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On a serious note Anon 11/23/2022 (Wed) 09:14:07 No. 874
Tanzim if you have forsaken this website then at least let us know before the server subscription ends. Or jodi just silently monthly pay kore thakos without any involvement tao bolis Blink twice if Romeo Alpha Bravo did something to you guys. Its been months since I saw the BDChan and Unpaid Intern account
>>875 >>680 was the last time we saw a Tanzim reply
Okk guys in case bdchan goes khoda hafez Discord na reddit konta chas? >Noooo my super secret identity will be exposeed Fake account khulbi main account use korte bolse keda We can at least plan to make another imageboard website or whatever, server er taka jodi contribute korte paros keo
>>877 Discord
>>877 Reddit will buttfuck our sub to oblivion. Also reddit gets DPI'd by my ISP twice a month. Discord. Also Admin dish.
>>877 konta te nigger faggot retard bola allowed?
>>880 Discord Seen countless servers niggering with the hard R As long as no dumbfuck clicks "report" its a-ok Have real doubts about reddit
Shut up faggots. Real imageboarders would use irc
>>882 Oh yeah ircs Do you know anyone that host's ircs anymore?
>>882 Accha ami iktu noob but don't you need like money to host and irc server?
>>883 bdchat is a thing >>884 yeah you need money to host a website too taka lage shob kichur
>>885 Which I don't have Libera chat kora jay?
just use mastodon abaal
>>877 4chan e /bd/ general bana
>>888 Hiroshimoot er number de >in /int/ That's literally just a post which can get bumped out, egulay kaam hoyna
>>887 Its just for posting, not so interactive desu Doesn't even have groups
>>882 Accha bro ami ekta noob and visited an irc channel on libera chat (#linux) Ja bujlam this is for absolute real time communications ekhane kono messages storing o nai This is a nice addition like the witeboard thead, but not a substitute in case bdchan is kill. Something like discord would be ideal
>>891 Ho faggot discord e text store koro jeno rab mama putki maira dite pare Tui nijei fed. Khankir chele
>>892 Hoo ar bdchan e to ekdom shob remove hoye jay kono trace i thakena If anything discord is safer than bdchan, rab mamar gushti niye dekhuk discord ki baal ta falaibo? Ekhane to deshi server bole kisu ekta kore felte parbe
>>892 >>893 lol just use shared ip ez
>>889 Tui ki kam korte chas? ? if anything the fact that thread delete hoy is a good thing, keu wrongthink bolle Rofikul Alom Babar amader piche lagbe na.
>>877 Reddit? kys. Discord maybe. Or even telegram
>>896 discord/telegram is full of nonces and glowies. 4chan is unironically the best option
>>897 >muh glowies Bro bideshider eto chodani nai je hudai amader pisone time waste korbe Discord is like the safest option for us. >>896 >Telegram Fucking subhuman pos asks for a phone number to open accounts fuck you telegram
>>890 if you host your own mastodon server you will automatically see every other post from the same server
(62.00 KB 680x680 89e.jpg)
>>898 >bidesher LMAOO THIS NIGGA THINKS GLOWIES ONLY REFER TO THE FBI >>897 oh yeah? try getting NOT range banned
>>874 Blink.
>>897 tor mathai shomossha nigga 4chan e glowies ra literally lurk kore akdin dangerous boards gula ghure dekhis.
Bhai tora tham ebar. 🙄
>>904 Ami tor moto badaimma na, joto din banned chilam na, kono major event chara /pol/ browse kori nai. /a/,/v/,/int/ pura puri safe.