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Public University Thread Anon #3446 · 1 month ago
DUian here. How're you doin brainless private uni fags?
Anon #4170 · 5 hours ago
tor nanir heda
how do i cope with this anons? Anon #3823 · 1 month ago
Searched for interesting facts about Kangladesh for some uni bullshit purposes. Google gave me this >Dhaka is the most densely populated city on Earth. >Traffic is insane. >The world's least livable city. >Dhaka has a street with more people than a village. >Longest female-led government.I knew Kangladesh is one of the worst country to live in but has it become this worse to get google result like this. What have we done to this country? I'm planning to leave this shithole country after graduation. Any suggestion where should I move anons?
File: 3387cb04064bfc3012e4.png ( 73.63 KB , 412x351 )
Anon #4167 · 5 hours ago
/hscg/ - HSC general Anon #3854 · 4 weeks ago
এটি বাংলা ভার্সনের জন্যে,তাই পুরো থ্রেড বাংলায় রেখেছি>এখনো পড়া শুরুই করি নি সময় নষ্ট কোরো না অ্যানোন। এখনই সময়। ই-গার্ল সাময়িক। পড়াশোনা চিরস্থায়ী>জানি না কীভাবে কী পড়বো শুরু করো বাংলা দিয়ে। https://hsc.anonsforanons.workers.dev/0:/bangla%20second%20paper%20(musafir%20rahad)/>পদার্থবিজ্ঞান কিছুই পারি নাhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/125061ov6hzK5i6CiBQdLB5WcFsKZ4f9oypgeYhZpXf0/edit#gid=0 এখান থেকে দেখে নাও কোন সাইকেলে তোমার দুর্বলতা রয়েছে।সবগুলো সাইকেল: https://hsc.anonsforanons.workers.dev/0:/Physics%20(Beginners%20to%20Masters)%20/>রসায়নে রস খুঁজে পাই নাতোমার হাতে অনেক অতিরিক্ত সময় থাকলে এইটা ফলো করো: https://hsc.anonsforanons.workers.dev/0:/Chemistry/Chemistry%20[Jewel%20Sir]/ মোটামুটি সময় থাকলে এইটা https://hsc.anonsforanons.workers.dev/0:/Chemistry/POC/>বায়োলজি কীভাবে পড়তে হয়?বায়োলজিকে ভয় নয়,ভালোবাসো https://hsc.anonsforanons.workers.dev/0:/Biology%20Haters/>গণিতে অনেক দুর্বলএইটা কোনো ব্যাপারই না। প্রায়োরিটি দাও উজ্জ্বল স্যারকে,বাকি থাকাগুলো মাহির https://hsc.anonsforanons.workers.dev/0:/Math/>আমার কাছে কোনো বই নেই মূল বই: https://hsc.anonsforanons.workers.dev/0:/Anons/All%20Main%20Books/ সহায়ক বই: https://hsc.anonsforanons.workers.dev/0:/Anons/Helping%20Books/>পড়তে বসার উৎসাহ পাই না এটা সবার ক্ষেত্রেই হয়। কিন্তু তুমি কী চাও না অ্যানোন এই অসীম পৃথিবীকে ক্ষুদ্র জীবনে যতটুকু সম্ভব জানতে? এই পৃথিবীর লুকায়িত রহস্যকে উন্মোচন করতে? এছাড়া আমাদের কীইবা করার আছে? আমাদের লক্ষ একটাই, জানা। জানার জন্য এখন থেকেই প্রস্তুত হতে হবে। শুরু করে দাও শুভকামনা রইলো তোমার জন্য।
Anon #4166 · 5 hours ago
What do y'all think about the Mithila scandal? Anon #1029 · 1 year ago
I think she hot.
File: 9a3a3020c86aa7a3592f.jpeg ( 41.92 KB , 720x960 )
Anon #4127 · 6 days ago
>>4125 ho tor maa reo pathay de
Anon #4101 · 1 week ago
kire polapain school college kemon gelo
File: smile.webp ( 17.46 KB , 512x512 )
Anon #4117 · 1 week ago
>>4111 >ban
Anon #4082 · 2 weeks ago
Ei site er shobai emon larp keno?
Anon #4114 · 1 week ago
>>4082 (OP) fuck off abrar
Recommendation for A good therapist Anon #3127 · 2 months ago
I am a student so I would like to get a good therapist who wont break my bank as they can get to be quite costly. But my friend is facing some quite serious mental issues for whom I want to see a therapist or counsellor. Just so she can explain and talk with someone who knows how to respond.
Anon #4100 · 1 week ago
Ching chong
Made an unofficial bdchan telegram group Anon #3908 · 3 weeks ago
Don't forget to hide your number firstlink : https://t.me/joinchat/4mMmvc3MIvozYjFl
File: inbound3426666108712147243.jpg ( 25.02 KB , 720x607 )
Anon #4098 · 1 week ago
>>4084 ho tarpor ar ki ki kormu tar ekta list de
Best Milf from Bangladesh? Anon #779 · 1 year ago
Show them bangladeshi milfies 💦I'll start
File: bce1d06b175de37d824c.jpg ( 148.34 KB , 750x750 )
Anon #3999 · 3 weeks ago
tor ma
আকাশ সুন্দর. Anon #3773 · 1 month ago
আমার এই দেশ সুন্দর.
File: Imagepipe-0.jpg ( 38.00 KB , 1024x768 )
Anon #3838 · 1 month ago
>>3829 satou hiroshi bro is that you ?
Anon #2425 · 4 months ago
can someone suggest me some plausible way to make money online? my gf's phone got stolen. She is so nice and innocent and kinda broke. her father died last year. she deserves a new phone. I dont wanna spend my parents money
File: 036-lN7o9Au.jpg ( 7.23 KB , 200x195 )
Anon #3646 · 1 month ago
>>2425 (OP) anon bhai tomar bujha uchit duniyay nijer taka na thakle meye approach kora uchit nanijer GF 2 din por elakar takawala hedamwala borobhai/ 90kg BCS cadre er kase jabe, either by family pressure or nijer icchayt. have seen 3+ female cousin's love lives and marriages, one tried to commit suicide but still got married off to some 29yo guy, all of them had young 24-26yo guys with 30k income but got married to wealthier guys bringing in 50k-1lakh
Pori moni case Anon #2865 · 3 months ago
Ai Pori moni ki asholei victim naki New Cinema ashar age hype tulche? any opinion?
File: porimoni19.jpg ( 56.75 KB , 843x527 )
Anon #3594 · 1 month ago
acting sob
Anon #3466 · 1 month ago
Ekta faggot ache shob thread based likhe post kore. Nokai mone hoy. Tore boltesi imageboard e keu based likhe na. Reddit/fb te jaya likh keu tore king bole reply dibe. Tarpor doge sex koris
Anon #3570 · 1 month ago
>>3508 >indiachan
/old-dhaka/ Anon #2626 · 4 months ago
in this thread, we discuss the best part of Dhaka and shit on new dhaka shitcunts.
File: 7d39187d86712016abe6991c875d2861.jpg ( 32.37 KB , 640x603 )
Anon #3415 · 1 month ago
>>3249 >kolkata malu detected
Stop blaming victim after every rape case! Anon #2033 · 8 months ago
Why are rape victims blamed in South Asian countries? Are we all potential rapists? Is it our genetical problem?
File: unnamed-5.jpg ( 36.64 KB , 512x288 )
Anon #3395 · 1 month ago
>>3394 hehe
Anon #3353 · 2 months ago
is this peak brown boy summer?
File: image-2021-07-24-03-48-44.png ( 143.08 KB , 405x420 )
Anon #3391 · 1 month ago
Abaal akta
Lockdown in Bangladesh Anon #3184 · 2 months ago
index (2).jpg
Is it required or not ? share your opinion
File: index (2).jpg ( 11.57 KB , 282x179 )
Anon #3382 · 1 month ago
Everyone should maintain it
Anon #3233 · 2 months ago
why is 4chan banned in bd like not even all boards only the nsfw and misc boards work why is it like that
File: 827320381382852618.png ( 42.02 KB , 128x121 )
Anon #3300 · 2 months ago
>>3233 (OP) don't ask questions about why bd does anything, if you wanna live
Anon #3159 · 2 months ago
I have a friend named Tanvir. Please everyone show some love to him
File: bondhu-UwU-bojhe-amake.jpeg ( 19.80 KB , 554x554 )
Anon #3175 · 2 months ago
tanvir er maa re chudi
Anon #1281 · 1 year ago
Out of all 195 counties there is in this god-forsaken world, why was i born in this shithole? What did i ever do wrong to deserve this? All i ever wanted was to be white and be born in a civilized nation. Instead i was born among u disgusting filths. I cant even move out of this country cause cause i would be so insecure there as a brown filth. This country gave me nothing but pain and suffering. Just hope i dont get killed for saying this.
File: 5845cd230b2a3b54fdbaecf7.png ( 26.91 KB , 1092x1037 )
Anon #2864 · 3 months ago
Bumping pride flag Anon #2767 · 3 months ago
happy pride month
File: bump.png ( 20.79 KB , 1920x1080 )
Anon #2803 · 3 months ago
Haram bro .. lol
Do you agree anon? Anon #1553 · 1 year ago
how many b*haris and ch*kmas have you killed today?
File: nhkizgady5g51.png ( 366.06 KB , 365x487 )
Anon #2441 · 4 months ago
>>1553 (OP) chakmas are the closest thing to japanese pussy you can get on bd. why would anyone wanna kill them? but bihari niggers gotta get their ass shoved. they are the most degenerate minority out there. they are basically immune to law. just visit mohammadpur and walk around bihari camp with an expensive phone and see if you don't get mugged
Anon #2203 · 6 months ago
What do you guys think about this anti Modi procession?
File: ExULgx1VIAQTlCe.jpg ( 47.63 KB , 720x381 )
Anon #2235 · 5 months ago
>>2203 (OP) cringe
Anon #2213 · 5 months ago
facebook choltise na
File: 1614220338218.jpg ( 82.25 KB , 328x505 )
Anon #2220 · 5 months ago
>>2213 (OP) Kike gula theke kina spyware bohsaitese,Hebrew bujhte time lagtese.Dhorjo rakhen
LGBTQ+ Opinion Thread Anon #1415 · 1 year ago
Tell your reason behind supporting/not supporting them. Does not supporting automatically turn you into a homophobe? Does being a homophobe make you an extremist?
File: F6F13297-83C9-40A4-B354-BEB26145C249.png ( 13.23 KB , 2827x1060 )
Anon #2161 · 6 months ago
Because its gay af anon
Anon #1134 · 1 year ago
Listen up coomers, I Incellah bin Manlet first of my name, veteran of /int/ and /sp/ claim this board as my personal blogging spotJK new here any board rules I need to follow aside th written ones?
File: putinmonkey.png ( 237.65 KB , 838x990 )
Anon #2147 · 7 months ago
This reply was deleted by the moderators for violation of the board rules.
Anon #1731 · 10 months ago
Fishing in rural area🤗
Anon #1759 · 10 months ago
>>1731 (OP) This fag doesn't have any idea what he's doing.
Ironic how poos bitch and moan so much about ''Muh Bangladeshi Invaders'' infiltrating their shithole and fucking their wives, while at the same time polluting BDchan with their foul fucking stench Anon #1309 · 1 year ago
Too much poo man,to much poo
File: ayxw63M-460s.jpg ( 29.29 KB , 460x332 )
BDChan #1312 · 1 year ago
>>1310 (OP) >also why is there no CATALOG optionheard ya, added to my to-do list
Cuck meme lives? Anon #1041 · 1 year ago
Fahmi, Mithila and Tahsan is the Bangladeshi version of cuck meme.
File: IMG-9283.jpg ( 56.10 KB , 372x334 )
Anon #1061 · 1 year ago
>>1059 yes they are, because the facebook account of Fahmi was hacked. That was the source of these photos. And he posted some screenshots from early 2017.Everybody knows that, except you.
Pubg (Pc version) Anon #944 · 1 year ago
Has PUBG (PC) been banned in Bangladesh?
Anon #948 · 1 year ago
Gamers rise up!
আপনি ছাত্র রাজনীতি ব্যান করার পক্ষে না বিপক্ষে? Anon #926 · 1 year ago
আমার কথা হচ্ছে এই বালের ছাত্র রাজনীতির দরকার নাই, আমার তো ক্যাম্পাসে নিজেরে অসহায় লাগে রাজনৈতিক নেতাদের কাছে।
File: hqdefault-1.jpg ( 26.28 KB , 480x360 )
Anon #935 · 1 year ago
>>930 Lol league agent detected
Prova Scandal link required Anon #783 · 1 year ago
Does anyone have the HD link? I can't find better than 480p :( Gotta fap on this shit... Hurry up and help this desperate nibba T_T
Anon #827 · 1 year ago
>>813 Brother asks a Beautiful question please answer Mumin anon lol
Anon #123 · 2 years ago
Who's the sexiest Bangladeshi actress/model in your opinion?
File: gone ( 9.98 KB )
Anon #628 · 2 years ago
>>622 She looks like my ধানমন্ডির ইয়াবাখোর exgf who I knew was toxic for me but couldn't stop bangingwould totally bang her again tho, LOL
Anon #563 · 2 years ago
hello anon, I fucked your dad. what are you gonna do?
File: gone ( 9.98 KB )
Anon #577 · 2 years ago
>>563 (OP) OMG! Billie Eilish?
Anon #499 · 2 years ago
What is the best bangladeshi scandal/porn in your opinion?
File: gone ( 9.98 KB )
Anon #538 · 2 years ago
>>536 Go home kiddo
File: gone ( 9.98 KB )
Anon #449 · 2 years ago
Who's the dumbest সেলিব্রেটি লেখক on facebook in your opinion?
File: gone ( 9.98 KB )
Anon #451 · 2 years ago
>>449 (OP) Zunayed Evan, no doubt.
Anon #80 · 2 years ago
Why are you still living here?
File: gone ( 9.98 KB )
Anon #86 · 2 years ago
>>80 (OP) Because we can't afford foreign migration
Share your experience with Bangladeshi admin Officers,here's mine Anon #2158 · 6 months ago
>father works as Government engineer for major govt agency, involved in a large construction project >me and family live with him on site due to Covid-19 >really nice place,not much people,dont have to do anything,only online uni classes >real good times >on a random friday,go to mosque for jummah with dad, come back to see driveway packed with random cars,including a truck full of soldiers >ignore it, go up to my room on 2nd floor >whatthefuck >12-15 people including w*men and children chilling in my room,using my hairbrush,my toilet >fucking brats on my computer somehow managed to change the entire theme and break my external hdd(500+ movies,tv shows and porn) >politely ask who they are > "amra _____ jelar ADC er guest" >calmly explain that this is my room, the subhuman trash refuse to leave >cant even control their mongrel children,now trying to fuck with my phone >finally leave after higher ups call them due to complaints by other engineers I hate this fucking country
File: BCS.jpg ( 23.14 KB , 800x450 )
Anon #1358 · 1 year ago
Officer Tyrone Uddin vs Officer poodeep pandey
File: e57275373cdbe1d3327f.jpg ( 200.69 KB , 443x249 )