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Welcome to the new and improved BDChan.
Welcome to the new and improved BDChan. Now running on the industry-standard(!) imageboard software Lynxchan. Some of you may wonder why did we switch to this one. There are numerous reasons: The old one lacked a lot of features. It had issues regarding load-balancing. It's not a good thing to use abandoned software. Lynxchan, on the other hand, has an excellent set of features, has good scalability, and is currently used on almost 30+ popular imageboards. On the technical side, it uses Node.js backed by MongoDB, making it better suited for real-time/async applications like this. We will do a feature tour via different threads later on. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions. The new team is much more tolerant of user feedback. As they say, your voice matters or some shit idk. PS: You can still access the old site here:

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>>>/b/15389 >>>/bd/882 Ki hoitese eikhane?

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What happens to the dead threads?
they are clearly not archived. there's like 1 thread in archived least. wtf? where the fuck do they go? how does archiving even work here? do threads get deleted from the server? im obviously newerfag and have no clue how lynxchan works. enlighten me oh mighty oldfags and jannies

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On a serious note
Tanzim if you have forsaken this website then at least let us know before the server subscription ends. Or jodi just silently monthly pay kore thakos without any involvement tao bolis Blink twice if Romeo Alpha Bravo did something to you guys. Its been months since I saw the BDChan and Unpaid Intern account

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holy shit the site doesn't feel so dead anymore but probably because i am not visiting every 30 minutes anymore as opposed to the sudden influx of users

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Are you fucking kidding me, jannies?

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/hof/ - BDChan Hall of Fame archives
Jehetu tanzim ekta asta madarchod, archive setup dibe na, amaderi shob korte hobe. This site has been regaining activity in the past couple of days and as a result, it is safe to expect a few good quality threads here in there. For our own sake, an archive is deemed necessary. Whenever you see a spicy post or reply, screenshot it here and upload it for preservation. If possible, save threads as HTML pages and upload it in that format. Do NOT start conversation here, unless your post has an image that is archiving a good reply DO NOT LET THIS THREAD DIE!!

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Which one of you jew kikes created this website show yourself
Look, I just wanna talk. What was the jew idea behind the birth of this site? Are you smuggling our IPs out to RAB? I frequent this site every 30 mins i think im addicted to this site that is visited by the same 15 loser autists WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME EHOODIE RABBI ER BACCHA

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more things change more they stay the same

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File Size limit barano dorkar
Can't freely post shit. Don't think it would be an issue if you prune threads regularly.

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bdchan subtitle thread
old bdchan had "embrace infamy" as its subtitle new one has "exceptionally irrelevant". what other phrases would be appropriate? would be nice to have them cycle every time you refresh the front page

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What happened here?
wtf happened here? i left only for three days. i see this bs.

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ajke theke bdchan modmin der nickname hoilo
tanzim just because ami janny shobdo bebohar korbo na, korle impersonal lage, tanzim bolle mone hoy school er ek friend tanzim tui ekta madarchod i feel more in power deciding your name than calling you the vague and unspecific janny title thikase tanzim?

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make me admin
i am such a good fit bro just trust me

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ei tanzim ekta archive bana

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Delete this thread Janny >>>/b/13539 Someone claimed that the video involves a minor and the OP confirmed and endorsed the acts being performed. >>>/b/13653

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Which one of you faggots made a subfaggit of this shit site?
srsly kys faggitor

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Are we gonna just pretend that this lynxchan isn't some bullshit which goes down twice every week and not worship the good old php bdchan?

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this site wouldn't need to exist if we weren't range banned on 4chan lmao

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Site e joto femanons ache shobaike ban kora hok and namefagging open kore deya hok

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modmins please ban me

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delete or archive >>>/news/

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things bdchan could learn from indiachan
>cannot make post without a file >namefagging allowed, but you're id'd so you can't samefag unless you use another ip address >auto refresh turned on by default >not geolocked (i don't care if this site gets raided, it would mean more activity for the site lol)

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This bdchan feels soulless
So when we're gonna move to the old good php one?

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bdchan has become unnecessary
i have made enough "shut down bdchan" posts, this is not that the imageboard has just become unnecessary, with trackers turned on, anonymity is just an extra layer for rab to dig through until they get your ass. /pol/ isn't safe for expressing your opinions about the government anymore, same with /news/ /b/ is dormant with mediocre posts keeping the last bit of life in it alive, /bd/ is okay /mu/, /lit/, and /tv/ are the least active and that's because facebook has enough 100k member groups about these topics that are way more active and have way more knowledgable people in them bdchan actually never had a chance in this country, the demographic just isn't ready, nor does it have a need for an imageboard like this jannies do not reply, ajkal beshi mattobori tone e reply dewa shuru korso, tomader montobbo dorkar nai

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rename pol to is or create new board named is
you know what is means

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RAB coming to get yo ass janny
You had a deathwish when you took down my completely peaceful The Ministry of Magic appreciation thread. You tried to silence the voice of jononetri's men. I've already contacted The Ministry of Magic neta "Kallo Hazi" and he ensured me that justice will be served. Just you wait jannies

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সেই লিনক্সচ্যান দিয়ে লাভ কী যদি না রিডচ্যান দিয়ে চালাতেই না পারি

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>be me >janny deletes my random ai generated shitpost thread again >me asking for /s4s/ board on bodnachan >mfw no /s4s/ board on bodnachan >inb4 be janny >I delete your random ai generated shitpost thread because it's shit >mfw I ban you

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Open /hsc/ or /study/ or atleast /sci/ board where can actually discuss on our academics

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Has anyone been banned in the past 3 months?
Like what does a nigga gotta do to even get banned, I see people post the most vile shit here without consequence

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Why are the developers of this site trying to fix something that is not broken? Couldn't you just make it a full 4chan clone? Or do you think you're impressing anyone with this barebones website? There's a reason why anyone who knows the first thing about chan culture and is not a discordtranny does not browse this board. >Make more boards than only the ones you've ever browsed >Enable 4chanX support or at least integrate its core features(which would be significantly harder for you to do) >Do away with the negative spacing in catalog mode >Make the thumbnails show the full image instead of just being a cut off Just to list a few

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This site is literally blank like a piece of paper Honestly site ta onk dry Mone hoy

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Bring back the OP tag. Of course, keep it optional, but the OP of a post should be offered the choice to preserve their identity as OP.

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"God I miss old BDChan"
Then make it like the old one again. What the hell is so different about this site other than the lack of a userbase? Why did you let the site die in the first place? Why did you create a situation where all the good anons got bored and moved on? This is your own doing.

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God I miss old bdchan so much >You'‌ll never have a thread like this

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Trust me one more moitherfucking femanon thread and I'm gonna lose it. Why don't you fuckers go vack to facebook and start simping on some subtle carry dating group. Toder ektamatro imageboard banglay,sheitakei keno dating platform banate hobe? Khanki magir polara

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Add images to errors or banned
Add some images while showing any error or if the user was banned I'd say using bodna as the image With alterations to the image to make it look like it's our own thing

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Will we ever get 4chanx integration?

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be active around 10pm-12am so that site feels active for at least a portion of the day instead of coming around whenever and leaving the site after posting 2 replies

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Put the board list on the front page of bdchan
Admins, please pull out the board list of bdchan from the menu to the front page so that visitors might be encouraged to visit specific boards, rather than browse the threads on the front page. This way, threads won't be starved for engagement.

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bdchan should be hosted internationally

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bring back randomized file names

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>be muslim >question about god's existence comes up on /b/ >participate in a relatively civilized debate regarding the existence of god >do pretty well on your part and also take into consideration how critics of god have their fair share of points >end the day feeling smarter than you were 5 hours ago >bdchan server issue >ok i'll come back later >come back >the thread is deleted *sigh*

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Official 4chan posts thread
If you already opened or plan to open a thread on 4chan, post ITT. You are requested not to clog this thread. Just use it to inform us about the threads, the rest of the discussion will be continued on 4chan.

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Fuck you lynxchan
Daily hogar problem hoy mongodb baalsaal connect hoy na post korte pari na baaler node js anche php raikha fuck this

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Allow foreignfags
Guys it's time to allow foreignfags and bring back the liveliness of banguland. People from west bengal, assam and other shit would get flag of banguland. That would be so fucking cool just think abou it. I know your cucked brain is freaked out just by the idea. But for once try to leave aside your cuckoldry. If we dont engage with the world, we will always be recognized as a shithole small india

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Can we just switch back to the old bdchan?
I was surfing through old bdchan today. I miss old bdchan more than anything. I have spent a lot of quality time there. This lynxchan or whatever it just doesn't feel like mine. I miss old bdchan. I need old bdchan