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Hindus = Jews Anon !!O5VcDgMcek #1539 · 7 months ago
Hindus are the Jews of Bangladesh. Think about it.* Both have a hereditary priestly caste. * Both are purported to be smarter than the majority populations. * Both are loyal (allegedly, in case of Hindus) to another state.
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Anon !!FEbXgTQkC. #1540 · 7 months ago
>>1539 (OP) foreskin doe
Anon !!Ut1/zEb5Hs #1543 · 7 months ago
and Rohingyas are the niggers of Bangladesh. >Lives in projects >High crime rate
Anon !!tgioKDWY9A #1546 · 7 months ago
All the Hindus I have ever met wants to move India if they could.. Their actual patriotism lies with India just like Jews do with Israel and with the recent NRC bill, they have no problem to go and settle there..
Anon !!BQxFPMAEZo #1549 · 7 months ago
Though hindu girls and boudis are too much hot and sexy. We should fuck them with our circumcised cock.
Anon !!tgioKDWY9A #1550 · 7 months ago
>>1549 Hindu girls love fucking Muslim circumcised cock.. Kind of their taboo fetish
Anon !!2sMYm9ca3g #1552 · 7 months ago
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Anon !!T5IqSKbuEQ #1555 · 7 months ago
I don't think their love for India is any different from how muslims love Arab countries or Pakistan, only reason it's controversial is cause politics.But Jews are Hindus are both mostly Liberal cucks tho
Anon !!T5IqSKbuEQ #1556 · 7 months ago
>>1549 Nothing like putting my circumcised dick in a Hindu pussy. Most Hindu girls are fair game and Hoes in bed.
Anon !!yLPRk95wi. #1587 · 7 months ago
>>1539 (OP) >Hindus >smarter than the majority populations Choose one
Anon !!3riyzbagpY #1746 · 5 months ago
>>1555 Showing love for pakistan is looked down upon but people get killed for speaking against india. Those two things are different.
Anon !!3riyzbagpY #1747 · 5 months ago
>>1555 Hindus are known for thinking of India as their second home. No bangali with a brain would go to Pakistan.
Anon !!3riyzbagpY #1748 · 5 months ago
>>1546 Facts
Anon !!MUDMXt9WNI #2046 · 3 months ago
we gonna love jihad dis malus
Anon !!1jIZxo60oc #2055 · 3 months ago
>>2046 Lol most already are
Anon !!q4QdwmWo5E #2076 · 2 months ago
>>1539 (OP) They are worse than jews, they are jew ripoffs, 'Made-in-China' Jews if you will.>>1549 >>1546 Oh come on, thats just too far>>1550 Thats women in general. They all love exoticising what they dont have
Anon !!q4QdwmWo5E #2077 · 2 months ago
>>1746 I can guarantee you, the 'Razarkar' label is way more dangerous. At least if a hindu gets lynched, the police will absolutely sympathise ith the hindu even if he is muslim. But if you get lynched for liking Pakistan, the police wont be on your side
Anon !!lGfmOaoVzM #2321 · 1 week ago
Bloody heenduz yaar
Anon !!eqgB.c50Kc #2322 · 1 week ago
>>1539 (OP) Hindus are the niggers of asia
Anon !!6S97xhONmA #2348 · 1 week ago
>>1549 Being a hindu, I approve of this. Our women deserve the best after all.>>1550 100% agreed.
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