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BDChan on Lynxchan BDChan #14691 · 3 weeks ago
We have finally finished customizing Lynxchan to our needs. Before we switch to this engine permanently. we need to make sure everything is working properly. If you people could browse and use the alpha instance and report if you find any bugs or quirks, that would be great. Also any feedback would be appreciated as well.Link to the alpha instance: https://alpha.bdchan.comPlease note, the rules still apply there.Thanks.
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Eshob chikna polapain etto shokti kemne paitese? Anon #16457 · 3 days ago
Oidin instagram deklam kon ekta chikna polai gym ey 160kg lift kortese, halai ki steriods nitese? Er ageo erkom deksi onekbar
Do any of you anons take Ritalin for studying? Anon #15885 · 1 week ago
Does it help? What's the dosage? Were you prescribed by doctors? Do you have ADHD? Got any side effects?
File: images.jpeg ( 7.73 KB , 275x183 )
ইসলামে রয়েছে এর শাস্তির বিধান। তোমাদের সন্তান যদি এরকম হয়ে যায় তাহলে শাস্তি প্রদান করবে। Anon #13688 · 3 weeks ago
Why no /v? Anon #15248 · 2 weeks ago
why no /v
/WWIB/ The Westernized Web-Based Introverts Bubble Anon #5030 · 3 months ago
>Where did the memes start Late-2016 to the year 2017 on The Woah Army 1.0 >Where did the clout whoring start Lebu Gang during the same period >Where did woke antics begin After the election of Donald Trump, the western influencers (Who are mostly LA based liberals) started getting surface-tier political and then actresses had a #metoo movement. The english medium young women here took note and in late 2018 with the creation of Healthy Minds Bangladesh the woke antic cemented itself in the community >Where did trad/alt right communities start In 2019 with various local pages such as Bangladesh Non-Existent Radical Centrist Utopia and Bangladesh Dogeposting as well as western pages like Autofellatio and Burd Are Real played a role paired with the rise of figures like Jordan Petersen and Ben Shapiro. >Where did the commie-tier groups begin 2017 LJA mods combined with certain political memers influenced by the growing discussion over income inequality in the US >Current State A group of extremely woke people huddle together while another group of alt-right teens attempt to bully them. Recent developments in Afghanistan saw the rise of a group of Islamists using 4chan memes. Screenshot exposes are a dead genre as of late. >Key figures that fueled the flames Sheikh Farhan Rafid Oyon (Raiders and co, notorious for radical right wing stances and bullying), Rabbii Mehedi (The Woah Guy), Deepto Protik Osman (Cyberbully, illegal occupant in Canada, notorious for misogyny), Saheel Mahmud Khan (Founder of Lebu Gang and co-admin of TWA), Abdul Kuddus Mondol (Cyberbully, right wing), Taaseen Rahman (Notorious woke liberal figure), Nudrat Zahra Chowdhury (First publicized fake #metoo poster), Kazi Ashfaqul Huq (Co-founder of YPF, known woke liberal), Ashfaque Fuad (creator of Dogeposting), Tasnuva Ashraf Umama (Creator of Healthy Minds, notorious for exposing and being exposed), Noorin Suhaila Asjad (founder of Oroddho), Masuda Khan (Known as Masu Ake, can be seen as the manic pixie figure of the community), Fakhree Saad (Known of a live Show with Sheikh Farhan Rafid Oyon and then being cancelled for rape), Robab Ali (Similar to Fakhree Saad), Saiadus Salehin Ishaan (Notable in art circuits, constant recipient of homophobic attacks, suspected for cancelling his own friends), Redowan Ahmed Alvi (LJA founder turned radical communist), Rumman R Kalam (Rantages founder), Sadi Shahnewaz (DS writer, known woke figure), Muhammad Abrar (Male feminist activist), Mahir Aktab (Bangladesh Non-existent Radical Centrist Utopia Founder), Shafkat Rashik (Affiliated with Centrist Utopia), Tasneem Mazhar Rafi (Muktibahini memes founder turned Communist), Ryan Isty (Woke liberal, Bully). Adib Reza Rongon (Affiliated with Centrist Utopia, Artist), Zunayed Mubtasim Islam (Known for Islamophobia and woke stance), Bashira Tahsin Jahin (Known for multiple fake exposes), Farhan Dee (Founder of THOA, later exposed for rape), Mahmood Zuhair (Alt-right memer, exposed mutliple times), Antara Farnaz Khan (Co-founder of Oroddho).
File: WWIB-Historian.jpg ( 891.23 KB , 3300x3333 )
Tasneem Fauziah Anon #14780 · 2 weeks ago
Tasneem Fauziah prithibir shera shundori Tasneem Fauziah er shathe prem korte chai Tasneem Fauziah amar pranvomora Tasneem Fauziah ke chara bachbo na Tasneem Fauziah ke keu doxx koro tomra
কি করব আমি? Anon #9548 · 1 month ago
> femboy হতে চাই কিন্তু আমি দেখতে খারাপ মানুষ কেনো personality দেখে না , আমাকে দেখতে কি আসলেই খারাপ? আবার এইসব মানুষকেই দেখি ironic racism shitpost এ এংরি রিয়াক্ট করতে। মাঝে মাঝে নিজেকে হত্যা করতে ইচ্ছা করে। আমার আম্মু আব্বু অনেক abusive। ছোট বেলা থেকে আদর পেতে চাই ব্যাস এইটুকু, আসলে কি জীবন এমনি? আমি আত্মহত্যাপ্রবণ এখন হয়ত এতা আমার শেষ thread , so long anons.
Ekhon ar samefagging korte parbona Anon #14681 · 3 weeks ago
Literally 1984
File: foto-no-exif-1.jpg ( 51.14 KB , 1080x326 )
abdulkuddusmondal Anon #13517 · 4 weeks ago
ITT share anything you know about abdulkuddusmondal (I'm just curious)
Anon #14223 · 3 weeks ago
ঘুম আসে
/WWIB/ Fakhree Saad and the rape that never was Anon #5879 · 3 months ago
Previous Thread >>5334 >Who was claimed to be raped? Nabila Hossain, internet micro-celebrity made popular through the Charukala/VHS edits of Mr.Ishaan. Claimed to be raped by Fakhree Saad at a party in Dhanmondi where he allegedly spiked her drink and raped her on the rooftop. >Alternative Claims Many present at the party have claimed to have seen Saad running around in his underpants but to have seen Nabila anywhere at the incident. Nabila on the other hand claimed to have been accompanied by her older sister at the time. >Public Image Fakhree was notorious for is smug self-rightious stances on the internet most commonly viewed as pandering young females. While Fakhree at the time claimed to be 19, his actual age was 24. His failed live show with Robab Ali, with guest Sheikh Farhan Rafid Oyon garnered a lot of backlash due to him attempting to charge SFRO with claims of misogyny but failing to back his points throughout while mocking his mental health issues. The inclusion of Tasnuva Ashraf Umama later on in the stream further fueled the flames. >The Apology Fakhree Saad posted an apology when the rumors were at a primary level of circulation, which was pulled down due to his friends' advice. However, this being a few months after the livestream, the public quickly started mocking him. >SFRO With his Raiders chain and controversy at peak, his relentless attacks on Fakhree popularized what was a floating rumor >Nabila Nabila made a friends only post to not discuss the matter publicly discuss the issue until she speak up. Which she never did, publicly.>What likely happened Rumors of a minor assault spread throughout the Dhanmondi circles, Fakhree cucked himself by panicking too early and posting an extensive apology. SFROs overall reach and combined hatred towards the woke, healthy minds group, and Fakhree Saad quickly erupted on a target.People didn't do it because they believed it, but because they wanted to believe it.
File: Fakhree-Saad.png ( 420.47 KB , 460x602 )
BDchan Lynxchan UI Preview BDChan #12789 · 1 month ago
As some of you may know we were planning to migrate to Lynxchan. We are working on a custom theme for Lynxchan. Here are some screenshots for those who are interested. Please do remember, this is not the final look and everything including the colors and layouts can be customized by the end user using simple CSS variables.
File: 1.png ( 816.41 KB , 2024x1360 )
Someone doxxed a person in this thread, pls delete @Admin Anon #11751 · 1 month ago for legal purposes I screen capped the entire thread, if you want, you can go ahead and do that too. Also permaban OP. Working on a censored version if anyone asks for receipts.
Dear everyone's girlfriend Anon #13425 · 4 weeks ago
I beg to state that I am a fellow lurker of BDChan and you remind me of my girlfriend as well. I would kindly recommend you go back to the kitchen and prepare a nice fulfilling platter of alu bhorta and gorur mangsho for me or even better, unblock me on discord and reply to my texts. Signed, everyone.
Women of BDChan Anon #12219 · 1 month ago
Hello bitches aka women of Bdchan nice titties honky donky honk honk dudu dekhao hehehe show your tits m'lady dudu khabo honk honk boing boing mooo moo ammuuuuu dudh khabooo waaaaaaaaa waaaaaa ammu dudu dicco na kno milk kabo >///< titssss show your tits womannnnnn AAAAAA AWOOGA BAWOOGA HUH HUBBA LUBBA WUBBA DUBBA AWOOOOOOOO MEOW MEOW SHOW YOUR TITSSSSSSSS UPLOAD YOUR BREASTS NNNNOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW PLEASE GOD ALL I WANT IN LIFE IS TO SEE SOME TITS PLEEEASEEE SHOW THEM TO MEEEE WRITE TODAY'S DATE AND THE ECONOMICAL VALUE OF BDT ON YOUR BREASTS WITH A SHARPIEEE AS PROOOFFFF OH GODD AMMUUU DOYA KORE DUDU TA DEKHAYE DAOOOO
File: images-102.jpg ( 13.54 KB , 450x300 )
Anon #11394 · 1 month ago
আমি এইবার কমার্স নিয়ে এনডিসি ভর্চাতি হতে চাচ্ছি, আমার যে এস সি রেজালত অনেক খারাপ থাকার কারনে এসেসি তে প্লাস আসবেনা। সাধারণ গনিতে আমার একটু দুর্বলতা আছে, আমি কি করব এনন?
File: 5bf844ac48eb12577d1838f4.jpg ( 87.94 KB , 1100x825 )
Bdchan Pass Anon #12800 · 1 month ago
I would like to buy a bdchan pass. How do I go about that?
Tata BDchan Anon #12934 · 1 month ago
it has come to my attention that i should make better life choices and hence will be blocking this site with a good site blocker for the forseeable future. it's been a nice ride samefagging and greentexting with you all, but i am afraid i deserve so much better than this. bye bye niglets see you never!
Want to buy off bdchan Anon #12807 · 1 month ago
Ami ashole bdchan kina felte chaitesi, adminra jodi bechte interested thakos ekta reasonable amount offer kor and I'll actually buy it. It will still stay as bdchan shudhu owner paltaibo
Mods appreciation Anon #12539 · 1 month ago
Indiachan is down for the second time this week. Thank you mods for keeping this website afloat. Don't know if you people are exceptionally dedicated, or is it just indians setting the bar low
Bring back user ids pls Anon #12506 · 1 month ago
Boro mod bhaiyara pls, bring back user Id, if people are samefagging, they should be publically humiliated until this thing ends, now, I constantly feel those I engage in shitflinging with, just samefag to give off the idea that the consensus is against me. Picrel is fooler mala for priyo mods
Anon #10102 · 1 month ago
> নামায পড়িনা এক ওয়াক্ত ও এমন কি সুরাও জানিনা একটা > কিন্তু অনলাইনে কমেন্টে ইসলাম নিয়ে আমি উগ্রবাদীতার লারপিং করি > আমি সিম্পিং দেখতে পারিনা আমার এমজিটিও গ্রুপ আছে (আমি এডমিন) > কিন্তু অনলাইন যোনী ছাড়া বাচতে পারিনা > গোপনো একটা মেয়ে ডাক পাড়লেই হইছে আমি তার জন্যে ইসলাম ছাড়ব > যেই পুসি আমারে রিপ্লাই দেয় সেইতার উপাসনাই আমার ধর্ম
File: nazib-kafirchuda.jpg ( 267.94 KB , 960x960 )
wtf is happening? Anon #11877 · 1 month ago
doxxing,posting rape confession eita ki indiachan nakire bhai? eita bangladesh, atleast deshi manush ei site use kore eita bhaiba post koiro
oedipus complex thread Anon #9349 · 1 month ago
post your mom.
File: IMG-10796581345.jpg ( 402.89 KB , 1440x1437 )
Delete this thread please Anon #11231 · 1 month ago some secrets are better not spoken. This is a alippery slope into becoming a cesspot like indiachan. Pls mods delet
Anon #9861 · 1 month ago
reply box Anon #11207 · 1 month ago
reply box ta resize ar move kora gele bhalo hoito
কে কোন ইন্সটিটিউট থেকে(ব্যাচ উল্লেখ, পরিচয় অনুল্লেখ থাকবে)? Anon #10462 · 1 month ago
জাস্ট ফিডব্যাক , আর কিছুনা মেয়েদের গালিগালাজ করবি না
Who is Ishtib Robertson Anon #10233 · 1 month ago
Last year I found a very weird Facebook profile named Ishtib Robertson. That dude used to speak a very peculiar language, and told everyone that he was a gramer gorib pola. He was literally all over the internet, but then just vanished all of a sudden. Does anyone here know the full story of this fella, like where he lives or who he really is, and why he was so loved by everyone?
File: Ishtib-Robertson.jpg ( 67.96 KB , 696x697 )
Innovation thread Anon #10147 · 1 month ago
আপনি যদি menthol + olive oil দিয়ে নিজের পাছায় আঙুলি করেন menthol শুকিয়ে গেলে অনেক আরাম লাগবে আর শিত লাগবেনা এমনকি আপনার 19 Celcius এও গরম লাগবে এবং অলিভ ওয়েল এর জন্ত আপনার পাছার আঠাল গন্ধ থেকে মুক্তি পাবেন।
File: IMG-1636996424303.jpg ( 815.84 KB , 3146x2183 )
SFRO thread Anon #9795 · 1 month ago
Sheikh Farhan Rafid Oyon niye alap :¢I just want to know the context of why his name isso fucking everywhere ar oy ki korse. I wasn't active on the internet that time, im new. IK onk bishal kahini, shob bola or type kora is not seemed to be very possible. tukra tukra kahini bolo, that will be appreciated so drop your shits here
File: FB-IMG-1630085006025.jpg ( 34.85 KB , 720x720 )
Help my mom Anon #10058 · 1 month ago
কিভাবে মেয়েদের মজ্জারেলা খেতে হয় জানতে ক্লিক করুন নিচের লিংক এ
File: Saadjauramagi.jpg ( 48.56 KB , 900x900 )
Anon #9809 · 1 month ago
>block every country from accessing except B*ngladesh don't do that. imageboards are supposed to be anonymous, open and free. accessible to anyone.
File: niggers.png ( 16.94 KB , 1179x408 )
ohayo bdchan Anon #9593 · 1 month ago
bruh...bdchan is a thing? owo
How did you find this site? Anon #7430 · 2 months ago
Seriously though, where are you people coming from, I myself saw this on a Facebook post and searched the site. What about you guys?
File: d.png ( 17.30 KB , 220x220 )
Useless bdchan update BDChan #3923 · 4 months ago
Howdy anons. Here to provide you with bunch of information you don't need to know.- For a better sense of anonymity, we have removed the tripcode. Now enjoy unlimited amount of same faggotry.- We removed the sharing buttons, those were static ones, not the official ones that could track you. But still they might create confusion, so it's better to just remove them.- webp has been added to the supported files list- From now one, modmins will include a image link to the deleted reply whenever possible, so you can have a better context of the thread.We are under a new management (totally not under govt. supervision haha, why would think that?). So, drop any questions or suggestions that you have for us below and we will make sure to ignore each one of them. So long, anons.PS: I should sell you all out to the authorities. But unfortunately bunch of public IP isn't worth anything. It's not as precious as you think. You are not that "special". At least not in the way you think.
File: bdchan-testicles.png ( 6.14 KB , 400x400 )
wish the site had more activity Anon #7217 · 2 months ago
chan culture chudi na, anonymous image board deshe asholei dorkar
File: Discord-F4QSFPvvVr.png ( 6.04 KB , 127x208 )
site er activity ajkal dekhi higher than usual Anon #7638 · 2 months ago
beshirbhag tora fagbooker holeo it's nice to have more niggarretes to argue with behind the anon mask
File: toder-kei-khujtesilo-bangladesh.jpg ( 10.68 KB , 250x250 )
Sex korar Jonne ekjon gay Bottom chai Anon #9684 · 1 month ago
Hi I'm from Dhaka and I'm a certified top gay. I need a big coochie to satisfy me . 6inch would be better as my preference. Dhakar joto bottom ra acho shara deo.
File: FB-IMG-16387725944348355.jpg ( 138.73 KB , 480x640 )
Anon #6363 · 2 months ago
Separate board for eceleb gossip, NOW. I cant take this garbage anymore.
File: 197.png ( 269.15 KB , 389x411 )
Welcome to BDChan BDCHan Official #1 · 2 years ago
Hey anons, welcome to the first ever anonymous discussion(image)board in the history of Bangladesh.Here you can discuss about literally anything on various interest-themed boards like Technology, News, Politics without creating an account or revealing your identity.Our only rules are: >Nothing illegal under Bangladesh law. We mean something that directly violates Bangladeshi law. But since this is an online platform, things that doesn't physically affect the laws are allowed. >No suggestive audio-visual content of underage children. Loli ok. >No spamming; no flooding that compromises normal operation of the site.So, have fun anons, and remember to say Joy Bangla. Joy Lal-Sabuj!
/V/ Anon #5352 · 3 months ago
Gaming er board koi?
New server, what do ya think? BDChan #8666 · 1 month ago
Howdy anons. Initially the site was on a shared hosting, and honestly we didn't (and still don't) have any high hopes for this, so it should have stayed that way. But lately there's a lot of activity on the site. So, we decided to migrate it to a fairly decent VPS. The site is now running on a DigitalOcean droplet, 50GB of disk storage, paired with Redis based session and cache handling. So, expect significant performance boost and less slowdown. Everything else is pretty much the same. In other news, if traffic grows even further, we might shift to LynxChan, or may even write our own using an industry standard framework that is capable of scaling and load balancing. No disrespect to the original developer, while this thing is is very lightweight and fast but clearly it's not future-proof. As it lacks scalability as the traffic and database grows.Oh and IP based OP detection is disabled now(or so I'm told), enjoy samefagging.If you have any feedback or suggestions let us know we will make sure to ignore them.
File: what.png ( 120.25 KB , 437x226 )
/s/ koi Anon #9128 · 1 month ago
sexy beautiful deshi women board koi
/lit/erature board dorkar Anon #6976 · 2 months ago
/x/ thread Anon #7411 · 2 months ago
আপনার জীবনে ঘটে যাওয়া কোনো ভৌতিক ঘটনা বলে যান। আমি শুরু করছি
No more "I hate that random micro celebrity" threads Unpaid Intern #6424 · 2 months ago
Emon thread dekhle delete kora hobe. Unless it's really elaborate and actually makes point, instead of just saying "oh ami random celeb ke hate kori, pls cholen sobai mile bully kori".It's not that we don't care. But amra eder maximum kauke chinio na, era apnar bubble er moddhei famous, we can't even relate to your hatred. Apnar hatred thakle FB te message diye bolen eder, sahosh na thakle fake ID khule bolen, tao ekhane ei baler post deya off koren.
File: 9645502283ea98b61ef3a6a8797ddd7d.jpg ( 35.23 KB , 735x632 )
Camwhoring board Anon #1356 · 1 year ago
Make a board for camwhoring and rate me posts. I need to see how ugly I am compared to average desis
File: 1592144664312.jpg ( 40.15 KB , 600x600 )
/WWIB/ The Westernized Web-Based Introverts Bubble Anon #5172 · 3 months ago
Previous thread #5030 >The pseudo-matriarchy Westernized teens like to grab power more so than their boomer counterparts but the difficulty lies in the basis being clout. Thus, most of the power moves are pulled by scantly clad women looking for validation. Certain western bubbles demand their men to be completely feminized and celebrate the lack of masculinity in males as a form of virtue.>Trad/Right Bullying Fiasco While the WWIB right wingers claim to dislike the culture of exposes profusely, they cannot seem to get enough of it with their hands on damaging material on their opposition. The recent fiasco between Bangladeshi Dogeposting and Tasnuva Ashraf Umama can be seen as a prime example. While initially it was quite fruitful for BDP with concrete and serious evidence of Tasnuva bullying and physically abusing her parents, it quickly grew into a petty, psychosexual matter from the side of BDP, attempting to leak Tasnuva's alleged pornographic content and posting content related to her which had nothing to do with the meme template of Doge. >The Resurgence of BDChan A strange phenomenon caused by the recent development of Facebook's policy of censoring not only objective offensive content, but one's that may be interpreted as such. This has created a void within the local culture to express provocative opinions freely. The fundamental nature of WWIB is also to personally attack people within the bubble with vitriol, which Facebook is not the platform for anymore.
File: WWIB-Historian.jpg ( 891.23 KB , 3300x3333 )