started talking over voice call >everything started to go well >confidence boosted >I'm happy >booking a flight to India soon >I hope she's not a trap
SSC Result Anon #14662 · 3 weeks ago
>mfw ssc student >got result >good in the subjects that were tested >bad in jsc >dad says everyone else all his friend's kids got gpa 5 >try to explain jsc.apk >dad says jsc isn't counted in this result >fuck you it is >dad calls up friend's kid who got gpa 5 in front of me, he says jsc isn't counted >dad says bad result ok but I lied that means I'm a bad human being >standing with some clonazepam and alprazolam pills mix, but afraid they'll send me to coma instead of killing
File: FHKi5fIWY213123AgoB9-jfif.png ( 145.64 KB , 448x296 )
Anon #15418 · 1 week ago
ok so I started to like this girl in my class, she's shy and cute (100% my type.) Eventually I got the balls to ask for her insta and HOLY SHIT SHE DID. I tried to dm her ya know start doing the small talk. Looks like she's not into texting online since ig its awkward for her (understandable) then she texts to me honestly to just talk to her physically next time in class. I agreed. andddd guess what, me being the social retard I freaked out and didn't talk to her. This awkward tension has been happening for 14 weeks now. Since she literally sits across the room from me which makes things worse for me (Can't handle pressure), sometimes we awkwardly glance at each other for a brief second and when this happens she's directly staring into me. idk what to do dudes, I still somewhat have feelings for her even though I barely know her. Am i fucked? should I just leave it and move on? or should I just go for it again?
File: 1641561371895.jpg ( 815.74 KB , 1263x1920 )
Does Masu have bad posture? Anon #5877 · 3 months ago
I think she will damage her back soon. Do you think we have a shot with crippled masu?
File: masu-382.png ( 637.99 KB , 721x744 )
MASU AKE UP FOR GRABS Anon #14261 · 3 weeks ago
Masu ake re bumble e paisi allah go this is my time
File: Screenshot-20211227-205229-Bumble.jpg ( 461.21 KB , 1080x2201 )
Petition to Masu Ake Anon #11359 · 1 month ago
Petition to Masu Ake to host AMA here. Everyone screenshot this and send to her. We want Queen Masu answering our questions.
File: masu.jpg ( 153.51 KB , 900x900 )
Anon #15822 · 1 week ago
Is she breedable?
File: Umama.jpg ( 841.24 KB , 1076x1352 )
Philosophy Anon #15550 · 1 week ago
Anons! I have always been keen on learning about philosophy. But I have mostly gone as far as to watch video essays on various aspects of philosophy. But now I'm thinking about bringing about a change. I have not been into reading books for a while due to short attention span. So taking that into consideration can someone provide me a guide on what books to start with?
Sfro books Anon #14325 · 3 weeks ago
Anon #15834 · 1 week ago
ভালোবাসা অবিরাম
File: FB-IMG-1632255576951.jpg ( 60.37 KB , 720x890 )
Anon #15297 · 2 weeks ago
are girls real?? or is it just another psyop to sidetrack you from a bigger picture?
ATHEISM DEBUNKED Anon #15739 · 1 week ago
Random agnostic : Quran is full of fairy tales My response : Better than the story of something can come out of literal nothing. Random agnostic: So universe cannot come out of nothing, but god does apparently? My response: Existence of universe is contingent but existence of God is necessity. Random agnostic: Why do you need to make up an extra layer of abstraction with god? You could easily choose not to take that one step further and conclude that existence of universe is necessity. My response: well, you know, lobsters, ahem... *drops random Jordan Peterson quote*
File: honklhonk.jpg ( 44.03 KB , 800x450 )
I am sfro Anon #16009 · 6 days ago
I am sfro AMA
True or False? পড়াশুনা করলে স্তন ছোট হয়! Anon #6569 · 2 months ago
প্রকৃত বিদ্যাশিক্ষাও নারীর পক্ষে অমঙ্গলের কারণ। কেননা ইহার দ্বারা নারী পুত্র প্রসবোপযোগিনী শক্তিগুলির হ্রাস হয়। বিদুষী নারীগণের বক্ষদেশ সমতল হইয়া যায়, এবং তাঁহাদের স্তনে প্রায়ই স্তন্যের সঞ্চার হয় না, এতদ্ভিন্ন তাঁহাদের জরায়ু প্রভূতি বিকৃত হইয়া যায়।... বিদ্যা নানারূপে আমাদের অমঙ্গলের কারণ হইলেও নারীগণের পরম শত্রু।Bump if you agree 👍👍👍
/SFXGHIS/ general Anon #15700 · 1 week ago
Green Herald niggas where you at!???!?!?!? Square up cuh!!! We about to get this paper!!!!
File: sfxghis.jpg ( 163.61 KB , 1024x768 )
Anon #15952 · 1 week ago
"The world can only be covid free if 'we' resist to include queer people in all the privileges non lgbtq people have taken for granted."