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Islamic Bengali Anon 09/11/2022 (Sun) 13:26:00 No. 970 [Open]
Do you want to return bangla to it's formal glory before it was raped by the hindus? Bengali was once persianized master language when muslim east bengalis were at the peak of their cultural and political power. But then british took over and they were determined to abolish persian completely. So they started leaning towards hindus. Gave them education leaving muslims as peasants. Then hindus stole this language and raped it with sanskrit. Made bengali grammar forcibly treat sanskrit as the holy language like calling Sanskrit loan words as "tatsham" and keeping "rri" in the vowels. Now's the time to understand the glory of dobhashi https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dobhashi >Inb4 malu-seething bangucuck comes saying "brooo i want daddy sanskrit to fuck me harder as it raped my mother"
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>>974 >>975 >>977 >>978 >inb4 imgflip.com lole Don't care. I'm not going to pirate Photoshop or download GIMP for this shit.

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Pooplitics Anon 09/11/2022 (Sun) 16:24:43 No. 983 [Open]
Average politics enthusiast on BDchan

Anon 09/11/2022 (Sun) 04:34:30 No. 969 [Open]
This is what Marx wanted.
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This one also

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Anon 09/08/2022 (Thu) 08:47:35 No. 950 [Open]
How did this nigga convince people to vote him with that horrendous face? No disrespect to his greatness but he looks so damn uncharming and uncharismatic with that scary don carlos face of his
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>>966 Hae anon-chan >\\\< uwu

Things Sher-E-Bangla AK Fazlul Haque got away with Anon 09/10/2022 (Sat) 05:46:21 No. 964 [Open]
>আমি আগে মুসলিম, পরে বাঙালী (Muslim first, Bengali Afterwards)’। কংগ্রেস শাসিত রাজ্যগুলোতে যদি আর কোনো মুসলিম নির্যাতিত হয় তাহলে আমি বাংলার হিন্দুদের উপর তার প্রতিশোধ নেব।’ >'হিন্দু সাম্প্রদায়িকতার বাস্তবতায় হিন্দু মুসলিম একসাথে বসবাস অসম্ভব' >'যখন দেখবে কলকাতার দাদারা আমার প্রশংসা করছে, তখন বুঝে নেবে যে আমি আমার দেশের বিরুদ্ধে কাজ করছি' >ditched Muslim League(Jinnah) lately >Cucked You-know-who's father without even doing anything >Called an MP nigger monkey in front of full parliament A true tiger indeed
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>>965 By the courtesy of You-know-who's dad

What's the worst shoshur bari to have Anon 09/02/2022 (Fri) 12:51:13 No. 725 [Open]
A.K.A What district has the worst women that you can unfortunately marry? Common contenders include but are not limited to: Chittagong, Borishal, Noakhali, Feni, Sylhet, Pabna. Discuss but do not attack anyone. This is not a race war, we're just discussing which place in banguland has the most ratchet women. Anything you say is automatically considered your personal opinion. The difference between you and the other anon is how professionally you arrange your words.
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>>941 seconded

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English Medium Ethnostate Anon 08/30/2022 (Tue) 04:45:02 No. 666 [Open] [Last]
God I wish I could live in an english medium ethnostate and never have to deal with bangu med normiechods ever again. Do you feel the same, my Banglo-Saxon Brethren?
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>>903 Lmao. It's over for Babgu medium fags

Russia vs Ukraine Anon#WZRHGr 09/05/2022 (Mon) 01:52:45 No. 846 [Open]
I feel like a political board should touch on this at least. Who do you support and why? Any additional thoughts?
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>>868 does this mean rohingyas have some kind of inherent right to Rakhine?

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Bangu-Burma War Anon 09/01/2022 (Thu) 15:15:39 No. 715 [Open]
https://fb.watch/fgwOftVr1R/ Do you have your disability certificate ready to avoid getting drafted? Or are you preparing to finally bang asian chicks on hilly jungles? Jokes aside, govt should send more bengalis to settle in the hill tract and give them indemnity to bang any chakma chicks they want. Also militarize rohingyas to get them to attack burmese subhumans. That's the only way we can keep hill tract to ourselves. Wear your kalima headband and fight in the name of allah for banguland
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>>873 ofc they hate us now. We were sending them arms under BNP, when AL came to power they literally almost sent the leader of Assamese separatists to india in a car directly. He got lucky his DGFI driver hated AL and India, so he and the leader both escaped to China, where they still live. AL also betrayed the naxalites who fought on our side since April 1971 (Lundia joined around 2 weeks before Dec 16 '71). But, if you look at west bengali music vids and movies, in the comment sections, half the fans are always Assamese. Despite Bengali hindus doing more to displace assamese in their own lands to the point even Arnab Goswami, an Assamese die hard BJP fan, was against the CAA thing, because he said all hindus from BD that would get free citizenship will be used to dilute Assamese voting power, yet the assamese love our media. Trust me, assamese discontent wont be an issue. >But they are too far for us to do ever hope of doing anything to them unless you mean the biharis of banguland who i think are great cheap labours. When India invades, when a BSF guy kills Bangus, it's always biharis. India doesnt trust west bengalis to be stationed as soldiers near our borders

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Are jews and hindus the same people? Anon 09/03/2022 (Sat) 19:09:26 No. 784 [Open]
Horseshoe theory in play. Both religions have a history of worshipping cows, and both religions think they have a chance at overturning the swagger of Allah.
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>>784 Short answer Yes with a but Long answer No with a if