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Anon !!hsOjwQIgwc #2278 · 2 weeks ago
amr porichoy ki asholei gopon?
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Anon !!Holmhgo8eo #2279 · 1 week ago
>>2278 (OP) Slide thread
BDChan !!FQGWEng1Bc #2282 · 1 week ago
>>2278 (OP) why do you think it isn't, explain the reasons you think what you said can be traced back to you?
Anon !!bCzM1aHneg #2285 · 1 week ago
>>2282 jani na emni e koilam πŸ₯ΊπŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ prank o hoite pare
Anon !!Holmhgo8eo #2286 · 1 week ago
>>2285 Kon level er faggot choda ra eikhane damn.Go back to facebook
Anon !!Wb6IqzKIBg #2287 · 1 week ago
No, we have located your identity and it says here You're Fake & Gay
Anon !!NoQHh3K8TU #2293 · 1 week ago
a..ano sumimasen bhwul howe gwese
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Anon !!NoQHh3K8TU #2294 · 1 week ago
>>2287 na pweze ami na
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Anon !!UoaaVT15xQ #2297 · 1 week ago
>>2278 (OP) No anon. This site runs Javascript. Which tracks you. Admin has your desktop resolution. Your ip address. Your phone/computer's mac address. ...... Always use a virtual machine with tor while using the site. Use a mac-changer to stay protected. For extra layer of security, use free public wifi to access so they can't track you. ... For the Icing on the cake, use incognito mode.
BDChan !!WMIYQWg0xQ #2323 · 1 week ago
>>2297 JavaScript tracks you? JavaScript is a scripting language. It's used to add interactivity to the webpage. Yeah, an analytics code that is specifically written to track you in JavaScript can track you, such as Google Analytics or Facebook pixels. This site doesn't use any tracking codes. And browser doesn't give access to MAC address or phone. As far as the public IP goes, yes that's true. But that IP can be seen by any website you visit. It's called "public IP" for a reason. Feel free to check with any expert who actually knows about these stuff. Not someone who suggests "Incognito mode" .
BDChan !!Bki1fSIq4I #2324 · 1 week ago
>>2297 Also as per your claim "ThIs sitE ruNS JAvasCriPt. WHiCH TRAckS yoU."Of all the loaded JavaScript by this site, find one line that collects the information you mentioned, such as desktop resolution, MAC, phone etc.
Anon !!xQObq9xaeI #2340 · 1 week ago
>>2297 take meds
Anon !!FFtrin2IaA #2346 · 1 week ago
Asholei gopon is incorrectPlease enter correct porichoy
Anon !!Px9jUdsoiU #2377 · 4 days ago
>>2278 (OP) tor ma ke giye jigesh kor chagol
Anon !!n/GSn.7RCE #2387 · 12 hours ago
>>2278 (OP) No admins can track your IP. your ISP can also see what you post here.
BDChan !!DguxARl70g #2389 · 8 hours ago
>>2387 ISPs can't see what one posts here, they can see that if one is browsing this site or not. But they can't see what you are posting here. The connections to the site is encrypted via SSL, so any data you transfer is being encrypted. Thus they can't bound you to what you post here or any site that uses valid SSL encryption. Unless there is a man in the middle attack or the end user's system is compromised, for example: trojan or keyloggers.