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LGBTQ pride in banguland soon Anon 09/22/2022 (Thu) 10:20:35 No. 11202
10th grader girls admitted to homosexuality and they wanna get married. Are you ready for gay pride in banguland? It's not that surprising considering how cucked bangus are https://fb.watch/fHXKwjO5xT/
>>11202 Is this the real life?
>>11203 this is the banguland alash als dreams for
>>11202 It's over for Banguland.
Hujurs must protest against this.
>>11210 Protesting is western faggotry. Stoning is better
>>11203 Is this just fantasy?
>>11215 caught in a land slide
>>11209 kissu hoibona oshalin poshak protest niye koto support ashche deksos? lgbt legislation er 1% hint dileo literally rastay kopa kopi shuru hoye jabe
>>11216 no escape from realityYyyYyYyYyYyy
>>11217 Bhai kisu na hoileo ekhane polapin lafa lafi korbo karon ora chay kisu ekta hoy jate ora "Culture War" niya genjam korte pare ei deshe.
>>11220 Ami bujhi na shobkichute amader onno kaure copy kora lagbe na. Nengta haita laav ki? Ar bangladesh e oi 1 ta incident baade kobe normal jeans type dress niya harass hoise? Sexual harassment vinno jinish. Oita to ar prokasshe kore na
>>11219 Open your eyes Look up to the sky and seeeee
>>11220 These are small incidents If you really want to make a difference Do something controversial But we lack users to do anything bug
>>11223 idk call up talk shows/radio podcasts and say some dumb shit, like good old late 2000s 4chan trolling. That doesn't even take more than 10 people with too much free time on their hands.
>>11223 >Do something controversial bangucuck der eto bichi nai. "DADA DOX KORA WRONG DADA DEBATE KORO"
>>11225 nigga who the fuck calls people Dada, are you a malu or what?
>>11224 I need a voice changer
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>incels ITT mad at lesbos
>>11202 Fucking yes >>11217 Ahh yes kopakupi hok. Then it will be easier to nuke Hathazari Madrasa
>>11228 >tfw I will never get my lesbo fuckbuddy Why even live
>>11222 I'm just a gay girl, I need no sympathy Because I'm easy come, easy go, Little high, little low
>>11238 fuck you you ruined it, dumb dyke.
>>11202 cis lesbians aren't bad🤤🤤
>>11242 Papaaa, Just killed a chud, Put a gun against his head, pulled my trigger, Now he's dead Papaaa, life had just begun, But now I've gone and thrown it all away
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>>11202 Stupid jannies why u remove the pic?
>>11293 Or is it just my phone? Cause i can see the pic on the thumbnail just not when i open the thread
>>11294 its just your phone stupid
>>11202 that's a good news