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/funny/ thread Anon 11/20/2022 (Sun) 11:02:57 No. 14117
why does this stupid board site no do kekposting? post funny shit retards
(1.17 MB 360x360 1624186631205.webm)
(1.86 MB 460x402 1630910656690.webm)
Maybe if I post enough funnies I'll finally be able to forget her
post 3 faggot
>>14120 chill anon. my internet is really slow because im downloading a fuck ton of torrents right now i'll post some more later. love u -OP
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Kys newfag
>>14122 > i did ur mom last night
moomeen bdchanners' daily routine:
(2.00 MB 640x480 1590370354271_compressed.webm)
(1.77 MB 853x480 1592485532466.webm)
(2.93 MB 378x720 basedboy.webm)
(914.68 KB 640x796 video0_7.mp4)
>>14129 bro im hearing "Ammooo" kek
(368.41 KB 576x360 video02.mp4)
(1.37 MB 640x360 imthecook.mp4)
(2.61 MB 720x1280 alliwantforchristmas.webm)
(1.75 MB 720x1280 basedpolygamy.webm)
(2.53 MB 360x640 HitorMissjew.webm)
(1.91 MB 640x352 flour.webm)
(2.00 MB 854x480 1605984633651.webm)
>>14147 I just save random webms from /gif/ or /wg/, dont have just one kind of vid
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(665.05 KB 412x640 downloading discord.mp4)
(1.75 MB 858x480 sekiro.mp4)
next post is gonna be the best moe post i can make. yall better sneed me ur best moe kush or ill cry and make dua to allah
(2.97 MB 640x360 fucked.mp4)
(108.87 KB 300x270 Vv2_awPUneerB0vK.mp4)
(676.07 KB 720x1280 anime cola.webm)
(3.00 MB 512x384 aiaia.webm)
(2.88 MB 1280x720 1613685200333.webm)
(1.96 MB 642x960 bobs denied.webm)
(462.22 KB 400x400 BabySecret.webm)
>>14162 posting this without sound should be a crime
>>14163 would love context and source on this one
(1.09 MB 358x268 bts.webm)
(434.19 KB 360x203 1571787386158.webm)
>>14167 don't have it
(1.54 MB 640x360 cottoneyejoe.webm)
(251.62 KB 720x720 1604983520513.webm)
(2.00 MB 382x480 carred.webm)
(1.04 MB 480x480 butnotanime.webm)
(1.07 MB 480x360 ahdashotdatishot.webm)
(2.20 MB 640x360 1547930354261.webm)
(1010.18 KB 426x240 1567318017931.webm)
(2.49 MB 320x240 atleasthestalkingnow.webm)
(1.05 MB 1080x1080 50.webm)
(2.58 MB 640x360 1501325150888.webm)
>>14124 jannati nor-narir tiktok enjoyer, hala fagbooker
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(2.99 MB 852x480 80spornobelike.webm)
(1.74 MB 640x360 1596643855310.webm)
>>14191 hello malding moomen anon, i got these off a deshi telegram channel dedicated to moomeenposting >hurdurr fagbooker tiktoker redditfag REEEEEEEEEEEE you are a literal caricature. touch grass
(2.99 MB 480x270 i got molested.webm)
(2.27 MB 1920x1080 singlemom.webm)
(2.41 MB 1280x720 mgsvafricanchildsoldier.webm)
(1.95 MB 1280x720 just_a_couple_of_guys.webm)
(1.65 MB 480x480 Jeb! - Copy.webm)
(369.39 KB 400x400 nibbawitharocketlauncher.webm)
>>14182 Brootal
(938.96 KB 400x400 catbeatsthot.webm)
(1.51 MB 720x480 1565128580189.webm)
(884.91 KB 640x360 faxmachine.webm)
(1.21 MB 640x360 onemoretiem.webm)
(2.35 MB 640x360 irish demolition.webm)
(987.36 KB 352x288 burning up for you.webm)
(2.04 MB 320x240 DuckTails.webm)
(2.88 MB 1280x720 salilalsawarim.webm)
(1.66 MB 252x380 mouselim.webm)
(1.37 MB 480x360 1561425491487.webm)
(2.49 MB 640x360 grannys wid ride.webm)
(2.84 MB 854x480 Baneposting - Copy.webm)
>>14222 Ahhh daft punk
(667.29 KB 640x360 darksoulsbossdog.webm)
(2.35 MB 1280x720 spin_me.webm)
(371.30 KB 360x360 HENTAI.webm)
(2.58 MB 640x360 dino.webm)
(761.76 KB 480x480 FforAlex.webm)
(953.33 KB 352x640 rapedbyanorangutan.webm)
baaler funny post koros didnt even smirk
(1.56 MB 400x224 existential crisis.webm)
last one, bye
good thread my nigger
>>14117 Someone posted an old fat guy jerking his meat on a construction site in Bangladesh here Someone pls post it now
(910.91 KB 718x1280 1667565515797942.webm)
havent baneposted in a while. needs its own thread
>>14257 i posted this a while ago on bdchan u thief
Fine I'll delete it Gachimuchi post kora jaibo?
cringe thread
>>14258 hey anon dont know what u r talking about but i got this west bong pajeet stroking his willy to literal train passengers hope u like it
>>14268 Holy fucking based. East bangucuck could never do it
this thread is literally the oldest fucking memes in existence, how old are you all?
(1.18 MB 480x480 1668944461224643.webm)
this thread fucking sucks. so low quality.
>>14270 Why don't you enlighten us with your cool trendy new memes you waste of space noncontributing faggot shitter
>>14268 bruh what they are so scared of
>>14279 Wait i thought he was complimenting you fags
>>14282 Getting creampied on by inferior brown sperm
>>14279 ahare senti khaise
post more bangu memes (including tiktok)
>replies:100 >unique posters:13 KEKD
>>14287 go back to your tiktok
>>14288 what else did you expect? bdchan is just the same 20 fuckers circlejerking each other
>>14270 I've been collecting these since 2016
>>14291 link me ur stash or ur mom will die of testicular cancer
>>14288 op here, 70% of the clips were posted by one singular anon. i posted mostly initial 30%. This thread had 3 unique posters with 80 replies kek
>>14291 akta google drive banai ne agula shob share kor, mega banaile aro bhalo
(468.99 KB 236x426 1644277572971.webm)
(2.79 MB 1280x720 1652369851848.webm)
>>14305 Another thing bangucucks can only dream of
>>14268 Even in front of women kek
>>14305 WTF he should be punished
(1.64 MB 680x720 mommy.webm)
me and which femanon?
>>14765 Your Mommy Calls me Daddy, Bitch.