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Getting Started

What is an image board?

An image board is a place where people can post images and texts of whatever they like, within reason. There are different categories that we have made available for the different interests we have. Once we get more resources at our disposal, more boards will be added over time.

Where should I start?

Familiarize yourself with the rules before you start posting. If you start posting without observing the community first, you will sound rude, immature, and uninformed; these posts are usually ignored. It's okay to voice your opinion, but disrespecting others is a good way to get flamed. When posting, use proper English. Poorly written posts with bad grammar and spelling will be ignored, openly ridiculed, and probably deleted.

Posting & Formatting

How do I reply to another post?

Simply click the post number of who you wish to reply. If you want to reply to multiple posts you can do that as well by clicking their post IDs.

Post ID of a reply

 If you want to reply to a post manually just use the following syntax:


In simple words, use two >> proceeded by the  ID 

How do I link to a board?

Use the following syntax:


So basically >>>/BOARD_SLUG/

How do I mark something as spoiler?

First of all when creating a thread/post, make sure to check "Spoiler". 


This will show an warning to everyone that the following contains spoilers and also blur the image that is associated with the post (if any). The image would be then visible on expansion only. However, marking the post/thread as spoiler won't hide the texts. To hide any text, use the following syntax:

** Bruce Wills is actually a Ghost **

In short, wrap your text with double asterisks. And the marked text will be hidden by default and would be visible upon hovering or focusing on them.

How do I greentext?

Use the following syntax.

>This is a greentext

>Hey this one too