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Gigachad is kill Anon #5678 · 2 weeks ago
I just discovered facebook really ruined it hard. How to cope with this?
File: FB-IMG-16339429789788080.jpg ( 240.21 KB , 698x900 )
Anon #5691 · 2 weeks ago
>>5678 (OP) > thing gets mainstream > thing BAD
Anon #5692 · 2 weeks ago
>>5678 (OP) If something becomes bad for you just because it goes mainstream. Then the problem is exclusively you.
Anon #5699 · 2 weeks ago
>>5691 >>5692 It's not the thing with mainstream niggs. Gigachad was always mainstream. Can't fuckers really see how bad it've become?
Anon #5704 · 2 weeks ago
Gigachad died because you touch yourself at night
Anon #5707 · 2 weeks ago
>>5699 People with a different or more "normie" sense of humor than yours aren't exactly inferior to your "sense of humor". Considering people and their sense of humor inferior to yours is really an incel take.