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Anon 03/04/2022 (Fri) 15:18:18 No. 130
Sorry guys feminism is in maintenance right now. We will be back as soon as the war ends.
>>130 >crying about third wave feminism in a country where girls get married at 14 and are still beaten to death for paying low dowries grass touch it
>>133 >Complains about discrimination women face in the poorest part of our country >Doesn't complain about discrimination (literally drafted into war) men face even in first world "civilized" countries And women have lot more legal right than men. Whether you are from a poor shithole of the country or privileged as fuck, as long you are women, you will reserved quota in every part of life. Stop seething femicums. Just admit you are hypocrite. Otherwise you would atleast mention about what's men are facing in ukraine same way you will lose shit whenever a woman's raped
>>130 eidao patriarchy e re hala bolod
>>135 Ore soy hala bolod. Ei jonnoi bangu go kono daam nai prithibite. Emon soy re ke pochondo kore
>>134 >Complains about discrimination women face in the poorest part of our country look at this map https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_regions_of_Bangladesh_by_Human_Development_Index >Doesn't complain about discrimination (literally drafted into war) men face even in first world "civilized" countries 1) do you live in a first world country? 2) did you get drafted? 3) did a family member of yours get drafted if not stfu
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>>137 >Lack of human development only affects women. Pls give me free quota So it's something your sister is suffering from but you are completely immune to it
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>>138 >treating every bangladeshi citizen as individuals who manage their own finances like in the west room temperature IQ People live together with family and often the elders of the family manage their financial decisions along with every other life decisions. If girls are born in a poor area, they are bound by the practices of their poor family, If a girl is born in a rich area, you see them posting pics of themselves in bikinis on insta. So yes, because of how our culture effects our living situations, women do get a different outcome compared to men when they are born into a poor family, which is literally 91.4% of families https://thefinancialexpress.com.bd/public/print/bangladesh-further-down-in-wealth-distribution-report-1510755430 1/2
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>>139 You are trying to drag Bangladesh into the culture war when very few of the prerequisite conditions that led to it apply for us. In the west men are less likely to get custody and have to pay half their assets in alimony in divorces, are given harsher sentences for the same crime and have fewer scholarship/job opportunities, they are demonized in the media and commit most of the suicides. Over here, women commit most of the suicides, are discouraged from pursuing careers so they can be married off, have to put up with dowries and child marriages, have far fewer scholarship programs than in the west, and they literally cant safely walk around and run errands at night. The only thing thats the same is that they also get preferential treatment in court. And this isnt even a consequence of feminism. Women get lenient sentencing and win alimony and custody battles because the legal system still thinks they are weak and cant handle the same sentences as men and are naturally designed to raise kids. To an extent they are correct, but it results in favorable treatment. Are western lefties cringe and annoying? yes, but they will never get a foothold here with their ideology to the same scale that they did in the west. Bangladeshi men and women are too dumb to think of what's fair and what's not. All this woke bs will stay confined to one or two Facebook pages full of rich peoples kids spewing progressive talking points for hearts and like reactions. You can literally block it out by leaving and blocking pages and unfollowing friends who post that crap. We don't need to be dragged into this fight. 2/2)
>>134 Kire mgtowbd naki? Instagram influencer der dekhe dekhe na kheicha iktu actual average bangali household e ja, SPECIALLY outside of Dhaka (polapan from Gulshan, Banani, Uttara, Bashundhara, Dhanmondi etc. don't count as Bangladeshis). Get off of the social media and look at an actual average low-income earning household. The stuff you see girls doing on Instagram are 1% of the Bangalis. And eto rights rights koros actual rights pay koyta? Koy hajar rape cases open ase janos kisu? Bangladesh e law er daam 1 atom er shomano nai, stop pretending laws exist in our country except for the ones that benefit [REDACTED]
>>142 yes halay bolod mgtow. mohilader jonno feminism onek dorkar. allah i tader weak ar Low IQ banaise. ekaronei itihas juira tara purush der kache nirjatito. tai ekhon modern world ektu to equity dite pari
>>143 >equity eshober kono proyojon nai if you have the talent you get the job, if you dont, get married and have kids equality of opportunity is good enough just know how to shut them down when they ask for equality of outcome
fight fight fight
>>141 Well said. You have my respect.
>>130 পৃথিবীর একমাত্র বিশুদ্ধতম মতাদর্শ হচ্ছে নারীবাদ। এর কোনো ভুল নাই। ভুলই বা ধরবেন কিভাবে? এদের তো কোনো সুনির্দিষ্ট মানদণ্ডই নাই। এদের মোরালিটি দুদিন পর পর চেঞ্জ হয়। ভুল ধরার সুযোগ নাই। ধর্মের যেমন একটা গ্রন্থ আছে। রাষ্ট্রের যেমন একটা সংবিধান আছে। কেউ ভুল করলে আমরা বলতে পারি তুই ভুল করছোছ। নারীবাদীদেরকে ঐটা বলার সুযোগ নাই। কারণ এদের তো সুনির্দিষ্ট কোনো মানদণ্ডই নাই। যখন যেভাবে সুবিধা সেভাবে একটা ব্যাখ্যা দাঁড় করাবে। এরপর সমালোচিত হলে বলবে, অমুক আসলে প্রকৃত নারীবাদী না। সে সিউডো ফেমিনিস্ট। এগুলো বলে বলে নিজেদের মান বাঁচায়। একটা স্পষ্ট মানদণ্ড থাকলে আমরা ঐটার আলোকে তাদের বিচার করতে পারতাম। ঐটারও সুযোগ নাই। তাদেরও ভুল ধরার কোনো উপায় নাই। ভুল ধরলেই বলবে এইটা সিউডো ফেমিনিজম।
>>147 Yeah, just like জঙ্গিরা ছহীহ মুছলিম নহে
>>148 মাদ্রাসার পোলাপাইন "ছ" অক্ষরটি অনেক পছন্দ করে কোনো কারণে। বানান দেখলেই চিনা রায়।
>>148 Yeah, just like জঙ্গিরা ছহীহ মুছলিম নহে বলে যেমন দায় এড়ানো যায় না। তেমন সহিহ ফেমিনিস্ট নহে বলেও দায় এড়ানো যায় না।
>>148 Ami etare জাঙ্গিয়া for days until today
>>151 ***জাঙ্গিয়া portesilam
>>130 LUL
>>147 okay incellah
What the hell >>130
fuckkkk feminism
>>141 based
Ami oidin theke feminist hbo jedin rape kre dile pola er against e mamla na hoi maya er against e hbe
>>329 #MeToo
>>149 ছাগু যে, ছ তো পছন্দ হবেই