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Anon !!u8k1p4unaw #1978 · 4 months ago
hey /mu/, this is gonna sound cringy but I figured this place could use some kind of thread related to music and community participation...so I figured we should start a "Ganer Koli" thread >In b4 what is that? a game where you sing a song and have some one sing a song which starts with the last letter of the song you sang Lets start this off with a classic on 4chan /mu/, In the Aeroplane over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel https://youtu.be/hD6_QXwKesU https://voca.ro/1jFU4pecuY5H GL anons! ^_^
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Anon !!WT.EZzx18A #2327 · 1 week ago
>this is gonna sound cringy >proceeds anywayfaggot
Spotify is launching in Bangladesh. Anon !!QCncJqeEgc #1767 · 5 months ago
What do you all think of this? I have been already using spotify. What do you think will change?
File: EmzKTWuVcAA4XxL.jpg ( 57.63 KB , 709x379 )
Anon !!auu.bdNEu. #2209 · 3 weeks ago
>>2205 hey but doridro.com and music.com.bd back in the days were a real life saver
ITT God tier bengali albums Anon !!0xhWTokV36 #2148 · 1 month ago
I'll start
File: 220px-Ja-Bolo-Tai-Bolo-2015.jpg ( 17.93 KB , 220x220 )
OP Anon !!0xhWTokV36 #2150 · 1 month ago
>>2149 তোমার জন্য পৃথিবী আজ নিয়েছে বিদায় তবু তোমার টুকরো ছায়ায় ডুবে আছে কত মিথ্যে আগুন অন্ধকারময় কত স্মৃতি, কত সময় Good stuff anon,Good stuff
Anon !!u8k1p4unaw #2024 · 3 months ago
post kino bangla rock https://youtu.be/qU3Bp-Jgs3k
Anon !!.bBS9SDaQc #2037 · 3 months ago
>>2027 no u
What's the most depressing album or song you have listened to? Anon !!3riyzbagpY #1732 · 5 months ago
IIT post the most depressing album or song you have listened to. Which artist do you think hits the hardest for you?
File: elliott-smith-52d7b5c2ecd56.jpg ( 256.77 KB , 1000x1000 )
Grips Death? Anon !!ahtF5txzew #1914 · 4 months ago
Death Grips?
File: aef5edb52619e07b9976.png ( 167.25 KB , 2000x2000 )
OP Anon !!ahtF5txzew #1982 · 4 months ago
>>1973 Exmilitary is amazing
Kanye west, Late registration Anon !!adGnwhnQl. #1927 · 4 months ago
What is your favorite album from the year you were born?
Anon !!5L.bRI8SMo #1935 · 4 months ago
>>1934 Oh no, I'm so scared.
Hip hip thread Anon !!EeAKOnXGS. #1773 · 5 months ago
Niggers make the best music because they were born to entertain their masters. Can't argue w/ that.
File: Kendrick-Lamar.jpg ( 125.84 KB , 800x800 )
Anon !!SHEs6YR8C6 #1909 · 4 months ago
Ye Anon !!ahtF5txzew #1886 · 4 months ago
File: Kids-See-Ghosts-Cover.png ( 293.59 KB , 316x316 )
Anon !!wkp3hQmINQ #1890 · 4 months ago
Retro Music Anon !!IwSwNP51I. #1727 · 5 months ago
What's your favourite 90s album, anon?
File: images-1604941216021.jpg ( 39.38 KB , 739x415 )
Anon !!QCncJqeEgc #1766 · 5 months ago
Post some more of your favs.
Joji Anon !!T5IqSKbuEQ #1601 · 6 months ago
Anyone following Papa Franku's Alternate Universe timeline no. 42069 where he joins a group of Asians and becomes a big music artist?
File: 66fc5d8452f3c1423ab9.jpg ( 121.12 KB , 1600x900 )
Anon !!6HjG06Gn96 #1682 · 5 months ago
I think Pink Guy make better music than Joji...
Anon !!ZQ1Hi8VZOc #1156 · 1 year ago
some musics to play suitable for a tour with friends
File: B3AEF12E-757A-4B14-8355-626D5FAEEBA4.jpeg ( 285.94 KB , 1034x953 )
Anon !!bDo5RbasK2 #1173 · 1 year ago
/emo/ Anon !!vBFm89NjtM #1138 · 1 year ago
anyone know of Bangali emo music? the most depressing stuff I ever find are from James and I listen to western stuff alot and I really wanted to support my local scene https://youtu.be/Ir4ZwCbFM3M
File: emopeter.jpg ( 13.46 KB , 480x360 )
Anon !!yZEzvKCjhM #1139 · 1 year ago
Anon !!feajc8mWUI #747 · 1 year ago
you guys like Radiohead?
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Anon !!VC03KX1s9s #1057 · 1 year ago
is this you my king?
gud fem artists/albums Anon !!EBabRiuGzM #690 · 1 year ago
favourite female artist(s) and their favourite album thread
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Anon !!1vStrjJ2gA #696 · 1 year ago
florence and the machine -Hunger The beths- Future me hates me Courtney barett - Pedestrian at Best
RIP MF DOOM Anon !!.bBS9SDaQc #2052 · 3 months ago
Listen to some DOOM today
File: Madvillainy-cover.png ( 91.61 KB , 316x316 )
Help Anon !!1kETicnTVE #1665 · 5 months ago
I wanna know about a course named the new frontier from Andy James Guitar Academy. Is it all digital or will they send materials to my home? And is it worth it to purchase now?
/weebtunes/ Anon !!O5VcDgMcek #1554 · 7 months ago
Gotta love me my weebtunes. https://youtu.be/UVTC9ZfNzeQ
File: heartsdales-hqdefault.jpg ( 10.33 KB , 480x360 )
Bands that made one great album and then dissapeared Anon !!23CvQt5JDk #711 · 1 year ago
It's kinda sad actually
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Current Favourite artist Anon !!1vStrjJ2gA #709 · 1 year ago
Mine is Lil tecca Lil tecca- ransom is my go to song rn. Suggest songs that is kinda new and good so we can listen them
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