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Useless bdchan update BDChan #3923 · 3 weeks ago
Howdy anons. Here to provide you with bunch of information you don't need to know.- For a better sense of anonymity, we have removed the tripcode. Now enjoy unlimited amount of same faggotry.- We removed the sharing buttons, those were static ones, not the official ones that could track you. But still they might create confusion, so it's better to just remove them.- webp has been added to the supported files list- From now one, modmins will include a image link to the deleted reply whenever possible, so you can have a better context of the thread.We are under a new management (totally not under govt. supervision haha, why would think that?). So, drop any questions or suggestions that you have for us below and we will make sure to ignore each one of them. So long, anons.PS: I should sell you all out to the authorities. But unfortunately bunch of public IP isn't worth anything. It's not as precious as you think. You are not that "special". At least not in the way you think.
File: bdchan-testicles.png ( 6.14 KB , 400x400 )
Anon #4005 · 3 weeks ago
>>3930 are na amgo cookies diya jannie netflix chalay
Minor update to prevent spam and security patch BDchan #815 · 1 year ago
Okay so we did some minor updates on BDChan. They are too technical to explain but we will tell them anyway.> We added a honeypot to prevent spam Recently we noticed automated spam messages by bots. We could've turn on the captcha but that is too irritating for the users. So we added a honeypot in the forms. A honeypot input is a hidden field that the normal user won't see, but bots would. And bots will fill it so we would be able to detect bots and prevent automated spam. Phew..> Fixed a non-persistent XSS issue on the password field Minor reflected XSS issue, just because a missing parameter, it has been notified to us and then it was fixed immediately.So, now, if you people experience any problems make sure you let us know. I have another important announcement to make:>TesticlesThat is all.
File: 163c82d6df44311923c4.gif ( 12.43 KB , 615x340 )
Anon #820 · 1 year ago
Testicles, finally!
Anon #2483 · 4 months ago
>makes imageboard website like 4chan >shills it on """Rantages Goatposting""""no wonder this site is dead
File: 1620478650734.jpg ( 7.92 KB , 250x238 )
Anon #2828 · 3 months ago
>>makes imageboard website like 4chanthis nigga thinks 4chan owns the term imageboards or the first to create one, stfu nigger
Camwhoring board Anon #1356 · 1 year ago
Make a board for camwhoring and rate me posts. I need to see how ugly I am compared to average desis
File: 1592144664312.jpg ( 40.15 KB , 600x600 )
Anon #2810 · 3 months ago
>>1356 (OP) Bigolive er theke magi ra tader channel whore kora shuru korbe lmao
Anon #2734 · 3 months ago
File named FBIMG instant ban Go to facebook with your doge memes
Anon #2805 · 3 months ago
>Go to facebook with your doge memes dhur
Who is the authority here? Anon #966 · 1 year ago
Asking for a friend, who runs this site? Help me anons, just wanna know, no harm intended. Peace.
File: 3f2a3b4a40f57b1d660da40c682d1633-img.jpg ( 23.38 KB , 200x150 )
Anon #2507 · 4 months ago
>>973 >haha.... don't worry guys haha
*Sad Quarantine noises* Anon #1438 · 1 year ago
Was hoping BDchan would blow-up during quarantine cause people have too much free time in their hands, sad to say that wasn't the case. Boomer facebook is where it's still at.
Anon #2505 · 4 months ago
>>1505 sounds like a personal experience
tripcodes should be optional Anon #2194 · 6 months ago
unique identifiers take away anonymity a bit. you guys should only put them when i tell the site to generate one, like in 4chan
Anon #2217 · 5 months ago
>>2212 well uhh ok thanks
Can you please share the source code of this site? Anon #1680 · 11 months ago
It would be awsome!
BDChan #1690 · 10 months ago
>>1686 About that, only one guy maintains the codebase and it's not very 'contributable' at the moment.And about the search, I will look into it.
Q&A board Anon #1440 · 1 year ago
Can we have the Questions and Answers board so that it's easier to ask miscellaneous questions? Thanks.
Anon #1462 · 1 year ago
>>1452 sadly true
Can't Upload photos Anon #1405 · 1 year ago
Can't reply to a thread with images for some reason
BDChan #1407 · 1 year ago
>>1405 (OP) fixed anon
File: a1d98fc3be31d8cd537f.jpg ( 356.34 KB , 1280x960 )
Anon #1347 · 1 year ago
Trying to upload an image with file extension "jpeg" doesn't work. Please check.
BDChan #1352 · 1 year ago
>>1347 (OP) Fixed the issue anon. Thanks for letting us know.
Anon #1147 · 1 year ago
Happy New Year to all the losers, fags and lifeless anons here on BDchan. Basically just me.
Anon #1155 · 1 year ago
>>1147 (OP) ok fag
BDChan has experienced a server crash, uploaded images are gone BDchan #762 · 1 year ago
This is sad nigga hour at BDChan. Due to some unknown reasons our server crashed yesterday and unfortunately our server administrator forgot to turn on the weekly backup plugin. Because he's a faggot.Since I keep backup of the database, the texts are intact and still in one piece but the images are gone for good. This will not happen again as our server administrator has now setup the backup plugin on the cPanel. Not because he was spanked by monsters in a cave but he is a good sysadmin.Also I have another important word for y'all:turbo-boner.That is all.
File: b352fef5c085a7ac2558.png ( 24.86 KB , 500x310 )
OP Anon #808 · 1 year ago
>How does one achieve this "Turbo-Boner"?First of all stop fapping for a whole week. Then start fapping but stop in the middle. There you will have the turbo-boner.
/PUSG/ Anon #570 · 2 years ago
It pains us to see the way a site with such potential is being misused for simple 'I'd bang that 90's has-been who's older than my mum' thread. We've decided to fix this bitch. BDChan is rightfully /our/ territory
File: gone ( 9.98 KB )
Anon #668 · 2 years ago
Ah an all Bangladeshi incel community? :’)
------↓↓↓---- these tags man Anon #480 · 2 years ago
^^what the fuck are these random alphabets in red they're making me dyslexic how do i get rid of it
Anon #608 · 2 years ago
>>506 and having the same trip code for an IP in different threads doesn't serve much to your cause of same faggotry either
Site update, bug fixes and new features BDchan #141 · 2 years ago
Hey anons, the site is updated with some new features and bug-fixes recently.>Linked replies are now available. Which means if anyone mentions your reply/thread id in their text that post's ID will be linked to your post.>IP based automatic unique tripcode is available now. Which means you will see an unique tripcode for each IP from now one. So, no one can role-play or act on behalf of someone anymore, 'cause now everyone will know if it's the same person playing multiple characters or not. Off course the IP can change for mobile data users but still it will be helpful.>The site is now available via SSL(https).>An XML sitemap is available as well at: https://bdchan.com/sitemap.xml>The site is now removed from Cloudflare since the CF IP wasn't accessible via the Bangladeshi broadband providers, so we are on our own now. But the good news is it can be accessed from everywhere from now on.So that was it, you guys are always welcome to suggest new features.
File: gone ( 9.98 KB )
Anon #605 · 2 years ago
why you do this owner? I love to samefag...
File: gone ( 9.98 KB )
Theme Switcher is now available BDchan #402 · 2 years ago
Hey anons, recently we tested dark mode on the board and received mixed reviews, so we implemented a theme switcher where you can switch between themes of your choice, currently these two are available: >Light Mode(default) >High Contrast DarkYou can switch by clicking the settings icon located at top right of the site (https://bdchan.com/preferences) Once changed the setting will be saved on the browser you are using (not in incognito mode.)That's all for now, if you have any other suggestions let us know.
File: gone ( 9.98 KB )
OP Anon #407 · 2 years ago
>>405 The red is too bright for black bg and it hurts the eye. Same goes for yellow.
To whom it may concern Anon #370 · 2 years ago
This night mode totally sucks!
File: gone ( 9.98 KB )
OP Anon #393 · 2 years ago
>>389 yeah...switcher sounds good
Welcome to BDChan BDCHan Official #1 · 2 years ago
Hey anons, welcome to the first ever anonymous discussion(image)board in the history of Bangladesh.Here you can discuss about literally anything on various interest-themed boards like Technology, News, Politics without creating an account or revealing your identity.Our only rules are: >Nothing illegal under Bangladesh law. We mean something that directly violates Bangladeshi law. But since this is an online platform, things that doesn't physically affect the laws are allowed. >No suggestive audio-visual content of underage children. Loli ok. >No spamming; no flooding that compromises normal operation of the site.So, have fun anons, and remember to say Joy Bangla. Joy Lal-Sabuj!
File: gone ( 9.98 KB )
Anon #44 · 2 years ago
>>43 nice sense of humor u got there bud
New board Anon #686 · 2 years ago
Can we get a board for sports and all that stuff