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Stop murdering in the name of choice How do you ever justify this femifucks? Why do you always say it's okay for her to do anything with her body when the life she brings is sentient? Yes fetus reacts to outside calling and shit. Scientists dont even wanna do research on this because whether this life is sentient or not doesn't really matter to them as long women can have full control of breeding in every instance of her life. It is our moral duty to stone such women and possibly fem-man to death

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Is israel the most leftist "country" in the world? >Tel Aviv is regarded as the gay capital of the world. >Is a "nation" of Jewish immigrants that oppress the native Muslims >Despite being a majority Jewish nation, completely tramples on the religious morals dictated by the Torah >Runs the country based on reformist idealogies written millenias after the birth of Judaism (Talmud)

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Islamic Socialism
>শ্রমিকের গায়ের ঘাম শুকানোর আগেই শ্রমের মূল্য দিয়ে দেবার কথা তো মহান সেই কমরেড অনেক আগে বলে গেছেন What's your thought on Comrade Mohammad, the first communist on mother earth? Should we embrace the islamic socialism?

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Bihari Quota
How would you like it if Biharis got Upojati quota: happy, sad, or angry?

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Why is BAL so insecure of their founder, Mawlana Bhashani? I dont see them ever mentioning his name or anything. Mawlana Bhashani was daddy to even "the big daddy" Is it all because he was dari wala, tupi wala or is it that he opposed He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named and india post-independence?

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Purba Banglar Sarbahara Party
What's your on bangla's red commander, Siraj Shikdar? How based was he and is his killing justified?

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Why does it even matter if "politicans" here speak in bangus instead of bangla? None of them are educated anyway and more importantly, they come from the countryside where the butchered form of Bangla IS their Bangla. 90% of the people in Dhaka also come from shitholes so it's not like nobody understands what they're saying. Teenagers and young adults here also love to speak in bosti Bangla. After all that, when some phone conversation or the like is leaked about a politician where they're using some slurs or honestly, just speaking the truth sometimes, the media goes full apeshit over their choice of words. Ironically, the boomer party chairman releasing a statement about the caught member also gets caught speaking like that a while later because THATS THE WAY HE WAS TAUGHT TO SPEAK. I understand that most of the guys coming under the spotlight say some damaging shit about their respective parties but the fact that their choice of words becomes a factor at all, specially when it's their private conversation that's recorded and leaked, it baffles me.

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Abolish the 1000 taka note
Would solve inflation by a long shot

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Indigenous vs. Tribal Debate
Any qualified anthropologists here to discuss this topic? No chuds allowed.

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Its da joos

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Islamic Bengali
Do you want to return bangla to it's formal glory before it was raped by the hindus? Bengali was once persianized master language when muslim east bengalis were at the peak of their cultural and political power. But then british took over and they were determined to abolish persian completely. So they started leaning towards hindus. Gave them education leaving muslims as peasants. Then hindus stole this language and raped it with sanskrit. Made bengali grammar forcibly treat sanskrit as the holy language like calling Sanskrit loan words as "tatsham" and keeping "rri" in the vowels. Now's the time to understand the glory of dobhashi >Inb4 malu-seething bangucuck comes saying "brooo i want daddy sanskrit to fuck me harder as it raped my mother"

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Average politics enthusiast on BDchan

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This is what Marx wanted.

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How did this nigga convince people to vote him with that horrendous face? No disrespect to his greatness but he looks so damn uncharming and uncharismatic with that scary don carlos face of his

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Things Sher-E-Bangla AK Fazlul Haque got away with
>আমি আগে মুসলিম, পরে বাঙালী (Muslim first, Bengali Afterwards)’। কংগ্রেস শাসিত রাজ্যগুলোতে যদি আর কোনো মুসলিম নির্যাতিত হয় তাহলে আমি বাংলার হিন্দুদের উপর তার প্রতিশোধ নেব।’ >'হিন্দু সাম্প্রদায়িকতার বাস্তবতায় হিন্দু মুসলিম একসাথে বসবাস অসম্ভব' >'যখন দেখবে কলকাতার দাদারা আমার প্রশংসা করছে, তখন বুঝে নেবে যে আমি আমার দেশের বিরুদ্ধে কাজ করছি' >ditched Muslim League(Jinnah) lately >Cucked You-know-who's father without even doing anything >Called an MP nigger monkey in front of full parliament A true tiger indeed

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What's the worst shoshur bari to have
A.K.A What district has the worst women that you can unfortunately marry? Common contenders include but are not limited to: Chittagong, Borishal, Noakhali, Feni, Sylhet, Pabna. Discuss but do not attack anyone. This is not a race war, we're just discussing which place in banguland has the most ratchet women. Anything you say is automatically considered your personal opinion. The difference between you and the other anon is how professionally you arrange your words.

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English Medium Ethnostate
God I wish I could live in an english medium ethnostate and never have to deal with bangu med normiechods ever again. Do you feel the same, my Banglo-Saxon Brethren?

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Russia vs Ukraine
I feel like a political board should touch on this at least. Who do you support and why? Any additional thoughts?

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Bangu-Burma War Do you have your disability certificate ready to avoid getting drafted? Or are you preparing to finally bang asian chicks on hilly jungles? Jokes aside, govt should send more bengalis to settle in the hill tract and give them indemnity to bang any chakma chicks they want. Also militarize rohingyas to get them to attack burmese subhumans. That's the only way we can keep hill tract to ourselves. Wear your kalima headband and fight in the name of allah for banguland

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Are jews and hindus the same people?
Horseshoe theory in play. Both religions have a history of worshipping cows, and both religions think they have a chance at overturning the swagger of Allah.

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Feminine Bengal Theory
Why are bangus the most cucked self-defeating libtards in all of subcontinent? you would notice bengali shows and movies specially west bangu ones always glorifying things like female domination and prostitution, being slut etc. bangus are also most likely to self-hate and lick boots off of minorities. look how muslims are so fucking dominant in west bengal, hindus too are pretty dominant in banguland minus a few incidents involving the masculine religion.

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Is Lalmatia part of Mohammadpur?
Or is it a sovereign borough of Dhaka? If it is, why do general stores always have their addresses ending with "Lalmatia, Mohammadpur, Dhaka 1207". What could these implications mean for the area? Discuss.

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Do you guys think the inevitable emergence of student politics in privet unis is just a hoax or is it actually going to happen?

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Pinaki Bhattacharya
What's your thought on him? I personally think he often speaks the truth but he's drawing this narrative to get popular

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Do you think Bangladesh would've been born without birth of it's greatest son, Sheikh He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Namedur Rahman? Or do you think this statement itself is an insult to all Birshresthas who had laid down their lives for Bongomata?

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Do you think we should keep the name "Bangladesh" when uniting all areas of bengal? or should we go with something like "United Bengal", "Federation Of Bengal"? I personally think the name "Bangladesh" is fine cause it's not really exclusive to east bengal. But parts of Odisha, Jharkhand, Myanmar that are not densely populated should also be included in the union.

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noakhali bibhag chai
noakhali bibhag chai

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Pak sar zamin shad bad Kisware haseen shad bad Tunishane azmealishan arze Pakistan Markazeyaqin shadbad. Pak sarzamin ka nizam, quwate akhuwati awam Qaum, mulk, sultanat Painda ta binda bad, shad bad man zele murad. Parchame sitarao hilal Rahbare tarraqio kamal Tarjumane mazishane hal jane istaqbal Sayyai, Khudae zul jalal.

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The father of the nation is the least deserving of the title. I know no one will disagree here but still... tired of all this you-know-who borsho thing.

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How will you stand up to Malu army? These guys are not west bangus. They are from this country and openly saying this >Inb4 it was in response to a muslim's death threat So what? Where's your "two wrongs dont make it right"? And the guy making death threat claims to be living in canada. If he was in bd, he would have been arrested I personally think bangladesh should invest in defence. Even attempt to get nukes. Otherwise i dont see the country existing for too long. Malus have zero loyalty to bangladesh. They gonna sell us out I think i shouldn't have blurred their names cause bangu libtards dont do it either on opinions they don't like.

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Bangus are so cucked that they recognize tribal jungle shitter as the original inhabitant of Banguland. There's zero evidence to suggest they were aboriginal to this land just as native americans were to americas. I'm not talking about andaman monkes. It's goddamn chakmas. They even speak a defected version of our language. Chakma is part of bengali-assamese taxonomy. How tf do they have any more claim to this land than we do when they have been here for far less time than our ancestors have?

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Would you have voted for him in 2020 if you were American?
Or do you guys prefer Biden?

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Comrade post anything about communism, communist propaganda, edit, memes, sound, gif. Will help you to boost up your confidence to fight in this tough situation

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I think "Dhaka" should be renamed into "He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Namednagar". even if you don't agree, this will happen in the not so distant future as this reflect our father of nation's struggle to build the country. Even it was once called "Jahangirnagar" in honor of Jahangir so I don't see the issue with naming it in honor of the Greatest Bengali in Thousands of Years.

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What are your thoughts on liberals comparing getting into military with sex work?

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No cap frfrs unironically
Someone should really cap her like the jap cuck with some nerve gas or sum shit. I mean the leftists have all the reasons to join with the mullahs to arrange some elaborate plan, come on commies get gud

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What's your thought on this "biyer prolovone dhorshon"? Do you think the guy should get death penalty for consensually fucking and then not marrying her other wise raping her? Biggo naribedi der motamot chai Source:

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Sorry guys feminism is in maintenance right now. We will be back as soon as the war ends.

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New 'ullah Redpill Just Dropped. Say hi to Dadu.

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Mirpur e garments workers jeta shuru korse etar ending kemne hobe?
how is The Ministry of Magic gonna handle this situation?

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Colonel Abu Taher thread
Based or cringe?

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In a perfect world, 10/10 men will settle for oppressed "fat and ugly" women while you manlet incel subhumans are castrated. Only that will compensate for the thousand years of oppression of women your subhuman community brought on them.

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Russia Ukraine War !!
Who is winning it?

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time to get politically incorrect
This is a satire thread Don't kill me please

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Why do bangus cuck for turks? What did they ever do for us? If ottoman empire survived, average manlet bangus would've probably served in the harem as eunuch.

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I need to know more on the history of this nation Other than the normal textbook Suggest some books on pre colonial and colonial bd

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How did bangucucks get bullied by few mongoloid rapebabies? Why weren't they wiped completely? Bangus had the number and everything

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Opinions on the maoist movement in the indian subcontinent
Particular opinion on charu mazumder and siraj shikder. general opinion on the maoist movement.