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I has one questions Anon 09/19/2022 (Mon) 17:03:08 No. 10968
Do you find this attractive /b/?
he will never be a woman
>>10970 fuck you for spoiling my shitpost
>>10968 Can i look this good without hrt? Im tired of being man
>>11011 yes, just need low bmi, make up and wigs and most importantly: be a white male https://youtube.com/shorts/R3V86de6m18?feature=share
>>11012 Im like 45 kg. And i have a fair skin. My problem is balding and big nose
>>11013 just wear a wig and take pics from the side
>>11014 and don't forget to post this, atleast the femanons will love it
>>11010 he is just clearly a man and that's off putting. >>11011 you can look better without adhering to this cucked fashstyle. get veiny hands, play guitar, you are a twink chick magnet
>>11074 what if he wants to be a daddy cummy magnet?
>>11076 only failures in life want to be like that
>>11012 ami bangali femboy dekhsi stfu
This winter is going to be Femboy Winter. Mark my words...
>>11074 >you are a twink chick magnet Not at 5'6" nigger
>>11083 ikr me too ;>
>>11088 says who, faggot? ever talked to women of today's age? they all want a tall skinny twink feminine boyfriend that still identifies as a man. 5'6? and 45kg? he doesn't need to twinkmaxx, twinkmaxxing needs him, this guy won the jackpot
>>11091 my point was NO ONE wants to date a manlet LOL. 5'6 is an advantage.
>>11091 you're so right for this one anon
>>11094 i ain't gonna miss when i put it in your ass either
>>11096 Asshole glued shut. No entry. Only exit. Tomar strap on e hagu kore dibo 😆
>>11098 faggot detected
>Not wanting to get a prostate massage from a hot female Everyone laugh at this gay dude.
>>11074 Give some examples of famous twink chick magnets.
>>11119 timothee chalamet
>>11119 Alcibiades, Gaius Julius Caesar, Alexandros O'Megas
(19.42 KB 528x404 images(33).jpg)
>>11135 caesar?
>>11136 "The Queen of Bythinia" "Every woman's man and very man's woman"
>>11145 >Queen of Bythinia holy shit 😆
mf looks like a dude
>>11490 it is a dude
>>10968 Looks similar to that kaguya cosplayer
>>10970 yet he'll larp as being a woman better than most women will
>>11551 That's because men are simply better than women at everything, even being women
(1.78 MB 300x242 1320813769830.gif)
>>11555 Trips of truth
>>10968 if that's a girl, NO
>>11555 Holy fucking based. also checked
> I has