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Anon !!u8k1p4unaw #1978 · 4 months ago
hey /mu/, this is gonna sound cringy but I figured this place could use some kind of thread related to music and community participation...so I figured we should start a "Ganer Koli" thread >In b4 what is that? a game where you sing a song and have some one sing a song which starts with the last letter of the song you sang Lets start this off with a classic on 4chan /mu/, In the Aeroplane over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel https://youtu.be/hD6_QXwKesU https://voca.ro/1jFU4pecuY5H GL anons! ^_^
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Anon !!ahtF5txzew #1981 · 4 months ago
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Anon !!q.WheDgDxs #1983 · 4 months ago
Anon !!26kk.8pch2 #1984 · 3 months ago
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Anon !!WPxavNN9WI #2305 · 1 week ago
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Anon !!Be2vFzvuyA #2306 · 1 week ago
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Anon !!UoaaVT15xQ #2307 · 1 week ago
Anon !!PaocZbOD6o #2309 · 1 week ago
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Anon !!IlEPQaSe2o #2310 · 1 week ago
Oh the thread didn’t go as op planned
Anon !!WT.EZzx18A #2327 · 1 week ago
>this is gonna sound cringy >proceeds anywayfaggot