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Bae kisu game suggest koren low spec pc er lega story wala Anon #14788 · 2 weeks ago
Pc config
File: 4238750130b83edb5c53.png ( 54.67 KB , 300x250 )
Thoughts on 10 ms getting 170 M fund Anon #16368 · 4 days ago
India entering bd ed tech. What's your thoughts?
Anon #16171 · 6 days ago
can anyone suggest me good cheap earbuds under 500?
Anon #16013 · 6 days ago
is it still possible to make rss great again?
Ram or SSD Anon #13766 · 3 weeks ago
My choto mama recently gave me his laptop as a "Gift"(His word). His laptop is ASUS X507L with 4GB DDR3 Ram and 128 GB SSD. The thing is I always used PC and since this is my first laptop I am pretty much clueless about whether should I add more Ram or increase SSD. What do you say /g/ bros?P.S. I will probably only use it to code as I plan to learn Python very soon
Help me with my build! Anon #14892 · 2 weeks ago
1. Intel Core i5-11400F 6 Core 12 Thread 11th Gen Processor - 16500 2. MSI B560M-A PRO Intel 11th Gen mATX Motherboard - 8800 3. Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4 3200Mhz Desktop Ram - 3200 4. HP EX900 M.2 250GB PCIe NVMe SSD - 3300 5. Corsair CV Series CV650 650 Watt 80 Plus Bronze Certified Power Supply - 5500 6. DEEPCOOL MATREXX 40 3FS Mid Tower Gaming Case (Black) - 4100 7. MSI RADEON RX 6600 XT MECH 2X 8G OC GDDR6 - 65000I am thinking about going for this build. Purpose: Gaming and casual stuff. Will add 1 stick ram and hdd later. Share your thoughts anons.
Suggest me some working Dark Websites Anon #1276 · 1 year ago
Need something that works....
Any custom rom users here (preferably with a xiaomi device) Anon #13939 · 3 weeks ago
So basically amar MIUI er proti oshojjo rokomer birokti dhore gese, bug er thelay ekhon etare dui chokkhe dekte parina, ar er cheye faltu optimised android rom ar nai. So chinta kortesi custom rom marmu. Waiting for the 1 week waiting period to unlock the bootloader. Arrow OS looks good for me so uita korte pari, but eitar abar pixel experience er moto mogafriendly install tutorial nai.Ekhane kono anon ki e ase je custom rom chalay/er aage namaise. I think I found some tutorials but tao kono extra insight/tips/warning/red pill jana thakle bhalo hoito
File: I-hate-miui-I-hate-china.jpg ( 35.29 KB , 742x413 )
Data Recovery. Anon #13000 · 1 month ago
Anons! I deleted some photos and videos from Google drive and OneDrive on a whim back in January 2019. Is there any way to get them back?
File: help-me.jpg ( 6.05 KB , 224x225 )
Share your tech illiteracy stories Anon #7652 · 2 months ago
I'll start >Be me >Whole year of online classes because retarded government has a shitty education board >One ordinary day, chemistry test today >Study literally nothing because I'm just gonna google my way out of the question paper >Teacher is also pretty fucking tarded with computers, but uses a broken copy of Adobe Acrobat 7 on an old win 7 laptop like a boss >Question paper is uploaded on google classroom >Not a google forms, not a word file, not a png, not a pdf >A fucking google doc file >AND it's UNLOCKED>Be 15 year old classmate >Get beaten by parents every night for scoring 1 mark less than the 100% grade on every test >Grow up to be an absolute jackass >See question paper get uploaded >Fill up the word file with no care in the world for what you are actually doing >Type in your name at the top because the teacher has to identify you from everyone else!!This nigga fills up the question paper for us as we all refresh the google doc together in a discord call >Teacher literally has no fucking idea about all this >Everyone aces the test >I leave a comment on the google classroom post saying 'love you anon' >Get a reply from him saying 'Thanks?'That was a funny day bros Pic related is when we all nuked the document with this image you get if you look up 'hagu putu' on google images
Where to buy C3 EQUALZ Tangerine V2 switches? Anon #12916 · 1 month ago
Cash on delivery or Bkash would be amazing, in dhaka delivery as well
File: Tangie02.jpg ( 205.00 KB , 1440x1080 )
overclocking Anon #12773 · 1 month ago
onek bhodai marka question tai eikhane anonymously jiggesh kortesi. overclock korle ki cpu/gpu overclocked frequency te lock hoiya thake? mane cpu 4ghz e oc korle ki cpu ta always 4ghz te cholbe?
having a first world problem type of crisis Anon #12279 · 1 month ago
dhur baal koto distrohopping korlam ar kotoi ba energy ase eishob hantan korar obosheshe hajar distro ghure fire use kore test drive diye duita daily driver candidate pailam EndeavourOS and Pop!_OS konta bebohar korbo bujhtesi na shob main player distro amar chalano hoye gese and i have a somewhat solid opinion on all of them, but now i gotta settle, it's either arch based othoba ubuntu based help me fa/g/gots
booting up linux from a usb drive Anon #10869 · 1 month ago
anonra bootable pendrive theke temporary bhabe linux boot kora jay? setup na shudhu boot, setup korte chaitesi na.
Anon #11143 · 1 month ago
কারো মায়ের deepfake বানানোর painless কী কী way আছে?
OG GTA VC BANGLA Anon #4660 · 3 months ago
Does anyone have the original GTA VC Bangla iso/folder? With all those Bangladeshi songs. I've tried a few from torrented and crazyhd all of them are modded over the original one. Even Maruf Mostafa's website has the copied one now.
File: 222b4b45c905b589a412.png ( 606.68 KB , 1400x1979 )
Anon #10014 · 1 month ago
I miss the old good days with
Ransomware Anon #9451 · 1 month ago
Help for Ramsamwere virus pqgs extension problem in my pc...Solution Needed😣😭
Zyxel router Anon #9403 · 1 month ago
shalara dekhlam deshe officially ashche, oder router bhalo naki? keu use korso naki?
to the guy asking for a mirror of that gta sa mod Anon #9203 · 1 month ago
TeamOS Anon #9082 · 1 month ago
eder build gula oprekin er moto naki abar ultapalta kichu ache?
Gentoo Anon #2159 · 10 months ago
Any Gentoolman here using this distro?
File: 1200px-Gentoo-Linux-logo-matte-svg.png ( 182.65 KB , 1200x1256 )
Using Linux Anon #5102 · 3 months ago
Noob here. VM e linux use kore try kore dekhte chacchi kintu linux er edition dekhlam onek gula. Shobche halka ar linux os use kora shekhar jonne bhalo konta? Download link dile aro bhalo hoy.
File: kuzabfiua6tricfunadklllfoxn7if.png ( 197.64 KB , 409x411 )
1 lakh er moddhe ekta pc build koira de Anon #6560 · 2 months ago
including monitor excluding gpu
File: h.jpg ( 172.19 KB , 1240x842 )
payenemy Anon #6182 · 2 months ago
is papal really launching this December?
Best ftp/bdix live tv sites? Anon #5969 · 3 months ago
Pls don't suggest cringe subscription based shit like bioscope
TorrentBD down? Anon #5749 · 3 months ago
TBD load hoitese na, tracker o not working dekhay. Site down naki?
Browser with google autofill Anon #5665 · 3 months ago
Chrome chara google autofill feature shoho ar kono browser achey? Koyekdin jabot chrome exit korar poreo 41-50% cpu use kortese. >idm ar notepad chara kono extension nai >cookies, cache sob clear kora
File: unnamed.png ( 9.21 KB , 512x512 )
Facebook কেন বন্ধ? Anon #5413 · 3 months ago
ফেইসবুক কেন বন্ধ? এই বিষয়ে আলোচনা করা হোক
RuTracker Anon #5012 · 3 months ago
How to find a specific torrent on rutracker? Do I have to register to use the search feature? Nothing shows up when I search from the tracker or search page.
File: 170558c2b6b438cc09c8.jpg ( 4.25 KB , 259x194 )
Anon #4954 · 3 months ago
Ekta vps kinmu kintu amar kono dual currency furrency nai. Tai bitcoin diya kinte chaitasi kintu ekhon kotha holo bitcoin koi pamu? Keu bechben? Bechle irc/signal id diyen(Most secured messaging app)
RAM or SSD? Anon #4598 · 3 months ago
I have an r3 2200g with 4gbx2 ddr4 2400mhz ram. Should I take 8gbx2 ddr4 3000mhz ram or a 256GB m.2 SSD? I just play few light games, watch movies and browse the internet with my pc.
File: 42443f028ab27e7cd763.jpg ( 23.47 KB , 480x480 )
IndianAnon#crap Anon #4058 · 4 months ago
ei chaner code taake open source korlei to hoye
File: wave-1570711-1330219.png ( 9.43 KB , 256x256 )
Updated rx470 GPU drivers to 21.8.1 Anon #3749 · 5 months ago
updated from 21.2.1 mfw no lag, no stutters, fps increased from 30-40 to 50-60finally after suffering with crappy drivers for 2 years salvation has come
Bhai windows 10 LTSB 2016 e Win7 er driver cholbe ? Anon #3623 · 5 months ago
Amar r5 2400G + rx470 CPU'r chipset er driver minimum Windows 10 LTSC 2019 lageami LTSB 2016 dite chacchilam as it is almost identical to Win7, ekhon amar proshno hoilo Win7 er driver ki Win10 LTSB 2016 (v1607) e chalano possible ? (keep in mind AMD drivers so they're halka autistic)
Anon #3694 · 5 months ago
Why vue is superior to react?
Cryptofaggotry shesh hoile ki GPU er daam kombe ? Anon #3616 · 5 months ago
12k er RX570 ekhon 20k crypto shortage shesh hoile ki ei daam kombe naki monopoly'r chakka ghura shuru hoye gese ?
what are the chances that bdchan is not a dgfi psyop? Anon #2170 · 10 months ago
you have 30 seconds to explain
File: 92bafd92a95b1e4663c4.jpg ( 145.48 KB , 720x504 )
Show your neofetch Anon #2300 · 9 months ago
Show your neofetch/screenfetch in from your machine
File: neofetch.png ( 182.39 KB , 1600x900 )
Anon #2240 · 9 months ago
Browser thread. Post your favorite browser and state why is it not Librewolf
File: d4f65da791d0ad2bb29e.png ( 785.56 KB , 1402x910 )
/g/ humor thread Anon #2316 · 9 months ago
Average Linux User
Anon #3149 · 6 months ago
keyboard thread lessgooo
File: keyboard.jpg ( 99.86 KB , 317x1024 )
Walton gives hardware privacy switch Anon #2816 · 7 months ago
Apparently Walton is giving a privacy switch which disables camera and microphone on hardware level also disconnects any network activity on other mode. It has 3 level . Very unique feature if you value privacy. Can someone post it on 4chan /g/ on behalf of me?
File: walton-slider.png ( 255.69 KB , 820x595 )
ISP wont let me connect to Launcher games or 4channel Anon #2397 · 8 months ago
Is anyone having this issue? I can't connect to boards, though boards work. Path of Exiles, DOTA,LOL,private WoW servers, basically any game that uses a launchers are getting blocked. I asked my ISP whats up and they said they will look into it if I can provide them links to what the launchers are connecting to. Launcher games are connecting to the servers, that much I know, only problem is, how the fuck do I check and get the url for the server that the launchers are connecting to? If theres an easier way to fix this without having to suck my ISPs dick, I'd prefer that thanks.
File: sneedab.gif ( 286.01 KB , 498x203 )
Anon #2636 · 7 months ago
Is Udemy python bootcamp course good? Absolute beginner here. If not then suggest an alternative.
how do i buy bitcoins in bd Anon #1609 · 1 year ago
need bitcoins to buy something. never done this before. how do I proceed with this? any reliable methods?
File: IMG-20201001-225559.jpg ( 229.80 KB , 2142x1248 )
Websites blocked Anon #1588 · 1 year ago
Bros why does the technologically illiterate ministers and their staff have the last say on which sites we can or can't visit? Literally can't visit most sites I used to without a "VPN" after the porn ban (even this site). They banned reddit ffs. How is that considered as a pornsite? Why is no one speaking out against such government censorship?
File: 1524178379316.png ( 16.34 KB , 467x377 )
Mediafire doesn’t load in some regions in BD? Anon #1271 · 1 year ago
What's the reason here?
Get me this game for free Anon #1179 · 1 year ago
I accidentally got banned from 4chan for using vpn/proxy. Hope this board can help. >world of horror
File: woh.jpg ( 58.17 KB , 460x215 )