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Anon 06/18/2022 (Sat) 10:50:32 No. 364
What's your thought on this "biyer prolovone dhorshon"? Do you think the guy should get death penalty for consensually fucking and then not marrying her other wise raping her? Biggo naribedi der motamot chai Source: https://fb.watch/dJpKyeoN0E/
manipulation, grooming, gaslighting.
>for consensually fucking her >other wise raping her are we discussing quantum physics here or what?
>>366 But he didnt marry this "obola" woman after promising to do so
>>364 Meyer age dekhte hobe. Jodi meyer boyosh 18+ hoy, then etate manipulation er ki ase? Eta just consensual sex, not rape. But, jodi kono chukti je hoyechilo, tar proof thake, then obosshoi oi chele ke shastir aotay ante hobe. Tomar joubon jala uthse, tumi ek polar loge sex sguru korla, pore pola r tomar loge thakte chaitasena boila victim card play korba ta to hobe na. Women kind tai kharap.
>>364 >Biyer prolovone dhorshon >Prolovon >Dhorshon When will retards know that rape is a very white and black thing. It's either rape or not rape. If you give consent for whatever the fuck reason it can't be rape. You are a dumb cunt for believing and spreading your legs for anyone. It's very disingenuous if you regret later after whoring yourself out and then try to label it as rape for revenge.
>>368 >Meyer age dekhte hobe Underage er sathe sex korle to emnei rape oitar sathe to ar biyer prolovoner kono shomporko nai
>>373 >Implying Bangus in Banguland give a shit about age of consent
>>364 Manipulation is bad, but it should never be considered as rape
>>376 how can an adult be manipulated by another adult? unless you admit that some people are mentally inferior specially women
I bet i can manipulate you into sucking my dick
>>377 tui ekta example
>>377 lmao adult men get manipulated all the time by the mullahs but rape is a whole different thing
Eishob magi dhoira pidaite hobe. Nije chudbar chaisos ekhon eida rape kemne