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how do i cope with this anons? Anon #3823 · 2 months ago
Searched for interesting facts about Kangladesh for some uni bullshit purposes. Google gave me this >Dhaka is the most densely populated city on Earth. >Traffic is insane. >The world's least livable city. >Dhaka has a street with more people than a village. >Longest female-led government.I knew Kangladesh is one of the worst country to live in but has it become this worse to get google result like this. What have we done to this country? I'm planning to leave this shithole country after graduation. Any suggestion where should I move anons?
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Anon #3826 · 2 months ago
>>3823 (OP) Maybe try to do something better to fix the problem
Anon #3827 · 2 months ago
>>3823 (OP) >leave this countryto where ?
Anon #3828 · 2 months ago
>>3827 haven't decided yet but probably Sweden or Denmark
Anon #3830 · 2 months ago
>>3828 ja tui tahoile deshdrohi madaechod
Anon #3831 · 2 months ago
>>3828 >"b-boohoo white pepol say dhaka most densely populated (when indian and chinese cities exist kek) and m-muh traffic least liveable city female leadership"kys faggot
Anon #3832 · 2 months ago
>>3828 >Says country ruled by women > Denmark is the country with women empowerment convention. Stop ruining good countries with shitty ideologies.
Anon #3834 · 2 months ago
>>3830 ho jamui suggest ko koi jamu >>3831 No.>>3832 New Zealand president oto maiya, koto kichu achieve korse dekhsos madarchod. Ar ei desher prime minister pura desh tare nijer baper bari hishabe chalaitese. I would happily chose Jacinda Ardern over the prime minister of this country anytime faggot.
Anon #3837 · 2 months ago
>>3834 ei bainchod trolling off kor eibar sheikha hasinare niya kisu bolbi na dox kormu tore khankirpola
Anon #4072 · 1 month ago
>>3823 (OP) You don't move unless you plan to study and do degree overboard anon, otherwise you're asking for a life of hardship. If you live in big city however, move to rural places that your family lived in.
Anon #4076 · 1 month ago
>>3823 (OP) tor boyosh 16 er beshi hoibo na, get something in your head, " you will never be white " tui South Asia er best possible environment e poida hoisos. Scandinavia jabar chaas mane baaper taka ase, image board e chodnar moto vent na koira kheicha dupur e ekta ghum de
Anon #4079 · 1 month ago
>>4072 masters abroad e kore then okhanei settle hoar iccha aseh>>4076 ami tor cheye onek boro and FYKI i'm white nigger.
Anon #4081 · 1 month ago
>>3827 >>3828 Just move to an Islamic country like UAE/Saudi
Anon #4083 · 1 month ago
>>4079 >masters abroad e kore then okhanei settle hoar iccha aseh gl anon u got this. Make sure you stay on top on studies you'll make it
Anon #4089 · 1 month ago
>Dhaka is the most densely populated city on Earth.where did you learn this? whatsapp university?
Anon #4090 · 1 month ago
>>4089 yeah faggot. how did you know? :0
File: 8036296e6eedf71caa8a.png ( 144.66 KB , 849x346 )
Anon #4091 · 1 month ago
>>4083 thanks anon.
Anon #4092 · 1 month ago
>>3834 dhurro miya. Eita khun dhorone faggotry. Shara bisshe koto bhalo prime minister ase, arr tui chosse korsos Jacinda moddho emon ekta faltu magi pm? Bol amare, Christchurch er por hijab pora chhara oi foinni ki korse? Midwit faggoter baccha
Anon #4093 · 1 month ago
>>3828 allow me to predict what will happen from my own experience of bangalis and shitskins in general. Youre gonna go to the first bar you see, get extremely fucking drunk then end up molesting some woman (their rape laws are so severe that what would be counted as molest here will be rape there) get a rape charge, get let go because muh heckin immigrants POC. Then youre gonna download ti der and get zero matches because youre still new. Then youre gonna either buy weed or a prostitute, get bad experience from either since youre a new fag, and rape a woman again. Within two years youll be flying pride flags to simp to every white woman you know and maybe finalky end up with pussy from someone who wamted to give ot to you. That is....assjming youre not in the closet and running to the forst gay sauna you can find when you land
Anon #4094 · 1 month ago
>>4093 Stop being so cynical anon
Anon #4095 · 1 month ago
>>4093 >Youre gonna go to the first bar you see, get extremely fucking drunk then end up molesting some woman no faggot. I'm not interested in this typical type of fun you just explained. and in terms of molesting, I'll not because I have lil sisters and if u are a good brother to your sisters you can never harass another girl. also, i don't give fuck about girls, because I'm a chad who earns decent money, good looking, and I lift too. Not everyone is as typical as you think faggot.
File: 3164c23183383869ae7e.png ( 73.42 KB , 200x241 )
Anon #4096 · 1 month ago
>has mirpur
Anon #4097 · 1 month ago
>>4095 Chup kor motkachoda
Anon #4145 · 1 month ago
Anon #4167 · 1 month ago
Anon #5661 · 2 weeks ago
>>3823 (OP) By killing yourself?
Anon #5663 · 2 weeks ago
>>5661 no.
Anon #5741 · 2 weeks ago
tui maybe indian kono madarchod
Anon #5786 · 1 week ago
>>4093 ki newinglishmidiumfag sobare nijer life story shunao ken
Anon #5807 · 1 week ago
F off