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No Guns for Bangladeshis Anon #15850 · 1 week ago
Bangladesh will campaign against the widespread use of guns globally, the foreign minister says following the terrorist attacks on New Zealand mosques.“We’ll raise voice for gun control,” AK Abdul Momen said, “In the US, 48 Bangladeshis have been killed in different convenient shops because of the widespread use of guns.”He was speaking at an event marking the birth anniversary of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on Sunday in Dhaka.State Minister for Health Dr Murad Hossain was also present as guest at the event organised by Bangladesh Study Center with its president Uttam Kumar Barua in the chair. Ever imagined why tf chattro league has so many unliscensed weapons while the civilians are hijacked in daylight. Also RAB is responsive for mass dissapearance here in bangladesh.
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Bostistan Anon #11022 · 1 month ago
anyone else feel like hindi sounds bosti af? bangla is much superior and usable in formal places. but hindi on the other hand sounds very gypsieish or it's like how you would expect niggers to speak english but replace english with indo aryan language like bengali. even garbage bengali dialects like nowakhali and shit sound more civilized than hindi any hindi lover faggot here, maybe malu or somethin? wanna know your perspective
File: image-2021-12-12-135243.png ( 25.78 KB , 1200x663 )
Islamic Communism Anon #15518 · 1 week ago
তোমাদের জন্য ইসলামেই রয়েছে দোজাহানের কামিয়াবীর পথ। ডায়ালেক্টিকাল ম্যাটেরিয়ালিজম ইসলামিক ইন্টেলেক্টুয়ালিজমের প্রাকৃতিক প্রগ্রেসন মাত্র।
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Almadhbah ul muqaddasu Anon #15884 · 1 week ago
Based and Chad Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, Lawrence of Arabia(who was a far better Mumin than cum drinking tomb dancing sufi ottocucks will ever be) and Muhammad bin Salman, who rejected turkish-persian imposed islamic culture, shattered the ijmah and qiyas of turkish and persian munafiqs, destroyed the false "tehzeeb" of homosexual tomb singers and re-established Quran and sunnah in the islamic heartland! The Sahabis and the Ghazis are smiling upon them, and are cursing the innovators who, O muslims, are hiding amongst us as hypocrite Islamists! Can you say the same?
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BDR Mutiny Anon #15755 · 1 week ago
Why did it happen? What do you think? Im aware of the points put forward by BDR but its hard to believe it coming from them, most of them aren't even able to communicate in proper bangla let alone plan+coordinate sth this big. How many high ranking conspirators were tried? One of the points had sth to do with the luxurious life army officers led. How degenerate were/are they? Is there any book/material to learn more about this incident from?Also a personal question, do you know any of the army members killed? how were they as a human being? Note: i do not romanticize army
File: in-dealth-we-find-solace.jpg ( 156.45 KB , 900x600 )
MEGA HAPPENING Anon #14446 · 3 weeks ago
File: 1640701154509.jpg ( 487.89 KB , 1080x1744 )
Anon #6625 · 2 months ago
Do Bangladeshis prefer Pakistan over India?
File: India-pakistan-flag.jpg ( 21.60 KB , 651x386 )
Anon #15121 · 2 weeks ago
* warning: contains spoiler, spoilers will become visible on hover *
if this doesn't prove the creepy pathetic sex-deprived incels browns are, i dont know what does. please girls make sure to not let them breed. they only pass on their sub human genes along. also don't breed yourself if you are attention whore. if you are one of the guys replying to the thread, please castrate yourself Amen
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Rohingya Anon #11454 · 1 month ago
Just wanna know what bdchan thinks about them.
Pedantic young adults Anon #13252 · 1 month ago
One thing I discovered a bit too late for my own good is how a lot of young adults pick their political views not based on what they would like to have implemented in society, but rather based on how niche it is. Kinda like how one would take pride in strictly listening to smooth Jazz or watching French New Wave. I suppose merely mentioning that you're an anarcho-syndicalist has much more of a ring to it then saying you'd like cleaner water or tax money better managed. Pedantics are time sponges, whatever you do don't get into an argument with them. Just nod and say "fascinating, now pass me the ashtray"
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tuition wanted Anon #14679 · 3 weeks ago
hmu if you're looking for an accounting/finance tutor
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SAY HELLO TO DADDY Anon #2064 · 11 months ago
how does bd/pol/ feel about the fact that 1/5 to 4/5 your ancestors and the originators of your language were ancient blonde aryan CHADS?
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Anon #1234 · 1 year ago
Why are Indians superior to Bangladeshis?
Lately I'm seeing sjws post on social media "how beautiful black people can look, being white doesn't make you beautiful, hairy cave girls look gud" all that crap. But at the same time "gIrLLs wONT daATe BeaALOW 6'0" you know why its that way? to raise value of woman so high above men. they want goodlooking men to feel insecure while making ugly bitches queen. So goodlooking male are forced to date ugly bitches and ugly males cant even participate in breeding. NOW IM PROUD TO SAY THAT I WILL NEVER DATE KAILLA POSHOM WALA MAGI, ARE YOU TOO ANON? DONT LET FEMINISTS TAKE YOU FOR GRANTED
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Greater Bengal? Anon #6335 · 2 months ago
f (2).png
Yoo imagine if we unite Bangladesh (East Bengal) , WB and Assam(And all the others).
File: f (2).png ( 33.79 KB , 500x500 )
Do you guys think the political compass is accurate? Anon #9747 · 1 month ago
i dont. wont elaborate
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Liberalism in BD Anon #7041 · 2 months ago
Bangladesh is the only country where being a Liberal is a fucking death sentence. Ei desh dube jacche shobdik theke.
File: 20211027-141835.jpg ( 152.98 KB , 1284x1421 )
Tasnuva Ashraf Umama Anon #13427 · 4 weeks ago
I know her topic is beaten to death here but I am actually curious, how does a large chunk of the "empathy" crowd still associate with her even though she has been serially outed as a parent beater and bully (both irl and cyber) ?
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Meme Anon #11501 · 1 month ago
File: meme.mp4 ( 470.70 KB )
Muammar Gaddafi Anon #8649 · 1 month ago
What are your opinions on him?
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Anon #11574 · 1 month ago
anyone else feel like mohammadpur is the worst place in all of bangladesh? i grew up on mirpur. lived there peacefully. moved to mohammadpur 5-6 years ago. never met anyone on mirpur as much of a jerk as people i meet daily on mohammadpur. they are literally sociopaths. im yet to meet anyone who's kindhearted in this shithole. even my own cousin turned to shit living why are they like this? did they grew up this way living with biharis or is there something else?
File: images-17.jpeg ( 56.24 KB , 686x386 )
Anon #11768 · 1 month ago
who's best president/prime minister? (whichever's leading role in which period of time) ik this image doesn't include any prime ministers. i couldn't find one with both and im too lazy to edit one myself So answer now Who's best? Why he/she's best? what is the best thing he/she did? What you don't like about him/her? Make a ranking
File: image-2021-12-14-005316.png ( 749.52 KB , 750x722 )
Why does Kagu not have a personality cult like the other two?
File: 220px-Hussain-Muhammad-Ershad.jpg ( 16.86 KB , 220x284 )
Saddam Hussein - Iraq Anon #10719 · 1 month ago
What are your opinions on him?
File: inbound3067312487284047101.jpg ( 21.04 KB , 220x284 )
কাংলু Anon #10799 · 1 month ago
File: .jpg ( 51.07 KB , 720x720 )
বামপন্থী Anon #5580 · 3 months ago
একথাই সত্য যে বামদের বাড়া হুজুরদের থেকে বড় হয়। কোনদিন শুনেছেন কোন বাম বাচ্চাবাজি কিংবা পোলাখোড়ি করেছে?
File: Karl-Marx.jpg ( 979.93 KB , 1280x1500 )
What did this fella do Anon #3736 · 5 months ago
Sorry for living under a rock
File: AC378759-9CD2-427A-BC8C-CF83E9392A41.jpeg ( 65.72 KB , 728x410 )
Anon #1956 · 1 year ago
bihari napit MOCKED ME!!!! what to do brother??
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thoughts on PAN-Asianism and PAN-islamism Anon #7741 · 2 months ago
this is a thread for anons to have a genuine discussion on these two topics.
Jordan B Peterson - Favorite Quotes Edition Anon #9289 · 1 month ago
>Pick up the heaviest burden you can bear and carry it. >When you have something to say, silence is a lie. >If you can't understand why someone is doing something, look at the consequences of their actions, whatever they might be, and then infer the motivations from their consequences. For example, if someone is making everyone around them miserable and you'd like to know why their motive may simply be to make everyone around them miserable including themselves. >The purpose of life is to find a mode of being that is so meaningful that it renders the fact that life is suffering irrelevant >It took untold generations to get you where you are. A little gratitude might be in order. If you're going to insist on bending the world to your way, you better have your reasons.
File: a43d73fc23e4f513ae1beb57b31869b0.jpg ( 53.16 KB , 736x552 )
Bdchan, what do you think of him? Anon #6137 · 2 months ago
Is he based or cringe? Do we need an Ataturk in our country as well?
File: profiles.jpg ( 127.74 KB , 900x750 )
Hello subhuman kangladeshis Anon #4045 · 4 months ago
Jump our fences and get shot, and keep sending your women to our brothels to be ravaged by bhc.
File: 47.jpg ( 40.50 KB , 400x400 )
Kanglu identity crisis Anon #9574 · 1 month ago
Why are kanglus like this?
Bangladeshi Trump Anon #7680 · 2 months ago
Would you vote for Sefu dadu if he was running?
File: sefat-ullah-sefuda.jpg ( 35.39 KB , 960x960 )
Anon #1570 · 1 year ago
File: GayHind.png ( 869.54 KB , 720x774 )
When people say that they've changed, but still display the same problematic behaviour that they used to. Bro, what did you change? Your clothes? Anon #9835 · 1 month ago
When people say that they've changed, but still display the same problematic behaviour that they used to. Bro, what did you change? Your clothes?
Pajeets getting uppity Anon #8744 · 1 month ago
Context: In an online IELTS coaching zoom meeting by Sky Education the lecture was dragging on for a long time until eventually it would be time for prayer. One person pointed this out and asked if a recorded version of the lecture would be available later and another asked for how long the class would go on. Then someone named Bijoy Das asked "So what if the Azan is announced? Do such things later."
File: IMG-20211126-174439.jpg ( 127.22 KB , 720x1326 )
Thank You , PM Anon #10064 · 1 month ago
ডা. মুরাদকে পদত্যাগ করানোয় প্রধানমন্ত্রীকে ধন্যবাদ ঢাকা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় ছাত্রীদের
Anon #2989 · 7 months ago
ধন্যবাদ জিয়ার সৈনিক
File: .jpg ( 44.37 KB , 640x480 )
Bhangideshi Anon #1997 · 1 year ago
When you wake up everyday, remember this image. And weep. Weep. For you shall never know the glory of Gauda. You are doomed to an eternity of suffering as victims of your abbo katuaness. Weep.
File: Lights-compressed.jpg ( 332.30 KB , 1658x903 )
Anon #4044 · 4 months ago
Are Bangladeshis for or against the idea of Akhand Bharat?
Anon #956 · 2 years ago
ফ্যাসিজমের যুগে ছাত্র রাজনীতি চললেও কিছু না, বন্ধ করলেও কিছু না
Anon #1238 · 1 year ago
will you guys be mad if we invade and occupy you again for akhand bharat?
Based MP Anon #1826 · 1 year ago
File: Based-jpeg.png ( 117.98 KB , 495x340 )
Anon #1053 · 2 years ago
People who love, adore and flatter VP Nur so much, a small and gentle reminder to them not so long ago he did and said those stuffপ্রধানমন্ত্রীর-পা-ছুঁয়ে-সালাম-করলেন-ভিপি-নূর
File: Screenshot-1818.png ( 711.08 KB , 734x723 )
Another government official's call recording leaked Anon #9715 · 1 month ago
Check the fb page Zahid F Sardar Saddi. I think its real.
Anon #9207 · 1 month ago
Tasnuva Ashraf Umama's Crimes
Anon #174 · 2 years ago
Political compass is a 4 panel meme. What's your position?
PAKISTAN HATE THREAD Anon #6414 · 2 months ago
Don't post Indian references here
Why are borishaillas such an insufferable breed of critters? Anon #6708 · 2 months ago
Never met or heard of a decent borishailla ever.