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Hindu girl fetish Anon !!ibtlkLsWlk #1275 · 11 months ago
Saw a lot of comments on an older thread, anyone else with a similar kink? what factors make it a turn-on? Share any personal/friends experiences
File: eaf38016b91d1b59a5f5.jpg ( 182.90 KB , 1024x1280 )
Anon !!GkQ5el5ZwU #1316 · 10 months ago
Anon !!WzqYEkG08o #1320 · 10 months ago
Ig it's because all the nude statues of bengali women we see in museums and artworks have 'shidur' on and are mostly hindu deities. We dont see such stuff with muslim bengali women so..
Anon !!9os/0adkM. #1325 · 10 months ago
I want to fuck a teenage hindu girl hardly
Anon !!MKZ4aQRC1k #1328 · 10 months ago
>>1325 Why don't you fuck your mom hardly madarchod
Anon !!SAsNMWsBKI #1341 · 10 months ago
Yeah, I've fucked a hindu girl, she gave amazing blowjobs lol
Anon !!AcPW28J4DE #1344 · 10 months ago
>>1341 Same, they give great blowjobs it seems
Anon !!O5VcDgMcek #1345 · 10 months ago
Bros, is it true that Hindu girls don't shave down there?
Anon !!lroIuiOjTg #1359 · 10 months ago
I will fuck each and every muslim randi hard and then will offer my dick to all.muslim asshole men.. They chopped small penis....will.slap your abba ass so hard that your incest sister will fartSuck my dick all ammis
Anon !!lroIuiOjTg #1360 · 10 months ago
Ummm..muslim randis are delicious
Anon !!QYb6hXib5s #1363 · 10 months ago
>>1345 >Bangali girls >Girls who shave down there Choose one incel
Anon !!bmR0KhWhD6 #1373 · 9 months ago
They got really hot figure. It's my dream to put my hands on some big soft malaun boobs and fuck them
Anon !!bFSYq2U6TM #1386 · 9 months ago
>>1341 Same, mine gave good head, my friends said the sameShe said she preferred it with me cause I was circumcised lol
Anon !!bFSYq2U6TM #1387 · 9 months ago
>>1373 You mean fuck the malaun or fuck the boobs only? lol
Anon !!5nDgiB4rak #1391 · 9 months ago
>>1387 why not both
Anon !!AcPW28J4DE #1395 · 9 months ago
>>1386 Kek seems like the hindu malaun girls love our muslim dicks too
Anon !!/N1Z5Zfq/I #1403 · 9 months ago
Watching all these comments thirsting for hindu girls makes me miss mine even moreCan't wait for this Coronavirus shit to be over so that I can start fucking that malaun pussy again
Anon !!nt7rPSvAjY #1420 · 9 months ago
>>1403 Damn bruh, tell us more
Anon !!4uA4p8KczY #1432 · 9 months ago
>>1275 (OP) 2 of my friends fucked hindu girls, said they were awesome fucks. Need to find me a hindu pussy too
Anon !!rci63ZKc4Y #1444 · 9 months ago
This thread got me interested ngl
Anon !!NKGK/VtLzk #1448 · 9 months ago
Hindu girls are really sexy. They've got really hot figure. I once fucked one. It's the favourite task of mine and my friends to move around puja mondops and see hot and sexy hindu boudis in sarees. They also like the fact that we have circumcised cock
Anon !!SAsNMWsBKI #1450 · 9 months ago
>>1448 Try going in Holi, Maybe you'll get lucky
Anon !!19qShIXKWc #1465 · 9 months ago
>>1387 Hindu ladies got best set of boobs bro. Try to go out in a puja pandal and press there soft and big boobs you will get the heaven's feelings. If you have a Good luck you may get one or two malaun girls in your bed.
Anon !!19qShIXKWc #1466 · 9 months ago
>>1450 Yeah, bruh I have gone there. Pressed their breasts at shakharibazar
Anon !!19qShIXKWc #1467 · 9 months ago
আমার এক বড় ভাই এলাকার মকবুল নাম। সে ছিলো চর্ম ও যৌন রোগের ডাক্তার। তো একবার এক হিন্দু বৌদি উনার হাজবেন্ডকে নিয়ে ভাইয়ের চেম্বারে এলো। বৌদির নাম ছিলো সুতপা বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায়। এরপর প্রায় প্রতিদিনই ওই বৌদি রিপোর্ট দেখানোর নাম করে ভাইয়ের চেম্বারে আসতো। ভাই উনারে চেম্বার রুমের পিছনের এক রুমে নিয়া লাগাইতো। এর কিছুদিন পর বৌদি উনার আগের হাজব্যান্ডরে ডিভোর্স দিয়ে ভাইকে বিয়া করে। কনভার্ট হয়ে নাম রাখে সাবরিনা আক্তার।
Anon !!SxzfuyyNW2 #1479 · 9 months ago
>>1467 Sounds copy pasted from a choti but ok
Anon !!lQNCkCH.AA #1482 · 9 months ago
>>1479 Choti stories are inspired by real life incidents bro.
Anon !!lQNCkCH.AA #1483 · 9 months ago
>>1482 I have real life experienc. Hindu girls are great in bed. And they also love circumsied muslim cock
Anon !!bFSYq2U6TM #1486 · 9 months ago
>>1483 The hindu girl I fucked was cheating on her bf with me, which made it even hotter. Also she loved being roughed up,slapped and dirty talk when fucking, she was a perfect malaun magi
Anon !!ubo2bkSVpQ #1530 · 8 months ago
হিন্দু মাইয়াগো সব ভরাট ভরাট হয়। লাগায়া সেই আরাম।
Anon !!BdBKov/HHg #1531 · 8 months ago
>>1530 Share more dude, how thicc was she
Anon !!ubo2bkSVpQ #1534 · 8 months ago
Hindu girls are very sexy. I also live in a hindu area the hindu boudis in shakha shidur always gives me a boner.
Anon !!T5IqSKbuEQ #1557 · 7 months ago
Nothing like putting my circumcised dick in a Hindu pussy. Most Hindu girls are fair game and Hoes in bed.
Anon !!OBG5pFx/cU #1559 · 7 months ago
Absolutely bro, they have milkish body so soft like butter,and their boobs uff!! i have fucked my hindu students mom. It was amazing.
Anon !!6Mq6IUOloQ #1591 · 7 months ago
>>1559 Elaborate Anon, tell us more
Anon !!T5IqSKbuEQ #1596 · 6 months ago
Bruh Just go to Kik and search Hindu, there are like 100+ groups on this stuff
Anon #1602 · 6 months ago
This reply was removed by the poster.
Anon !!S8XOHeb02o #1642 · 6 months ago
>>1596 Damn bruh, you were right
Anon !!ubo2bkSVpQ #1650 · 6 months ago
durga puja is coming I am going to feel the hindu beauties and their heavenly sexy body in the crowd
Anon !!U4gLv52dqs #1691 · 5 months ago
বাংলাদেশে হিন্দু মহিলাদের ওবস্থা কি ??
Anon !!kNPaSj8S96 #1692 · 5 months ago
অবস্থা আর কি, সব গুলা মাগি
Anon !!p5dK/aDRPo #1701 · 5 months ago
Went around puja spots lookin at Hindu whores, gotta say some of the Boudis are hella fire, wish I could fuck one 🔥🔥🔥
Anon !!p5dK/aDRPo #1702 · 5 months ago
>>1692 Haha right, Hindu girls are soo easy to fuck
Anon !!9QjhHNSWEw #1706 · 5 months ago
* warning: contains spoiler, spoilers will become visible on hover *
বাংলাদেশে হিন্দু মহিলারা কি খুব ইঞ্জয় করে
Anon !!9QjhHNSWEw #1707 · 5 months ago
>>1692 বাংলাদেশে হিন্দু মহিলারা কি খুব ইঞ্জয় করে ? অবশ্য মুসলিম মহিলারাও ভালই ইঞ্জয় করছে
Anon !!WpoUFVnpPk #1710 · 5 months ago
>>1707 সবাই ইনজয় করে, মুসলিম মহিলারা একটু বেশিই করে
Anon !!BH3HOI2C9c #1717 · 5 months ago
>>1710 হম , ঠিক , বোরখা থেকে বেরিয়ে তারা একটু বেশি চোদা খাই , আসলে স্বাধীনতা পাওয়ার খুশিতে বেশি করে
Anon !!GiyqlY9AIM #1718 · 5 months ago
>>1717 lol look at this samefag
Anon !!jAdsSzM/8Y #1840 · 4 months ago
উফ!! মালু বৌদিজ আর ঠু হট
Anon !!N/wauAbZkQ #2247 · 2 weeks ago
>>1701 Look at this hindu malu boudis of old dhaka bruh. Just look at their figure their boobs. This is just irresistible
Anon !!5E2jpw9BNc #2248 · 2 weeks ago
পূজামন্ডপের আশেপাশে গেলে মনে হয় ভুল কইরা ডেইরী ফার্মে আইসা পড়ছি খালি দুধ আর দুধ 👙👙🔥🔥❤️❤️😂
Anon !!Wb6IqzKIBg #2289 · 1 week ago
I'm a simple man, I see Boudis, I wanna Fuck
Anon !!UoaaVT15xQ #2298 · 1 week ago
>>1275 (OP) Firstly > Hindu people are native to this land > Whatever their economic condition is, they try to eat milk products like ghee and butter so their skin stays flawless > Bigger boobies (genetically) > Also their parents don't fear them talking to other men where Muslim women are caged and don't know how to talk to men. That's why it feels good when I talk to hindu women. ..... > Any hindu girl here up for marriage with me
Anon !!BkahxxxNL2 #2303 · 1 week ago
>>2298 Any hot grils in the area want sexy time hot tolking call and whatsapp 01769420420
Anon !!UUzpkZLtoA #2311 · 1 week ago
>>2303 apni maa ko chod jaake behenchod
Anon !!bJnbWjSHzs #2313 · 1 week ago
Lol, you loosers are so fucking cute. Indiachan sent me here. And it feels like literally watching lil piglets roll in the mud thinking about how their life is gonna be good.kek
File: 1971.jpeg ( 11.88 KB , 318x159 )
Anon !!eqgB.c50Kc #2318 · 1 week ago
>>2313 Get the fuck out of our board streetshitter
Anon !!eqgB.c50Kc #2319 · 1 week ago
>>2313 Fucking indians. Youre like the niggers of Asia
Anon !!eqgB.c50Kc #2320 · 1 week ago
>>2313 Piece of shit
Anon !!6S97xhONmA #2343 · 1 week ago
Yup, it's well known that bengali Hindu girls go for muslims regularly
File: IMG-0258927298.jpg ( 206.64 KB , 900x1350 )
Anon !!xQObq9xaeI #2344 · 1 week ago
>>2313 visible pajeet cope
Anon !!FFtrin2IaA #2345 · 1 week ago
>>2343 Sadly there's not enough for everyone to get a taste
Anon !!6S97xhONmA #2347 · 1 week ago
>>2345 Don't worry, there's always the neighbouring country with a bigger supply http://musdominance.xxxlog.co/2014/07/11/turth-about-bengali-hindu-ladies/
File: IMG-20210310-131337-113.jpg ( 72.19 KB , 583x900 )
Anon !!N/wauAbZkQ #2350 · 1 week ago
hindu ladies are hot because they are the devotees of hot and sexy devis. And they are crazy for circumcised muslim cock.
File: 20201224-110623.jpg ( 57.62 KB , 864x432 )
Anon !!BkahxxxNL2 #2352 · 1 week ago
>>2350 Bruh where do u get this cuck fantasy choti
Anon !!vT6y5ZgVMg #2354 · 1 week ago
>>2352 Kik,Reddi