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Anon 08/08/2022 (Mon) 12:01:02 No. 450
How will you stand up to Malu army? These guys are not west bangus. They are from this country and openly saying this >Inb4 it was in response to a muslim's death threat So what? Where's your "two wrongs dont make it right"? And the guy making death threat claims to be living in canada. If he was in bd, he would have been arrested I personally think bangladesh should invest in defence. Even attempt to get nukes. Otherwise i dont see the country existing for too long. Malus have zero loyalty to bangladesh. They gonna sell us out I think i shouldn't have blurred their names cause bangu libtards dont do it either on opinions they don't like.
>>450 Dawah ul Edad
>>450 >invest in nukes. Nigga, agey Bangladesh lone newa bondho koruk tarpore nuke niye chinta koro. >I think i shouldn't have blurred their names I don't think any of us give half shits about your mallu hindu friends on facebook.
>>450 >le fagbook screencap nigga, if u try hard enough you'll find literally every group saying shit like this
>>454 i dont mind tribal apes acting like tribal apes. but the hypocrisy of government and libtards whenever it's done by muzzies is what i cant stand. and malus are jews of banguland in every possible aspect except iq
>>450 Absolutely based, go cry a river, Jai Shree Ram On a different note, ew fagbooker ফ্যাগবুকের প্রেতাত্মা ফ্যাগবুকে ফেরত যা
>>457 actually you mallu niggers are the ones getting ass raped every few days. and soon it's gonna be justified by everyone. cant wait to slap ur mom's ass
>>457 Kire malaun, Koy botol cowpiss khaiya aisos?
WTF tora eto hate koros kn ei koromer manush 2 side ei ase(e.g. you) but most of us and them just want to live a mediocre quiet life amar baper mallu friends unironically helped us or tried to, more than my own cousins ever did >inb4 tora nastecc i was and still am a practicing muslim honestly either tora ar naile togo bapera madrashar rapebaby
>>460 Another malu seether here. Watch him and laugh hahahaha
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>>461 >you mallu!! lol sweety i too remember that time you tried to pry on the chink because you thought he wasn't part of our group and we beat you up in saliimollah street, it's already been like an year, you need to stop being so salty will beat you 5'6" bihari ass any day again
>>462 Why do you think everyone is from the same mohammadpuri shithole as your bosti malu parents are? Go wash my boot malaun
>>463 no matter where you go you will always be a b*hari also mdpur e coaching thakto
>>464 Retarded malu seether, i hate biharis just as much as malus
>>462 Mohammad Kazi Nazrul Islam, get doxxed normie 😎
i think it is so fucking bizarre that bdchan has such a big mohammadpur userbase, but then again, that's because you will never see these niggers on the street because they're busy arguing with other anonymous people on a mongolian throat singing forum
>>467 >i think it is so fucking bizarre that bdchan has such a big mohammadpur userbase Where do you think all the bosti posters come from?
>>467 Mongolian throat singing is beyond based
Ei tora jhogra koris keno shobai amar nunur milkshake kha
>>468 Why do you hate mohammadpur so much? TF???? We are LITERALLY SOOO MUCH better than fucking khankirpola niggers from mirpur.
>>470 mallu spotted LEAVE NIGGER!!!
>>473 The name itself is enough reason to hate
>>473 Im actually from mohammadpur. I've been living here for like 7 years. I never thought bangus were subhuman before moving to mohammadpur. Ekhane shobai onnore kivabe thokaia 10 taka khabe ei dhanday thake. Ekekta chesra fokinni choda. Just polapain na ekhane shobai i erokom. Pasher bashar aunty theke shuru koira keui manush hishabe gonno korar moto na. Shobai ekekta bainchod. Dont think that people living in dhanmondi are any better specially from shitholes like shankar or jhigatola. The only good people i know of in my college are those from mirpur or other shits
>>478 Wow another malu Do you also sell out your sister and mother to muslim bangus in order to live here? Im not making this up. I've seen hindu girls always getting buttgrabbed by muslim kids in school
>>479 Unironically get out from Mohammadpur. I used to live there. That shit is infested with niggers
>>480 Edi e dekhos, nijer basay je tor ammarta tipa jaitesi heida dekhos na
>>508 shut your filthy holes malaun.
>>514 Shhh calm down my nalayek son, let me enjoy your mom's divine pussy in peace. I'll buy you a goat that you can fuck.
>>515 shut up mallu