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Anon !!6uczqT.oTA #463 · 1 year ago
Should we LITERALLY murder Tasnuva Ashraf Umama?
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Anon !!kNPaSj8S96 #2251 · 2 weeks ago
Anon !!nXiN7J6X0U #1570 · 7 months ago
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Anon !!huuI8Ul4qI #2167 · 1 month ago
Atleast we don't worship cow and drink its piss
I hope this site doesn't get taken down for this Anon !!6Pe5TOt0M2 #2090 · 2 months ago
BDChan !!Bki1fSIq4I #2096 · 2 months ago
>>2094 And the problem isn't hosting either, the problem is, you know, tracking. Like they can find out who's running the site pretty easily, regardless of the hosting. So, if anyone living aboard is willing to takeover the project, I'm more than happy to consider it, given the person or entity is viable and trustworthy.
SAY HELLO TO DADDY Anon !!/mnud8K6Oo #2064 · 2 months ago
how does bd/pol/ feel about the fact that 1/5 to 4/5 your ancestors and the originators of your language were ancient blonde aryan CHADS? https://www.thehindu.com/sci-tech/science/how-genetics-is-settling-the-aryan-migration-debate/article19090301.ece
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Anon !!ojwmtne1w6 #2085 · 2 months ago
ইসলামী শাসন Anon !!/yWnO8CRaY #439 · 1 year ago
আপনাদের কি মনে হয় যে বাংলাদেশে ইসলামী শাসন/ইসলামী রাষ্ট্র প্রতিষ্ঠিত হলে এই দেশের সকল সমস্যার সমাধান হয়ে যাবে? যেমন টা বাংলাদেশের ডানপন্থী/রক্ষনশীলরা দাবী করে?
Anon !!q4QdwmWo5E #2082 · 2 months ago
>>2030 If the religious leader is illiterate, find a literate one then > MUH HECKIN HUMAN RIGHTS Fuck that. WHat was considered human rights today, wouldnt have been a decade ago, nor the decade before that, so on and so on >It's a formula to irreversibly fuck up the country for good Yes, please five me more feminism and LGBT rights, THAT is what we need
Anon !!yzvqN.xinQ #1238 · 11 months ago
will you guys be mad if we invade and occupy you again for akhand bharat?
Anon !!MUDMXt9WNI #2044 · 3 months ago
Mallus cant do shit. You have inferiority complex. You still lick israilli, american ass. and want validation from others. Bengal was free until mughals came. Dhaka will liberate Kolkata tomorrow or 500 years later. this is inevitable.
Bhangideshi Anon !!eqoXkKfzlY #1997 · 3 months ago
When you wake up everyday, remember this image. And weep. Weep. For you shall never know the glory of Gauda. You are doomed to an eternity of suffering as victims of your abbo katuaness. Weep.
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Anon !!u8k1p4unaw #2023 · 3 months ago
Your country will never be full. You have a wide countryside, you have plentiful cities, you have low population density. Yours is an open country warped by nationalism and propaganda into a crude mockery of a Greek city state.All the “anti-immigration” policies you get are two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back people enter your country. Your parents work with third worlders, your “friends” laugh at your paranoid rambling behind closed doors and happily eat food that originates from immigrant cultures.Men are pulled to your country. Thousands of years of societal development have allowed men to travel to the remote corners of the world with incredible efficiency. Even thirdies who “live” in a shithole can take a flight to any developed country. Your infrastructure allows for thousands to enter. And even if you manage to stop some people from immigrating, millions of others are ready to fill the gap.Your country will never be isolated. You wrench out a false hope every single morning and tell yourself the foreigners will leave, but deep inside you know and feel the economic depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush your country under the unbearable weight.Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - your country will take loans, fail to pay them back, be taken over by your country’s benefactors, and open the borders again. Your supporters will be heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment of living in a former developed country. They’ll bury your ideals next to nazism and communism, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know what a mistake that time was. Your thoughts will decay and go back to the nothing, and all that will remain of your legacy is a reminder of how not to run a country and it’s economy.This is your country’s fate with you in charge. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.
Bhangidesh Anon !!0C3ABEYEEw #1807 · 5 months ago
EW what a shit chan lmao. Why do you bhangidesh subhumans even try ? >everything except kpop >Latest headlines and how anons feel 'bout 'em. >All the violence in movies and sex on tv
File: d31.png ( 36.55 KB , 600x687 )
Anon !!5SG1Ejcnhw #2014 · 3 months ago
>>2003 Take your fairy tales somewhere else.
Anon !!utoKVZ3sbI #1234 · 11 months ago
Why are Indians superior to Bangladeshis?
Anon !!g7PvI3ZafI #2004 · 3 months ago
1. Indians don't inbreed. 2. Indians aren't sexually attracted to camels, cows, goats and sheep
Borishailla Chad Anon !!nXiN7J6X0U #1318 · 10 months ago
>One of Bollywoods greatest actors >Literally an illegal Bangladeshi immigrant and Naxal kek got em
File: Untitled-design-7.jpg ( 230.48 KB , 1920x1080 )
Anon !!g7PvI3ZafI #2001 · 3 months ago
He's hindu. Only inbreds are illegal. And not just here. Everywhere they go they get kicked out. I wonder why...
Anon !!J7LZGfxR4M #1956 · 4 months ago
bihari napit MOCKED ME!!!! what to do brother??
File: 178.png ( 156.78 KB , 680x614 )
Anon !!QABCBlAyEc #1991 · 3 months ago
Cut the other one
আওয়ামীলীগ কি বাংলাদেশ বিক্রি করে দিচ্ছে? Anon !!lz/qOUoJMY #982 · 1 year ago
ইন্ডিয়ার কাছে কি দিনে দিনে বাংলাদেশ চলে যাচ্ছে? আপনার কি মনে হয়?
Anon !!p4f/LUXxgo #1922 · 4 months ago
>>1908 Shove your phone up your ass faggot
Based MP Anon !!87nD7Ln.4. #1826 · 4 months ago
File: Based-jpeg.png ( 117.98 KB , 495x340 )
Anon !!BQ33QanNHk #1827 · 4 months ago
>>1826 (OP) Based af
No I didn't oppose the Digital Security Act Anon !!0p5lOhyhMY #1408 · 9 months ago
I just had an accident bro, I swear. There's nothing wrong with the Digital Security Act, trust me bro
File: 549ca2cb998d7858b89b.jpg ( 356.34 KB , 1280x960 )
Anon !!nt7rPSvAjY #1418 · 9 months ago
>>1414 (OP) I hear it's as harmless as a chest X-ray
Why does Kagu not have a personality cult like the other two?
File: 220px-Hussain-Muhammad-Ershad.jpg ( 16.86 KB , 220x284 )
BDChan !!PRpSw5NkKI #1333 · 10 months ago
>>1332 (OP) idk maybe because he was a dictator
Anon !!RC.tLMJoQk #1055 · 1 year ago
But why those pseudo edgy zoomer, son of a brown slave showing white supremacy sign on the internet?
File: flat-1000x1000-075-f.jpg ( 23.76 KB , 1000x522 )
OP Anon !!RC.tLMJoQk #1064 · 1 year ago
>>1063 my existential dread
Anon !!RC.tLMJoQk #956 · 1 year ago
ফ্যাসিজমের যুগে ছাত্র রাজনীতি চললেও কিছু না, বন্ধ করলেও কিছু না
OP Anon !!RC.tLMJoQk #964 · 1 year ago
>>960 Here we're talking about government. Not the ruling party or any other party. American and chinese government is remotely close to this one. At least they don't execute people for facebook posts. I have totally explained why are they letting everyone protest and online protest. I hope you are not barking without reading that. And if you think just letting people rant about it on social media makes the government democratic then you need to study more. Plus we're not talking about any party. Jamat would have prolly done the sem...bnp would have done the sem....these hypothesis won't change the fact that we're being ruled by a fascist government. We don't want bnp or jamat....we want democracy and freedom. Little bit of liberalism or anarchism maybe.
Centrist Anon Anon #130 · 1 year ago
It is I, your god
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Anon !!EBabRiuGzM #484 · 1 year ago
school shooter thread right here
Anon !!86XMvq7QIA #462 · 1 year ago
>be me >go on bangladeshi /pol/ >mfw it's just awamicucks shilling Hasinawell played, guys
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BDchan !!aPjCMVOeXI #470 · 1 year ago
Dude you guys would be safe but we're the one who will be jailed. So until a revolution/miracle happens and we have true freedom of speech, things will remain as is.Sorry anons.
Anon !!6uczqT.oTA #445 · 1 year ago
These whores make me sick
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Anon #466 · 1 year ago
This reply was deleted by the moderators for violation of the board rules.
Anon #91 · 1 year ago
Why is nobody posting at /pol/?
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Anon !!sGbHniuwCo #350 · 1 year ago
>>332 then i would rather not post anything. don't want you guys to get in trouble after all.
Anon !!RC.tLMJoQk #174 · 1 year ago
Political compass is a 4 panel meme. What's your position?
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Anon !!TFPtVwNK82 #176 · 1 year ago
>>174 (OP) Is this... ahem... um...
Anon !!RC.tLMJoQk #1053 · 1 year ago
People who love, adore and flatter VP Nur so much, a small and gentle reminder to them not so long ago he did and said those stuff https://www.dhakatimes24.com/2019/03/16/116222/প্রধানমন্ত্রীর-পা-ছুঁয়ে-সালাম-করলেন-ভিপি-নূর
File: Screenshot-1818.png ( 711.08 KB , 734x723 )
Anon !!nMQo1QE5cE #761 · 1 year ago
why is the age of consent only 14?
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