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How to shit on fake depressed/ wannabe edgy niggas? Anon 09/22/2022 (Thu) 06:26:59 No. 11196
aar fagbook use korte bhallagena..... shob modon polapain jara koti koti takar family theika asche bokachodar moto sad quotes dey, edgy quotes pathai, "I just wanna die", aishob bal sal bole. Ai bolod gular upor kemne shit korbo? As an actually depressed person I feel infuriated by these faggots. Halar putera jibone ja chaise tai paise abar dhong chodai akhon. And if it wasn't enough, ALL OF THE OTHER FAGGOTS BELIEVE THEM! They're like "fly high king, no time to be sad" and shit like that....
>>11196 Post saul Goodman gifs on their sad posts Upore kisu quote koira dis
ah yes, because money cures depression as an "actual depressed" person that's a bit assumptious of you, isn't it op?
>>11200 Look I'm not trying to make a point that money cures depression but it's the fact that those guys have never felt anything remotely close to being "depressed". They have friends, they have girlfriends, they go hanging out often, they have a great relationship with their parents, and etc. There is no chance of a "personal", or "family" problem which makes them "depressed".
>>11201 and here's the thing: how can you know what they're actually feeling inside? for all we know all the money, glam, friends, family, all those could just be show. and we'll never know what's actually going on inside. because that's what depression is. it doesn't show. they could have friends, they could hang out alot, they could socialise a lot, but underneath all that the feeling of hollowness is always there. because atleast i'm speaking from experience. alot of people have said that seeing me they could never guess that i have issues, i have good friends and family, good grades. but underneath all this? i want to die every. single. day. none of this feels real, none of this makes me feel happy. i'll probably off myself before i turn 25 and it's awfully presumptious of you to just assume all of that from social media posts. because even though alot of people overshare, alot of the times it's to cope and they'll never reveal what's going on underneath. and i'm not saying you're lying about your issues, but to just assume that everybody else is lying just because they're not in the exact same situation as you? yeah, that's pretty asshol-ish op. mental illness is a spectrum. just because someone else isn't in the same environment as you doesn't mean you get to degrade their issues.
>>11206 You will never be a white boy in a first-world country, so stop having first-world problems, Bangu boy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GOR5gvQwDI
>>11206 Nigga just say that you're One of those nuggas
social media use kora bondho kor. Read books, workout, meditate, build your skills.
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>>11250 u right homie
>>11196 When they talk about killing themselves or how depressed they are just say go ahead and kill yourself and you hate their gut instead of sympathizing with them