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Boba Fett Anon #16277 · 5 days ago
* warning: contains spoiler, spoilers will become visible on hover *
anons,thoughts on the book of boba fett?
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Good Acting Training in Dhaka? Anon #15723 · 1 week ago
Can you suggest a place for good Acting workshop/training anything for beginners in Dhaka [preferably Dhaka north but that's flexible]
File: images-11.jpeg ( 19.89 KB , 554x554 )
Anon #1071 · 2 years ago
Interstellar movie and the soundtrack overrated?
Anon #6848 · 2 months ago
I never had a proper conversation with a woman.
File: 1635420601842.jpg ( 46.90 KB , 1078x576 )
Watched Iranian film Taxi(2015) today. Anon #13434 · 4 weeks ago
It was kinda boring tbh. Felt, i needed a bit more context about the director and everything going on in his life. But this interaction between his niece and and a tokai was interesting. I'd recommend at least reading his wiki page before watching the film.
File: rsz-1rsz-taxi.jpg ( 176.50 KB , 1024x1024 )
Shobai Baran(2001) dekho. Anon #12711 · 1 month ago
Makes me want to believe in love again.
File: R-6.jpeg ( 16.91 KB , 620x320 )
Anon #3571 · 5 months ago
you watched the new evangelion, right anon??
File: 1628852696588.png ( 563.61 KB , 1357x523 )
Ami A24 cinemar shei fan Anon #10224 · 1 month ago
A24 maanei superior movie
Jav thread Anon #10154 · 1 month ago
Post best codes
JOJO PART 6 OP OUT Anon #8764 · 1 month ago
Things you grew up watching and enjoyed a lot. Anon #8844 · 1 month ago
For me it's Ryukendo. I would never miss a episode of Ryukendo and loved every bit of it as a kid when it was first released on DisneyXD. Honourable mention: Doraemon.
File: images-1.jpeg ( 12.03 KB , 250x187 )
One Tree Hill Anon #8014 · 1 month ago
Anyone remember this show? Man I loved Peyton soo much. She is the perfect /mu/ waifu.
File: 88e558ea-c9e5-4936-8164-971dfd129892.jpg ( 105.51 KB , 1080x1080 )
Anon #6364 · 2 months ago
my man de cock got canceled for not giving a bow to the niggers sholid we cancel cricket, /tv/?
Can anyone give me the link of Mahia Mahi's leak "খানকীর পোলা জোরে চুদ"। Anon #2408 · 8 months ago
Can anyone give me the link of Mahia Mahi's leak "খানকীর পোলা জোরে চুদ"।
Mr Robot Anon #4763 · 3 months ago
* warning: contains spoiler, spoilers will become visible on hover *
Just finished it. Came here to say this, the ending sucks big time. What do you think of the ending bros?
Ted Lasso Anon #4586 · 3 months ago
Anyone watching Ted Lasso here? Loving this show.
File: images-2.jpeg ( 112.49 KB , 960x1440 )
which movie should I watch at cineplex? Anon #5065 · 3 months ago
both Venom 2 and No time to die will be showing at the cineplex this month but I can choose only one. I loved Venom so Venom 2 was my preference but recently saw some good reviews about No time to die. What do?
File: 2b206e1b1972b4e85c9e.png ( 9.81 KB , 900x524 )
Anon #4963 · 3 months ago
Anarchistfag here. Suggest me a apocalyptic normie movie like 2012
The Good Place Anon #1302 · 1 year ago
আমাদের দেশে এমন একটা শো বানালে কি হত? সবার ধরমানুনুভুতি তে আঘাত লাগতো
File: 31287b469f752daf2d0f733f50465180.jpg ( 143.12 KB , 650x1005 )
Anon #2435 · 8 months ago
kangaldesh, the royal sandas cleaners have tv? this is new
File: Screenshot-2021-05-09-at-11-21-49-PM.png ( 254.67 KB , 1284x1646 )
Anime is for faggots Anon #1941 · 1 year ago
>Wake up >Anime exists >Day ruined
File: 264364272004202.png ( 311.62 KB , 734x506 )
DAMMMMNNNN! 🔥🔥🔥 Anon #565 · 2 years ago
Sadia Islam Mou lookin Hella Fireeee 🔥🔥🔥In all the right places 😉
Why haven't you watched Generation Kill yet? What's your excuse? Anon #1512 · 1 year ago
File: c736a6b407fcb0ee68311ac460edbefa.png ( 733.08 KB , 717x797 )
Fuck Money heist Anon #1436 · 1 year ago
Not looking for a conversation, Just wanted to say fuck money heist that's all.
File: ce77c594fa558e0ff616.jpg ( 49.83 KB , 640x619 )
Anon #882 · 2 years ago
Cant wait to see Joker
Bard of Blood (2019) S01 Complete Hindi NF WEB-DL x264 AAC Anon #798 · 2 years ago
Bard of Blood (2019) S01 Complete Hindi NF WEB-DL x264 AAC EsubsDL-
File: d1d76b0a47d8e34dfa84.jpg ( 126.86 KB , 800x1000 )
WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY Anon #408 · 2 years ago
Thoughts on the new Joker trailer?
They did it ! The absolute madlads did it! Anon #431 · 2 years ago
10/10! Masterpiece!Well it's just early reviews now but it's overwhelmingly positive.Looks like Joker is going to be a MasterpieceSend in the clowns!
RocknRolla (2008) Anon #12120 · 1 month ago
Besh onekdin por ekta movie dekhlam, tomrao dekhte paro bhaloi lagse amar kache.
Need this series link Anon #1186 · 1 year ago
Ask Laftan Anlamaz is a turkish series. I can't find it in HD