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Anon 07/15/2022 (Fri) 15:22:46 No. 415
>>415 He doesn't know
Khankir pola bangali quran ar shahittyo chhara kisui pore na. ki expect korish?
>>417 >implying people read shahitto anymore
>>418 I mean its useless anyway
I have met many hujirs & none of them happened to talk about Ottoman empire that much. They're very proud of the Talichads though. The liberals seem to cuck for whites & calls themselves 'brown' people when there're no historic difference among muslims as white & negro. The average nihilist manlet liberal hates politics, thinks the glorious past of his forefathers very cynically, yets cucks for fake kike economy, garbage Netflix shows & would just flee to white shithole when RSS marathas comes to kill him, because he looks like a muslim & potentially did love jihad. >> bangali quran ar shahittyo chhara kisui pore na Bangalis don't read Quran. If they did, your dad would beat you every morning with a জালি বেত for not reading it & also for begetting such a manlet.
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>>425 Why do you have to bring manlet in this? What did i do?
>>425 It pains everytime a bangu retard uses the word liberal without meaning what it actually means. To an average bangu molla, liberal means shahbagi.
🤣 >>422
Afganistan a Gojob porse Gojob ! TALIBAN is shit >>425
>>427 In a practical sense, liberal definitely means shahbagi. You can also check the Egyptian coup that overthrew Morsi. Check those who organize Aurat March in Pakistan, or even the Saudi liberals. The agenda is same - western human rights. seeking asylum inside white anus, preaching LGBT ideology, & mocking the popular religious sentiments. Liberalization doesn't relate to only liberty as the term goes, or an economic liberalization in the muslim lands. In Shahbagh, all Bangu liberals gathered like every other parasite liberal group in the muslim lands & for the same agenda. If you're dumb about the blogsphere before 2013, you should do some research. & yes, when the far-right are actually powerful enough to launch a revolution or war, the semi-liberals have to choose death or liberty in a short decisive moment. The liberals fled from Iran in 1979 where the Ayatollah's are much more inclusive than Talichads. So if you're a liberal but not potentially a Shahbagi, what would you do when the far rights actually overpower you enough that the white liberal military cannot protect you anymore? At least people organized Shahbag to pave the path of liberty to do abortion, gay sex & adultery. You get fucked by both rights & lefts.
>>429 Hard times breed hard men. The central Asia have always been a land of disasters, earthquakes & wars. That makes them chads. Too bad for the mountain people that they aren't fat english-medium বাপের হোটেল kids in an elite heartland of a poor country, where their incomes also come from political & capitalist extortion(in a socialist sense)
>>430 Human rights are universal, no such thing as "western" human rights
Are bro serious hoye geso ! Listen Don’t support Extreme religious parties or People ! No matter which religion we belong we should not support Extremists ! We should live peacefully with every religion people ! >>431
>>432 The so called 'universal' human rights has many elements of kufr. There's a guy called Dr Zahed Siddiqui Mughal who brought this discussion into light. Universal human rights permits many things that are outright haram. Also the universalism of the western human rights only exists as long as we Bangus & the sandniggers get tied to jewish banking & bow to the gay military. The Talichads refused to believe in this universalism. Look at the price they paid. If Russian's didn't have power, they would suffer the same thing.
>>433 I have never supported any extremism. But to objectively see the muslim man's struggle with the prevaling worldview, you have to think beyond limits nobody wants you to push. As an enlightened scholar Voltaire puts it, "If you want to know who controls you, find the one whom you cannot question about". You may definitely disagree with many things those mountain chads did. But they were the lesser evil & a liberal should also be liberal enough not to force his ideology on them.
>>434 So? Shove your kufr up your ass, your religion and your god is all made up. No fictional deity can determine what people can or can't do.
>>425 talifags not talichads
>>431 Japan e earthquake hoise onek that did not make them chads.
>>426 Asif Zaman is that you
>>436 >>shove up your kufr up your ass We have shoved Iman up the kuffar's ass for decades before we corrupted ourselves & the marathas coped. >>your religion and your god is made up Everything that exists is created by Allah. The kuffar finds His commands to restrictive to his desires, that's why he refuses them. His desires become his god, & that's exactly what Nietzsche calls ubermensch that the kuffar seethe about. Allah says in Jasiah, 25, "Have you seen those who have taken their own desires as their god? ˹And so Allah left them to stray knowingly, sealed their hearing and hearts, and placed a cover on their sight." >>No fictional deity can determine Then don't judge us when we punish the gays. Also like us, your manlet brain is just as prone to believe in manmade ideologies like evolution & absolute liberty. Why trust them anyway retard
>>440 wow look son chhagus can mumble rap now
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